What's Changed and Updated in PassPorter Walt Disney World 2001

Walt Disney World is constantly evolving, and so is PassPorter. Not only does PassPorter 2001 keep up with Disney's changes, we make our own changes to improve its ease of use and benefit to you.

First, you should know that every single page in PassPorter 2001 has been updated in some way, even if just to refresh the text or add an illustration. We can't possibly include every change here, however, as that would fill a book! Instead, we've included a list of the 25 most interesting changes and updates (see the list on the right). We organized them in the order that you might encounter them as you flip through the book.

Updated 11/21/03

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Top Changes and Updates in PassPorter 2001:

These are our content and "attention to detail" changes and updates. For a list of major new features in PassPorter 2001, see What's New.

1. Eye-Catching Cover: The new cover sports a gorgeous picture of Epcot's Spaceship Earth! Also, the date is now displayed on a banner in the upper right hand corner of the front cover.

2. Updated Calendars: The planning calendars on the inside front flap now show the years 2001 and 2002.

3. More PassPorter Reviews: We have four new rave reviews from PassPorter readers! Our thanks to Theres Steifer, Chris and Dawn Ray, Kristina Lavoie, and Elaine Marshall for their kind words!

4. List of New Features: The major new features in PassPorter 2001 are listed on the back of the first page.

5. Bio for Allison Marx: Dave's 8-year-old daugher, Allie, contributed all the "A-OK!" ratings for park attractions, and thus we've included her photo and bio to help our readers relate to her and her experiences at Walt Disney World. 

6. New Reviewer and Researcher: We're delighted to welcome Deb Koma and Peter Stepniewicz to the PassPorter Review/Research team!

7. Disney Club: Updated information on the new Disney Club program (formerly the Magic Kingdom Club).

8. Updated Orlando Airport Map: We've added the brand new terminal at the airport to our map, and noted the airlines that typically fly into and out of it.

9. Packing List: We revamped our packing list to list specifically what we suggest you bring -- the list now fills two pages!

10. Reservation Policies: We updated the resort reservation policies based on recent Disney Club changes.

11. Resort Ratings: All ratings were double-checked, and new reader ratings were incorporated into each ratings chart.

11. Port Orleans (and the former Dixie Landings): We created a six-page resort description for Port Orleans, including tips on navigating the recent resort merger. Maps for both sides (Riverside and French Quarter) are included. 

12. Hotel Plaza Resorts: More information on these on-property resorts, including starting rates, year built, year renovated, and Web site address. 

13. FASTPASS: Expanded section on using FASTPASS, including a new diagram of what a FASTPASS ticket looks like. 

14. Park Maps: All park maps were updated for new attractions and landmarks at the parks, including the new bridge and The Magic Carpets of Aladdin in the Magic Kingdom, the new location of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire--Play It" at Disney-MGM Studios, and the new Chester & Hester's Dino-Rama at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

15. Updated Attraction Charts: Every attraction was re-visited and text was updated whenever possible. The new kid-friendly rating (describe in What's New) was added, along with any new information we had gathered. We also added new attraction charts for the upcoming attractions.

16. Park Ratings: Like the resort ratings, we updated all the park ratings and incorporated the new reader ratings from the last six months.

17. Expanded Downtown Disney: More information and tips, plus a detailed map of the entire Downtown Disney area.

18. Expanded Pleasure Island: All clubs now have attraction charts with ratings and notes!

19. Eatery Charts: We updated all eatery descriptions and ratings based on our experienced in 2000. We even added a photo of Restaurant Marrakesh at Epcot.

20. Updated Tours: All tour descriptions updated for 2001.

21. Updated Treasure Hunts: Added the location of the pressed penny lists on the Internet, updated our Hidden Mickey game, and expanded our "In Search Of..." list.

22. New VIP Tips: More tips on Wake Up Calls, IllumiNations Viewing Tips, and Leave a Legacy.

23. Index: PassPorter's index is now longer and more comprehensive to help you find just what you want.

24. Updated Coupons: Our popular Tiffany Town Car coupon and our Free PassPorter Pin coupon are still at the end of the book, but with new expiration dates.

25. Folded Flap: The innovative back flap of PassPorter now comes folded around the text to protect your pages and pockets and keep your PassPorter looking and feeling new.

That's not all the changes, of course, but it should give you the general idea. To see what we changed based on our readers' feedback, visit the If You Can Dream It... We Can Do It page.


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