If You Can Dream It... We Can Do It!

You shared your wish list for this new edition... and we listened carefully! PassPorter 2000 is as good as it is because of you!

Below is a partial list of each reader wish we were able to make come true with PassPorter 2000. Thank you to each and every one of you who sent in feedback and suggestions!


PassPorter in General:

Your Wish Our Change
Change PassPorter's cover so it is "the first book you pick up" off the shelf (contributed by B.R.) We added a bright yellow sunburst to the book spine so it will jump off the shelf at the bookstore and make it easier for our readers and future readers to spot!
Make it easier to turn pages around the spiral binding (contributed by various readers) We hired a binding consultant to help us improve our binding. We succeeded by changing our paper type and drilling style! It is much easier now.
Make PassPorter "a smaller size to carry around" (contributed by G.B.); make PassPorter "smaller but fatter" (contributed by M.L.) We narrowed the width of PassPorter by 1/2". This may not seem like a huge change, but it now fits in waist packs better, and generally feels more compact. PassPorter is a bit thicker, but not too much more.
Make PassPorter "more comfortable to hold onto for long periods of time" (contributed by C.H.) We think our new, reinforced cover and trimmer size will help with this.
Make PassPorter's cover "the same width as the pages" (contributed by S.F.) We made the PassPockets the same size as the text, and then reduced the cover by 1/2" to fit!
Make PassPorter's cover "harder" (contributed by L.S.) PassPorter 2000's new cover sports a reinforced cover which is made of thicker, sturdier material.
Offer PassPorter in a "three-ring binder so I can add and remove pages" (contributed by many, many readers) plus add "a place to carry a pen" (contributed by N.K.) We are creating a deluxe version of PassPorter in a stylish organizer that sports lots of pockets, a pen holder, and a three-ring binder! Watch for an announcement soon!
Add a "Trip Occasion" line to the inside front cover (contributed by N.F.) We added a "Celebration" line to the bookplate on the inside front cover, and we added a special flap that you can fold around your pages and write your vacation celebration and trip dates for identification.


Planning Your Adventure and Getting There (and Back!):

Your Wish Our Change
Add "some calendars in it so when making reservations you have current dates to look at" (contributed by T.W.) We added planning calendars for the years 2000 and 2001.
Add a "timetable that shows how far in advance to make resort reservations, dinner reservations, and show reservations" (contributed by C.O.) We added a timeline/deadline chart for your own important dates.
Add "a listing of Web sites" (contributed by S.K.) We added a list of 70 Disney- and travel-related sites.
Add "readers/vacationers tips" (contributed by Janine Robinson and B.S.) We've included readers' tips in every chapter!
Add a line for "guidebooks in your Budget Worksheet" (contributed by K.T.) We added "Guides/Magazines" along with a few other useful things to budget.
Add "more tips & magic moments!" (contributed by H.C.) We added more tips and included all new magical memories from our readers.
Add "more info on towncar services from airport" (contributed by R. & D.V.) We added more information, including a Tiffany Towncar coupon!


Staying in Style:

Your Wish Our Change
Add "locations of smoking section in resorts" (contributed by M.P.) We added smoking floors and buildings to resort maps whenever possible.
Add "more info on Shades of Green" (contributed by J.B.) We added a full page of information on the Shades of Green military resort
Add "reviews on the two new resorts planned" (contributed by C.D.) We added a full page each for the Animal Kingdom Lodge and for The Villas at the Wilderness Lodge!
Add "more information on the cruises now offered on the Magic and Wonder" (contributed by J.W.) We now have two full pages on the Disney Cruise Line which includes basic information and tips on making the most of your cruise based on our firsthand experience.


Touring the World:

Your Wish Our Change
Add "more park information" (contributed by L.M.) We added much, much more park and attraction information!
Add "more information on the attractions/rides" (contributed by M.C. & S.M.) We significantly enhanced our attraction descriptions with LOTS more information!
Add "more information on DisneyQuest" (contributed by M.D.) We increased our coverage of DisneyQuest to a full page.
Add "fold-out maps" (contributed by M.R.); "bigger maps of parks" (contributed by L.T.); "bigger maps that fold in and out" (contributed by A.G.) We added four big, detailed fold-out maps of the four major parks!
Add "more insider tips on various WDW attractions" (contributed by P.D.) We added more tips, trivia, and historical background to the attraction descriptions.
Make it easier "to cross reference attractions to map and narrative" (contributed by G.L.) Thanks to our bigger maps, we were able to print attraction names right on the maps, plus map coordinates to help you locate the attractions from the descriptions.
Add "your personal experience of each of the attractions" (contributed by P.A.) The two of us (Jennifer and Dave) added our own personal ratings for each attraction.
Expand "attraction information and include tips for parents" (contributed by J.L.) Our new attraction descriptions include more tips for kids and parents whenever possible.
Add "information on the Millennium Celebration" (contributed by A.H.) We added a five-page planner for the Millennium Celebration and its activities, attractions, and shows!
Include "information on the shops in the lands for travelers who browse while others in the party ride" (contributed by J.S.) We added new sections on shopping in the parks.
Enlarge "the Touring Worksheet" (contributed by L.G.) We increased the Touring Worksheet from one page to two pages to give you more room!
Add information on "how long it takes to get from one place to another within a park" (contributed by C.H.) Our new park maps offer point-to-point timings to give you a general idea of how long it takes to walk around the park.


Feasting and Snacking and Making More Magic:

Your Wish Our Change
Add "more in-depth reviews on restaurants" (contributed by J.S. and B.G.) PassPorter 2000 has more eatery reviews... and they're longer, too!
"Include restaurant hours" (contributed by J.F.) We added hours for all eateries in the Feasting and Snacking chapter!
"List the counter-service eateries" (contributed by A.F.), and add "more fast food reviews, counter service, etc." (contributed by T.B.) We added descriptions for all the counter-service eateries in the parks and Downtown Disney! We even include listings of our favorite snack shops and carts.
Add "where to find vegetarian food" (contributed by G.B.) We included a link to a great vegetarian Web site to help readers find more information, and our eatery descriptions include information on good vegetarian selections when available.
"List the restaurants by location" (contributed by Sandra Sweat); "I would like to see the restaurant information for each park kept separate within that park" (contributed by J.D.) Restaurants are now listed by park and resort!
Add "more hard info (prices, times...) on dining" (contributed by E.P.) Eatery reviews now include a dollar figure (rather than a range) for the average adult dinner and operating hours.
"Add a PassPorter Hidden Mickey challenge page" (contributed by S.S.) We added a Hidden Mickey list with fun hints and answers, too!


PassPockets and Miscellaneous:

Your Wish Our Change
Add more PassPockets (contributed by about 30% of our readers!) We added three more daily PassPockets, for vacations up to 11 days!
"Change the tip about saving your shopping for the last day. Hard to send purchases to WDW resorts on next to last day." (contributed by S.H.) We changed this tip to account for merchandise delivery and availability of items.
Add an "additional blank PassPocket for our own personal use (contributed by R.M.) We changed the "Special Day" PassPocket into a "Design Your Own" PassPocket that is essentially blank, allowing you to use it for more purposes.
"Include a PassPocket for materials, pamphlets, tickets for "other" Orlando parks" (contributed by A.C.) The Design Your Own PassPocket can now fill this need!
Add an "extra Lodging PassPocket for those that change hotels" (contributed by J.M.) We don't feel enough people would use another pocket, but we did update the Lodging PassPocket to include space for information about TWO different hotels!
Add "a few extra pages (pockets) that the kids can fill out" (contributed by L.B.) Besides the autograph pages, we added a new feature to PassPorter 2000 that we think kids will enjoy: a Trip Report Helper. With it, they can record a special narrative of their memories and impressions to share with their family and friends. (Of course, adults may like this, too!)
Make "more room on pockets" (contributed by E.L.) The PassPockets now feature more room for itineraries on the front, and more room for memories on the back!
Add "coupons for discounts" (contributed by J.K.); "coupons printed on the last page" (contributed by L.F.) We added a Tiffany Towncar coupon (best discount available) and a free PassPorter Pin offer.


What weren't we able to accommodate in PassPorter 2000? Thankfully, the list is small:

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Updated 11/21/03

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