Ali's Mom's Disney Adventure Report

Dates: 8/3-8/8, 1999 (five day trip)


  • Author: Loving Mother, faithful daughter, and Disney Plan-Aholic - Ali's Mom
  • Hubby: 47 and a very loving father, and can't plan for a hill of beans - Doug
  • Daughter: 22 and a junior at a college three hours away - Jennifer
  • Daughter: 20 and a sophmore at college one-hour away - Rachel
  • Daughter: 6, starting first grade in the fall, this will be her second trip to WDW, and is an avid ice-skater - Ali
  • Mom: In her late 60's, first trip to WDW, many many many trips to Disneyland (since we lived 10 minutes away from it for a long time). This is her very first ever vacation - Dotti
  • Dad: In his early 70's, same as mom, many trips to Disneyland, and his very first vacation - Jack
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  August 5: Day 2 (Or, Mr. Toot has a Blast)

Mickey calls right at 6 am in room 6105, and 6:04 in room 6107 (my parents room, but since the door was open, I could hear the phone ring). I try to wake up Ali to hear Mickey, but there was no waking her up. I just put the phone by her ear, and just hoped that by osmosis, it would go into her head At 6:10 I hear my dad trying to mimic Mickey to my mom, and I can not contain my laughter, which now wakes up Ali, who is complaining that she can't be awake yet, cuz Mickey did not call yet (ROFLOL at this point) Now, the plan HAD been to hit Magic Kingdom at 7:15, do early morning, then go to MGM at 9:15ish and have breakfast at Hollywood and Vine at 9:45am. Notice, I said the PLAN WAS... First of all, don't TRY to put 4 females and 1 male in one bathroom, and expect them to get out in 45 minutes. It just will not happen LOL! Doug ended up using my parents bathroom EVERY morning, which is a good plus for having connecting rooms - two toilets, 2 showers, and 4 sinks! We hit the concierge breakfast around 6:30AM: Donuts, Donut holes, Croissants, Pastries, Cereal, Bagels, Bread for Toast, Butter in the shape of Mickey Mouse, Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Whole Milk, 2% Milk, 3 types of Coffee, 3 types on coffee flavoring, 20 different types of hot teas, and the newspaper (actually, it was in front of our door each morning). We did not walk out of the rooms and ready to go until 7:45 (ugh!).

POINT OF INTEREST HERE: If you are taking the little mini fans with water, please BEFORE you leave, put the batteries in them! For some un-for-speak-able purpose, they (the company) - put these tiny Phillip head screws in the slider to open up to put the batteries in them. We never put the screws back in, and they worked JUST fine, -- but it took the concierge several hours to find a screwdriver small enough to take out the screws, so we were without fans for a while (we did manage to have one fan without the screw in it, so we were able to use that one).

So, we are quickly changing plans here...

POINT OF INTEREST HERE: If you have a plan done up in advance, Point number one in that plan should be "PLANS SHOULD BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT, SINCE THEY PROBABLY WILL ANYWAY!'

So, off we go to MGM. Our bus driver was so funny. He asked if anyone wanted to go to MGM, and o'course we said "yes", to which he said, oops, this is the wrong bus, this bus goes only where I drive it to, and I don't know the way to MGM, anyone else want to drive?

POINT OF INTEREST HERE: If you say yes, you get to get an honorary WDW bus driver's licence.

MGM was supposed to open at 9 AM, but it was already open at 8:30 when we get there, but the ride area is roped off. Now, I have Jane meeting me at the front gate (where you get in) at 9:30, so I have to quickly do some tap dancing to make sure my parents stay near the front, but not where Jane can be seen, and where I can see her. So... we hit the shops. -- I buy Ali a necklace that she can make herself with her name on it, and I keep getting her to change her mind ("Oh, look, this bead has Minnie on it", and once she has this one on, I say "Oh look, here is a Cinderella" LOL!)... My dad is starting to get impatient with me, but I'm stalling for time, and he will have to deal with it... My 20-year-old helps out here, she says, lets go to the bathroom (its 8:45 now). I tell Mom and Dad to sit on these benches, cuz a "SPECIAL parade" goes by at 9:00AM, that NO ONE knows about it, and I want her to be able to have good seats for it" - Rachel gets me and Ali out of sight, and then goes back and tell my mom and dad Ali is having a constipation moment, so they need to sit, and we'll be back... every few minutes, she goes back and says "Ali is still on the toilet, but it should be soon". I am laughing so hard, and my dad is getting more and more impatient, but he can't go into the bathroom to tell her to hurry up, so he is stuck at the moment. We rented Ali a stroller (we really did not need it, but since she was tired, I wanted to make sure). I now spotted Jane, and walked up to her and said "Hi Miss Jane" She looked a little startled, until she realized who I was (I was giggling internally). We did a few last minute changes (since my parents were already sitting, they were just going to go up to them). Jane got to where she could take pictures, and my mom who is so observant says, "Why is that Lady taking pictures of us"? My Jennifer says, Oh Grandma, she is not, she taking pictures of the buildings, but Mom insisted she was taking pictures of her. Meanwhile a Pixie comes forward, and asks if Jack and Dotti are anywhere in the area, My poor confused parents are taken aback, but they are presented with two cowboy hats, with Mickey ears attached!

[Note: Everyone in all the parks LOVED the hats and wanted to know where Mom and Dad bought them.]

They were then given a note that told them breakfast was waiting at Hollywood and Vine for them. Off to Hollywood and Vine we go.

Hollywood and Vine:
We get there, and Jane is again taking pictures. Mom says, "That Lady is taking Pictures again", and we were almost convincing when we told Mom that she was just taking pictures of the buildings, and it was coincidental that she was were we were the second time around. Up walks another Pixie, with a big Blue bag, with a poem about all the love in their hearts, a beautiful shadow box for mom's wall at home, and a bag full of Hershey kisses. By this time, my mom is crying, and my Dad is saying, "You should not have done this," but is pleased all the same (a daughter can just tell). We go into Hollywood and Vine, for the "Bear in the Big Blue House Seating." This is the 9:45 seating, and you also get a special coupon to go have Cookies and Milk with "Bear" at 12:10pm.

Characters: Minnie (elegantly dressed), Goofy (dressed in a Tux), Pluto, Chip and Dale
Food: Serve yourself Buffet Pancakes, Mickey shaped waffles, eggs, bacon, two types of potatoes, sausage, french toast, fruit, peaches and cream, lox, bagels, cream cheese, cereal (hot and cold), croissants, and pastries.

We were in and out in less than 30 minutes (we caught Jane off guard, we got out so quickly), and on our way to THE GREAT MOVIE RIDE. Now, there are two sides to the ride, and if you want to see the John Wayne Scene, you need to ask to ride the "B" ride. We got right on the ride, with no wait in the line at all (what a shock here!). Jane was snuck in through the back door, and climbed aboard the ride without Mom and Dad even noticing. At the John Wayne scene, Dad was passed this package, all nicely wrapped up with the two new John Wayne movies that was just realized on home video, and Mom was passed this beautiful bouquet of flowers (all sorts of flowers, and in a wonderful arm arrangement). As the ride came to an end, Jane whispered to me "Stall them." So, I had to take their picture sitting on the ride with their gifts, and then a couple inside the ride (by the exit door) with their gifts, etc. As they walked out, they were met with the grand kids, holding a sign that said, " WE LOVE YOU, MOM & DAD!" It was laminated; the letters were in Green, with Black outlines, and yellow shadow boxing around each letter.

Jane then revealed herself to Mom and Dad, at which Mom exclaimed "I knew she was taking our pictures." I later told Jane Mom said she was on to me, whenever she saw Jane with a camera in her hand, she knew I was going to be doing something (you'll need to know this for the report tomorrow). Jane then took pictures of the family for our memory books. Jane also had the flowers and all the gifts delivered to our room for us, so Mom did not have to carry flowers all day.

We walked around the park for awhile, just taking in the different sights, not riding any rides, or seeing any shows, but walking through things like the animation sections, and the sericell sections (I found one sericell that I fell in love with, but I did not have an extra 4 grand burning a hole in my pocket [It had ALL the characters on it around the castle, even all the villains!]).

At noon, we headed towards BEAR IN THE BIG BLUE HOUSE, and our milk and cookies time.

POINT OF INTEREST HERE: This is good if you want your child to have front row seats for the show, however that is all it is good for. Your child is given a box of cookies (animal cookie box style, but of Mickey and Donald), and their choice of pint of milk, or an apple juice box. They then sit on the floor, eat the cookies and wait for the 12:30 show to start. There is no interacting with Bear, or the characters, nor do they even come out until the show starts.

The show is wonderful, and its like you are watching a Bear in the Big Blue house show, except it's live. They even have Luna, and Shadow. It lasts for about a half an hour, and I would recommend it for any one of any age. You sit on the floor though, so if you have problems with sitting on the floor (bad back, bad knees, etc.), you might need to reconsider this show.

After the show, Ali and Doug needed some down (nap and pool) time, and Jennifer and Rachel wanted to go check out the fast passes. So our family vacation was now broken up into three groups, to regroup together no later than 4PM at the hotel room.

POINT OF INTEREST HERE: NEW! Disney FASTPASS (FASTPASS has a small sm directly next to it, each time the FASTPASS word is used) - This is what is given out at the gate when you walk in:
- Tired of waiting in line? - Be part of the excitement at {name of ride here - each park has different rides listed} - Go to Disney's FASTPASS distribution at any one of the attraction with your entire party (with your entire party is printed in bold) - All members of your party must present their Park Admission ticket and each will receive their Disney's FASTPASS. - Your Disney FASTPASS will save you a space in line, and assign you a designated time to return for direct entrance into this attraction. - Instead of waiting in line, you are free to move about the Park at your leisure. - Return to the Disney's FASTPASS entrance within the time frame printed on your FASTPASS (usually an hour). You'll be admitted directly into this attraction with no further wait. - Guests can also choose to wait in the traditional "stand-by" line. - Important!! There is no charge for this pass, however you must obtain and use each FASTPASS before obtaining a FASTPASS for another attraction.

Our group of three decided to go look at the Villain store, and I had wanted to get a Custom Watch made (maybe)... So we decided to go to the Villain Store, and the watch store, and then head back to get a second wind.

A note about Custom Watches. They really aren't custom. They have two sizes, ladies, and unisex. You can have a colored one done ($350.00), or a sketch one done ($200.00). The ladies size is very very limited in what can be done, and you can only order what is in the book (this is where I was disappointed). I had wanted either a Snow White and the Seven dwarfs, or a female villain watch. Disney no longer does a watch with both Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs together on it (I don't know for how long "no longer" means), and they do not do the female villains in a female watch (Sigh!), only the unisex watch. HOWEVER (!)... The cast member who was helping me said he did have one watch from Christmas of 1995, that said Christmas 95 on it, limited edition of 65 (this watch happened to be 65 of 65), with both Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs on it, dressed up in Christmas Motif. It was a colored watch, and not a sketch, and I am now the proud owner of that watch (watch one of two that I purchased this trip).

POINT OF INTEREST HERE: If you want a custom watch, and have a MKC card, they do this same thing at World of Disney, downtown, and you'll save 10%.
While waiting for all the paperwork to be done on the watch, I found a wonderful black/white sketch (with a little red color) of Pooh skating on a pond, so I got that for Ali for a Christmas present. They even nicely framed it for me, and now I can't wait for her to open it.

We three then headed back to the concierge lounge to grab a quick something to tide us over to dinner.

That afternoon, the lounge had English Truffle (sp?), fruit trays, nuts, cookies, ice tea, lemonade, water, coffee and veggies. Newspaper included The New York Times, The USA today and The Wall Street Journal - several copies of each, so you could take one back to your room if you wanted to.

The Concierge people had my tickets for Hoop-Dee-Doo waiting for me, I picked them up, and went out to the pool to watch Goofy, Tigger, and Pluto IN THE POOL playing with the kids (Ali included). I got Doug and Ali out of the pool, and dressed, and over to the Contemporary to catch the boat to Fort Wilderness.

We had our picture taken (1 5X7 and 2 wallet magnets were $19.95), and we settled down to the Hoop Dee Doo. We were at Table 022, which was on the front row - right at the end of the stairs that the cast members walk up on stage at. As soon as I saw our table, I knew my parents were in for a treat.

Dinner - All you can eat, served family style Salad Chicken (Fried) Ribs Corn Beans Bread Strawberry Shortcake

We were asked and incorporated into the show where we were from (Texas), and a song was done about keeping your boots off the table. Further into the show, we were doing a "toot" (like a railroad engine toot), and my dad was just sitting there like a bump on the log . For you that know the show, the red headed female, with the long braids stops the show, comes down to my dad, and says "Hi, - You were not tooting and what is your name"? My dad looked right at her, and without cracking a smile, says "TOOT". Now, she flowed so nicely with it "AH Mr. Toot and what is your last name Mr. Toot"? To which my dad, without cracking a smile (but a very red face), said "Toot", and she then said, "Oh, Mr. Toot-toot - Did you know we can help you with that nice red coloring of your face? And they put a nice red spotlight on Dad, (photo op I did NOT miss), and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then all during the show, whenever she could, she'd say things like "Now, Mr. Toot's mine, so don't you go looking at him"... Or "Mr. Toot, you're on my side, remember"? It was GREAT! I have the BEST pictures of my dad smiling like you would never believe. We bought the pictures, since they were 1) very nice and 2) to remind my dad of his good time there.

I have just hung up the phone for making my dinner reservations for Christmas Day 2000 (hey Jane, did that get past you?) For the 5 o'clock show - Bet I get another very good table.

We left there, and by boat went to the Contemporary, and then our party separated again... Ali and Daddy went to Magic Kingdom, Jennifer and Rachel went back to MGM, and Mom/Dad and I headed for Downtown Disney. The bus was a VERY long wait (unusual), and when we did get on it, it was standing room only.
HINT FOR BUS FOR DOWNTOWN DISNEY FOR GF: If you are at the GF, and going to go downtown, go over to the TTC to catch the bus - you'll be the first ones on the bus there.

While we were waiting, Mom thought a bug bit her on the ankle. She could not tell for sure, but she thought so. We walked around Downtown, bought some stuff at the Christmas Shop since they had 2000 stuff out (and my MKC club was good there), and then went over to World of Disney, where I found another watch that I fell in love with. This was a limited edition (2000) millennium watch, with The Seven Dwarfs on it, and it was a musical watch that plays Heigh Ho. It was a unisex size, and comes in a cart of colored coal, which in itself a very nice treat. I got watch 442/2000, and they had just been put out that day.

Around 11:30, the parents were getting tired, so I decided to get a cab instead of getting to the bus. We had also noticed that my mom had a small rash on her ankles, and her ankles were swelling, so I thought the cab back would be much better for her. I thought is was from this "whatever" that had bitten her, but she went to the doctor today, and she found out it was busted blood capillaries from walking too much, and not putting her feet up enough.

HINT FOR CAB FOR DOWNTOWN DISNEY TO GF: Cost is $12.50 without tip. If you are hot/tired/and not wanting to take a bus, it is well worth the $$ spent.
Back at the resort, I walk into my room to EVERYONE being sound asleep. I quickly check my EMAIL and Intercot, arranged for Mickey to call at 6AM, and looked at my tuck in poem from Disney: "GO TO SLEEP" from Disney's Babes in Toyland. Slumber Deep, drift away on fleecy clouds above you.

I was SOUND asleep, when what did my ears hear? A SHRILL alarm Hmm I get up and check my parents' room - all is quiet. Now the alarm is getting louder, I can't find it, and Rachel is awake now (everyone else is sleeping through it). I go into the toilet area, and use the phone in there, and call the front desk "Good Morning, there is an alarm going off in my room, and my daughter thinks it might be the smoke alarm" [Note: Rachel says mom, just take the batteries out, she looks up to where it is, and says, hmm.. never mind LOL!] The front desk says they will send someone right over, which they did, a older gentleman in a suit and tie, with a walkie-talkie hook-up around his ear (so as to not wake sleeping guests I guess). I was waiting in the hall for him, explained what I was hearing, he goes into the room (notice everyone is still sleeping EXCEPT myself and Rachel), and he quickly goes over to the TV, and turns off the ALARM that is incorporated into the television clock radio (okay, do I feel STUPID or what) He chuckles, and says it happens all the time. (Ali had been watching TV in the morning, and must have hit the alarm button)

HINT FOR WAKING UP AT THE GF: If you are a sound sleeper, don't use the alarm clock on the TV - it will NEVER wake you up.

I once again drift off to sleep, just to hear Ali fall out of bed... Pick her up, get her back into bed, she never wakes up, and its soon time for Mickey to say hello...

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