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Updated 11/21/03

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  Fort Wilderness Internal Bus to be Discontinued Within a Month

September 15, 2000 - The Chip and Dale internal bus routes that serve the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground are slated to be discontinued within the month, according to an unofficial source at Walt Disney World Transportation. The existing Crockett and Boone bus routes that also serve Fort Wilderness will be restructured to serve all stops within the resort. The drivers of the Chip and Dale buses, who currently wear the Fort Wilderness jeans-and-denim-shirts wardrobe, will change into standard WDW Transportation purple and will drive other routes.

The Chip and Dale routes both serve all 14 bus stops within Fort Wilderness, and never leave the resort. Crockett and Boone travel between Fort Wilderness and the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) and make numerous stops within the Fort Wilderness Resort. Between them, Crockett and Boone also serve all 14 internal bus stops.

The current Boone route starts at TTC, then stops at Wilderness Lodge and makes its first Fort Wilderness stop at Pioneer Hall/River Country. After making a total of eight internal stops Boone exits Fort Wilderness at the resort's main gate and returns to TTC.

The current Crockett route starts at TTC and makes eight stops within Fort Wilderness. Its last stop within the resort is at Pioneer Hall/River Country. It then stops at Wilderness Lodge on its way back to TTC.

We have no word as to whether there will be more Crockett and Boone buses added to the schedule, or how those routes may be modified.


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