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Meet the PassPorter Authors

By now, you must be wondering: who has the guts to give their book a title that can be shortened to "P.P."? Jennifer Marx and Dave Marx (that's us!). In fact, we confess we did more than just come up with the name and write the book (no small feat, trust us) -- we're also the creators of the award-winning PassPorter travel series concept and its publishers. Though our other published works are produced by mainstream publishers, we took the road less traveled and formed our own publishing company for the PassPorter series. This allows us to better meet the needs of you, our readers, and affords us more control over our unique concept. The entire writing and publishing process has been and continues to be an adventure! We've woven our hearts and souls into the book, much in the way Walt Disney poured his passion into his own work.

A bit of background on us appears to the right, along with recent photos. If we've piqued your interest, we'd love to meet you too! We invite you to send us e-mail, introduce yourselves, and tell us what you think of our book and/or Web site. And if you're at Walt Disney World and see us, please do say hello -- we love to meet our readers! We even have a special pin that we give only to vacationers that we meet while we're in the park.

If you'd like to learn more about our Walt Disney World adventures, check out these older trip reports (alas we've been too busy to do trip reports in recent years): January 20-23, 2001 trip, December 6-13, 2000 trip, December 3-11, 1999 trip, October 18-27, 1999 trip, our Millennium Celebration (9/30-10/2) trip, and our July 1999 Trip information!

Past Trips to Walt Disney World:

  • Wow, just too many to count. Here are some of when we WERE keeping track:
  • September, 2007 - Toddler Research Trip
  • June, 2007 - Annual "big" Research Trip
  • March 10, 2007 - Celebrating our 10th year together (Ft. Wilderness Cabin)
  • February 2007 - Escaping the Michigan winter (All-Star Vacation Homes)
  • December 2006 - MouseFest 2006 (Disney Wonder / Old Key West)
  • June 2006 - Kids Research Trip (All Star Sports)
  • March 2006 - Escaping the Michigan winter (All-Star Vacation Homes)
  • December 2005 - MouseFest 2005
  • September 2005 - Treasure Hunt book research trip
  • August/September 2005 - Panama Canal crossing on the Disney Cruise Line (we visited both Disneyland and Walt Disney World on this trip)
  • July 2005 - Research trip with Allie and Alexander
  • May 2005 - Disneyland's 50th Anniversary Media Event
  • January 2005 - Vacation at All-Star Vacation Homes
  • December 2004 - MouseFest 2004
  • June 2004 - Research trip with Allie
  • May 2004 - Wedding and honeymoon at Walt Disney World and Disneyland
  • January 2004 - Pop Century research trip
  • December 2003 - MouseFest 2003
  • (Memory is sketchy for 2003 trips, though we know we made several)
  • December 2002 - PassPorter and RADP Gatherings
  • September 2002 - Quick trip to check for last-minute changes before we go to press
  • July 2002 - Research trip with Allie
  • May 10-21, 2002 - 7-night cruise on the Disney Magic, plus three nights at the Swan/Dolphin
  • December 2001 (PassPorter Gathering, Port Orleans/Old Key West)
  • September 23-30, 2001 (Fort Wilderness Cabins)
  • May 20-27, 2001: Disney Cruise and Disney Institute (family reunion)
  • April 16-21, 2001: Animal Kingdom Lodge (Savannah view)
  • February 17-20, 2001 (last-minute trip at the Dolphin)
  • January 2001 (Jennifer and family)
  • December 2000 (for the RADP Meet)
  • September 16-25, 2000 (research trip for PassPorter 2001)
  • August 19-27, 2000 (last-minute camping trip at Fort Wilderness)
  • May 11-17, 2000: Dixie Landings and Contemporary (Tower) -- we did the Star Tours Ride-A-Thon on this trip!
  • December 30, 1999-January 4, 2000: All-Star Movies and Yacht Club (Concierge Level)
  • December 3-11, 1999: Caribbean Beach. We joined the folks attending the RADP 4th Annual Meet!
  • October 18-27, 1999: BoardWalk Villas, Disney Cruise (Disney Wonder), and Wilderness Lodge
  • September 1-October 2, 1999 (Coronado Springs).
  • July 8-12, 1999 (Polynesian Resort)
  • February 27-March 3, 1999 (Disney Institute)
Updated 10/31/2012

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Jennifer Marx

Jennifer Marx (formerly Jennifer Watson) fell in love with Walt Disney World on her first visit as a teenager in 1983. She has since returned more times than she can count on her fingers and toes many times over, visiting every park, attraction, resort, and restaurant at least once. As author of more than a dozen popular books, she yearned to write one about Walt Disney World but felt no interest in churning out yet another travel guide when there were so many excellent books already available. When she hit upon the idea of the PassPorter, she knew she could offer her fellow vacationers something unique and valuable. With the help of the PassPorter, Jennifer has organized gatherings at Walt Disney World for individuals, groups, and families of all ages and stages. Jennifer lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan and is a loving mother to her son Alexander.


Jennifer Marx

Click image for larger photo

Name: Jennifer Marx

Place of Residence: Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A.

Date of Birth: 10/09/68

Dave Marx

Dave Marx may be considered a Renaissance Man, a jack-of-all-trades, or a dilettante, depending on how you look at things. He took a 20-year hiatus between his early journalism training and the commencement of his full-time writing career. Beyond co-authoring numerous books with Jennifer, he's been a radio writer/producer; recording engineer; motion picture music editor; broadcast engineering supervisor; tax preparer; cab driver; whitewater safety and rescue instructor; developer and instructor of online publishing courses; and board member for the Independent Book Publishers Association. He has also co-authored and contributed to numerous books about America Online and the Internet. He discovered the "World" (Walt Disney World, that is) in 1997 and spent more than six months there over the following five years. Dave is from New Jersey and now makes his home in Ypsilanti, Michigan with his daughter, Allison.


Dave Marx
Click image for larger photo

Name: Dave Alan Marx

Place of Residence: Ypsilanti, MI, U.S.A.

Date of Birth: 04/07/55

Jennifer and Dave are the owners of a media/publishing company, MediaMarx, Inc., and collaborate on many projects together. They met in 1995 when Dave joined the faculty of a unique technological academy Jennifer founded and ran for over four years. They now develop and write books for their own independent press, PassPorter Travel Press.

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