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AllisonG is our Using Your PassPorter forum guide, bringing to it herMANY trips (over 65) to Walt Disney World!

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Updated 11/21/03

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All About AllisonG

Hello! My name is Allison. I am the new guide for the Using Your PassPorter: Tips and Answers forum. I live in South Florida, about three hours drive from Walt Disney World. We live so close and have been at least 65 times. We moved to Deerfield Beach, Florida in 1974 from Cleveland, Ohio.

My husband Adam and I have been happily married for 6 years. We have two wonderful little boys, Logan is 5 and Dalton is 3. They have been to Disney about 16 times.

In the year 2000 I was a gestational surrogate. I carried and delivered healthy twin girls for a couple who could not have their own children. It was quite an experience and have thought about doing it again.

I have been a PassPorter guide book and website fan since 1999 and am very excited about joining the PassPorter family and looking forward to watching the guide book and website grow to unbelievable sizes!


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