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Unique vacations inevitably incur unique questions. We expect and welcome questions! In fact, we'd be worried if you had no questions at all. So we've created as many ways for you to ask questions of us and your fellow readers—a message board, mailing list, and direct e-mail. Feel free to use the method you're most comfortable with... or use them all!

Remember, the only stupid question is the one you don't ask!

Updated 11/21/03
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  Places to Ask

Message Board — Post a question on our message board or read the current posts which may have the answer you seek.

Mailing List — Join our discussion mailing list and send your question to the list!

E-Mail — Send e-mail to Jennifer and Dave, authors of PassPorter Walt Disney World.

Mailbox — Peek in Jennifer and Dave's mailbox for answers to other reader questions.



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