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If You Can Dream It... We Can Do It!

You shared your wish list for this new edition... and we listened carefully! PassPorter 2004 is as good as it is because of you!

Below is a partial list of each reader wish we were able to make come true with PassPorter 2004. Thank you to each and every one of you who sent in feedback and suggestions!

Your Wish Our Change
"I'd love to see color maps" (Dawn Popp); "color maps!" (Nick Palermo); "add color fold-out maps of the parks" (Jason Huckeba) Now each of our famous, fold-out theme park maps are in full, brilliant color! They even include a photo of the park's icon (i.e., Cinderella Castle)
"Make it easier to find the fold-out map, maybe a different color or slightly thicker paper" (Tamara Henderson) The fold-out maps now fold so the map is face out (the color will make it easy to find them!) and they are printed on thicker paper to stand up to rugged use.
"More photos! You guys are great and I love your photos! You just have so much fun!" (Wendy Braddick); "I'd like to see more photos" (Elizabeth Batsios); "more photos of each resort" (Laurie DiDonato); "more photos! That's a great addition!" (Kathy West) The 2004 edition has over three times as many photos as our previous edition. And thanks to your overwhelmingly positive response to our including ourselves in the photos, most of the photos now include at least one (and sometimes two) of your authors!
"Tabs marking each section would be helpful" (Dawn Popp); "add a master tab page at the beginning of each section" (Jeff Kutsch); colored tabs perhaps?" (Angela Reyna); "tabs that stick out of the book on the side so you can access areas fast" (Michelle Hall); "color-coded tabs might be a nice addition" (Kimberly Vu) While we can't attach tabs to the chapters because they'd be crushed before you received them (due to handling, bookshelves, etc.), we have created a sheet of self-stick tabs which you can add to the first page of each chapter! We even included two blank tabs for you to mark important sections of your own.
"highlight new attractions" (Charlie Catherine); "highlight the new stuff" (Cathleen Cuciniello) We've highlighted every significant change and update at Walt Disney World with light blue ink.
"love the pockets, but maybe you could have a blank one for customizing" (Annie Moore); "maybe a few pockets without days marked on them... a lot of people don't get a 10 day trip" (Tara Snow) We do have one blank pocket, but we took the customization idea one step further by offering PassPocket labels that you can use to totally personalize the purpose of each pocket!
"something interactive: stickers!" (Barbara Barnhill); "perhaps a page of stickers that you can paste on and label wherever you want to flag something" (Gail Solomita); "stickers to put in different place" (Amanda Murr) The 2004 edition also has three dozen small stickers to mark, flag, highlight, and personalize your PassPorter and PassPockets!
The following are features we added to previous editions based on reader suggestions (all these features are still present in the 2004 edition):  
Add actual room rates Now every Disney resort hotel has its room rates for various rooms (some have all, others have most). The different rates for the different seasons are also included!
Add more information about Hotel Plaza We've doubled the amount of information, and added a sidebar on transportation!
"More hints from seasoned travelers" (contributed by Kathleen Bousquet) We have brand new tips and stories from our readers!
More "updates of the new hotels and restaurants" (contributed by Jennifer) We have detailed information on Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, plus peeks at Pop Century Resort and the Beach Club Villas. We've also completely updated our restaurant descriptions!
Include a "box for us to check indicating our selection for inclusion into our plan" (contributed by Dave Legg and Terry) We added a box to all our charts (attractions and eateries) which you can use to indicate interest, note your own rating, or record a visit.
Add a "small section on off-site hotels" (contributed by Phyllis Brittenham, Rebecca, Georgia, Jennifer Beeken, and Laurie) We've added a brand new, two-page section on over 30 off-site hotels and motels. The chart includes descriptions, Web sites, phone numbers, distance from Disney, shuttle buses, year built/renovated, prices, and so on.
Improve the packing list (contributed by Cheryl, Kemchen, and Clara) The packing list is now two pages and includes very specific information on what to bring for a Walt Disney World vacation.
Add more transportation information (contributed by Rosemary, Cathy, Norman, and Wendy) We added an innovative Transportation Transit Time Chart to every resort description. The chart gives average transit times from the resort to each of the parks, as well as lists the types of transportation available (bus, boat, and/or walk).
Add information on Disney Vacation Club (contributed by Allison, Jennifer Beeken, and Beth) We added two brand new pages on Disney Vacation Club, including information on joining the program and tips for those already in it.
Include maps of the water parks (contributed by Rene, Tod, Lesley, Priscilla Penkert, Jim Wilson, and Marjorie) PassPorter 2001 has new detailed maps of Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, as well as expanded information!
Increase your cover of DisneyQuest (contributed by Marjorie) Three more pages on DisneyQuest (for a total of four), plus a easy-to-use map of the floors!
Add more information on Downtown Disney (contributed by Rene and Aprille Magill) More pages, details, tips, and best of all, a detailed page of the entire Downtown Disney area.
Expand your cover of the character meals (contributed by Alicia, Sandra, and Kristine) We now dedicate two entire pages to character meals, and we've expanded our character meal chart.
Make the Autographs Anonymous page a little more friendlier (contributed by Tammy Werkheiser) The Autograph Anonymous page now has the proper amount of respect for our furry friends and heroic figures.

You may notice fewer reader requests for PassPorter 2004 than for PassPorter 2003. The reason? Most of our registrations and surveys were overwhelmingly positive, with little or no requests for improvements.

What weren't we able to accommodate in PassPorter 2003? Thankfully, the list is small:

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Updated 11/26/03

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