Ali's Mom's Disney Adventure Report

Dates: 8/3-8/8, 1999 (five day trip)


  • Author: Loving Mother, faithful daughter, and Disney Plan-Aholic - Ali's Mom
  • Hubby: 47 and a very loving father, and can't plan for a hill of beans - Doug
  • Daughter: 22 and a junior at a college three hours away - Jennifer
  • Daughter: 20 and a sophmore at college one-hour away - Rachel
  • Daughter: 6, starting first grade in the fall, this will be her second trip to WDW, and is an avid ice-skater - Ali
  • Mom: In her late 60's, first trip to WDW, many many many trips to Disneyland (since we lived 10 minutes away from it for a long time). This is her very first ever vacation - Dotti
  • Dad: In his early 70's, same as mom, many trips to Disneyland, and his very first vacation - Jack
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  August 3: Day -1 (Or Tomorrow We Will Be On A Plane)

It's about 2:14 PM in the afternoon. I go to the bank ATM machine, and deposit a money order that had been sent to me. I place all my credit cards (which are in a little plastic picture holder) on my car seat. Absently mindingly, I sit down on them as I sit into the car.

My mom and I decide to stop at a warehouse club (Sam's), to maybe pick up a few last minute things, and besides, its right across the street. I get out of the car at Sam's, lock and alarm the car, go in, do not buy anything, and leave Sam's (Mom bought some things though).

Fast forward to 8 PM. I am packing up my fanny pack for the trip, and go out to the car to get my credit cards from the front seat of the car (after the initial panic of where are they, I remembered putting them in the front seat of the car).. Only trouble - they are NOT there.

The car had been in the driveway of my house, with the window rolled down, so we figure that I had either one:

1) When I got out of the car at Sam's, the plastic holder had somehow slipped onto the ground by the car,
2) Someone had taken it out of my car while in my driveway

Now, there is a silver lining in Everything - correct?

This silver lining was
1) My car was spotless by the time my husband and father had gone through it with a fine tooth comb,
2) My house was spotless by the time I had searched my whole house for it (that was before I remember that I left it in the car)
3) This was a cash only trip, and I still had my checkbook, and drivers license, so we were not totally dead-in-the-water

I also had my daughter's ATM/DEBIT/VISA card, so I could use that to put on account at the resort, and just transfer the funds from my account to hers, and charge everything to the room. So although it was not the best, it would work, and things could go forward and all I had to do was call one 800 number to get all the cards stopped and re-issued.

Life goes on we go to bed, and set the alarm for an early wake up, since we have to leave the house at 4:30AM for a 7AM flight to Orlando.

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