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By Car, Van, Truck or Motorcycle

If you're planning to drive to Walt Disney World, you can do several things to make your journey more comfortable and fun. To the right are links to many helpful sites on the Internet, plus a few books, products, tips, and ideas to help you get into your road trip.

Updated 01/01/07

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  Planning Your Route
Make use of one (or several) of these free, online route planners:

Maps and Books

"Along Interstate-75: The Local Knowledge Driving Guide for Interstate-75 Between Detroit and the Florida Border" by Dave Hunter (Mile Oak Publishing, 2006) is an excellent guide if you plan to drive the I-75 for any portion of your journey. It includes custom strip maps, local lore, and locations of the best fast food and rest stops. The author, whom we've had the pleasure of corresponding with in e-mail, is knowledgeable and friendly! We heartily recommend this book! Along the I-75

With an AAA (American Automobile Association) membership your can order a TripTik that maps your route with convenient strip maps. They also have tourbooks and fold-out maps available. AAA membership can also be useful for planning other aspects of your Walt Disney World vacation, too, so consider membership if you don't already have it. Get more information at

Travel Aids

See our store for ideas!

Be sure to give your car a tune-up before you leave! Pay particular attention to your air conditioning — if you're going during the warmer months, you're going to need it!

Unless you're within just a few hours of Walt Disney World, be sure to compare the cost of flying vs. driving. It may be cheaper!

Watch out for speed traps along the way! Check out The Speedtrap Exchange web site for possible traps along your route and in Florida.

If you were hoping to rent a refrigerator for your motel room along the way, consider an electric cooler instead. They can plug into your car's cigarette lighter, and then plug into a standard wall outlet (with an adapter) in your hotel room. The ones we've seen cost about $100, which is a good investment if you're planning to use it again.

Play games while en route! "52 Fun Things To Do in a Car" is a good book for kids that keeps them entertained while you're on the road.

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