What's New in PassPorter Walt Disney World 2000

Where do we start? The list of new features is extensive -- we count over 30 new features, not to mention all the changes and updates. The 2000 edition is not just a reprint of our first edition! Rather, we listened carefully to your feedback and added the features you requested! 

On the right is a near-exhaustive list of each of the new features and items in PassPorter 2000. We organized them in the order that you might encounter them as you flip through the book.

Updated 11/21/03

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Top New Features in PassPorter 2000:

1. Reinforced Cover: Our new cover sports "folded edges," meaning the cover was printed a little bigger, then folded over to make the edges stronger. This means you won't get "dog-ears" and beat-up spines when you use your PassPorter. This reinforced cover replaces the vinyl cover, as it is stronger and offers more features (keep reading!).

2. Trimmer Size: In response to your requests to make PassPorter smaller, we've narrowed the book by 1/2" (it is now 6 3/8" x 9").

3. Full-Color Maps: Thanks to our new cover design, PassPorter now has front and back cover "flaps" (think book jacket flaps) with full-color maps of Florida/Orlando and the Walt Disney World property.

4. Second Spine: You can fold the back cover flap around your text to create a second "book spine" to protect your pages. There's even space to write your family's name, vacation celebration, and dates for quick and easy identification on your bookshelf. 

5. Planning Calendars and Timeline: Under the front flap are two planning calendars (for 2000 and 2001) and a timeline chart to help you identify important reservation dates and deadlines for your vacation. 

6. Special First Page: The first page of PassPorter is now printed on heavy-duty paper to reduce wear and tear. This first page includes praise from the press and readers, our awards, and a brief list of what's new. 

7. Expert Peer Reviewers: PassPorter 2000 was carefully scrutinized by four Disney experts: Kenny Cottrell, Bruce Metcalf, Jeff Spencer, and Deb Wills. They checked the manuscript for accuracy, readability, and thoroughness!

8. Illustrations: Fun vacation-related illustrations are scattered among the pages to relieve the text and convey the fun of a Disney adventure! Note: These are not photos, as Disney does not allow unofficial guides to use them.

9. Reader Tips: We included the winning tips submitted by readers in 1999 -- one for each chapter!

10. Magical Memories: Brand-new stories from our readers that'll make you smile and touch your heart.

11. Metric Measurements: For our international readers, we've added metric measurements alongside all of our regular measurements!

12. Reader Ratings for Resorts: Each resort now offers ratings from our readers. We tell you what percentage of readers fell in love with it, liked it well enough, had mixed feelings, or were disappointed.

13. Smoking Floors/Buildings on Maps: Resort maps now show the locations of floors/buildings with smoking-optional rooms, whenever possible.

14. Expanded information for Swan & Dolphin and Shades of Green: We now dedicate a full page to Swan & Dolphin and to the Shades of Green.

15. Future Resort Information: We now have a full page for Animal Kingdom Lodge (opening April 2001) and The Villas at Wilderness Lodge (opening January 2001). The Wilderness Lodge Resort map also shows the new Villas!

16. Disney Cruise Line Information: Two full pages about the Disney Cruise Line and how to get the most out of your cruise!

17. FASTPASS Information: A detailed section on FASTPASS explains what it is, how to use it, and how to make it work for you!

18. Pass Comparison Chart: We've included a new chart that lets you tell at a glance what pass options are available based on the number of days you're staying.

Expanded Park Sections:

19. Land Description Table: Rather than just list every attraction in each land, we now offer a chart of each land, what you can expect to find there, and the names of the headline attractions! 

20. Fold-Out Park Maps: Our new 2000 maps are twice as large with more than twice the detail. Each park maps folds out from the book and offers the following new features:

  • Map coordinates to help you locate attractions and eateries
  • Point-to-point timings so you can determine approximately how long it takes to walk from point to point
  • A bird's-eye view to help you get a sense of layout and locate lands
  • Smoking areas so you know where to go (or avoid)
  • All attractions and most eateries named right on the map -- no numbers or letters to look up!
  • Parade routes marked
  • More precise mapping of paths and buildings!

21. Enhanced Park Descriptions: We now include more information on shopping and entertainment in the parks! 

22. Reader Ratings for Parks: Like the resorts, we include our readers' ratings of the parks!

23. Significantly Enhanced Attraction Descriptions: We anticipate that this will be the most welcomed addition! PassPorter 2000 now includes special "charts" for each and every attraction in the parks, organized by land within each park's section in the book. Each attraction chart offers the following attraction information in a consistent, easy-to-understand format:

  • map coordinates
  • ratings (Jennifer's, Dave's, and our readers')
  • descriptions that include an overview, what to expect, historical background, trivia, "secrets," best viewing/seating/riding, waiting/queue information, wheelchair and stroller accessibility, height/age restrictions, and plenty of fun! 
  • attraction type (coaster, boat ride, exhibit, arcade, etc.)
  • attraction scope, ranked from E-Ticket (major) to A-Ticket (minor)
  • fun factor
  • thrill factor, including things you or your kids may find too scary
  • average wait in line
  • duration of the pre-show (if available) and the attraction itself.

24. Millennium Celebration Planner: A special five-page section of PassPorter includes our first-hand reports on all the Millennium Celebration essentials, including pin trading, Leave a Legacy, Innoventions, Millennium Village (including a map of the pavilion!), Tapestry of Nations, and IllumiNations 2000. Plenty of information and tips!

25. More on DisneyQuest and Cirque du Soleil: We now offer a full page for each, including the seating chart for Cirque du Soleil!

26. Enhanced Eatery Descriptions: Like our new attraction charts, we've expanded our eatery charts to include more information. Each eatery is organized by park, and we now include descriptions of the counter-service eateries at the four major parks! Here is a list of the new features in the eatery charts:

  • map coordinates (when available)
  • meals offered (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and/or snack)
  • price in actual dollar amount, which represents the average cost of a full adult dinner. Lighter meal price given whenever possible.
  • ratings (Jennifer's, Dave's, and our readers'). Between the two of us, we've now eaten everywhere, and can offer ratings for all!
  • longer description, including an overview on theming, quality, menu range, what foods to expect, our recommendations, lighter fare, children's meals, alcoholic beverages, type of seating (booths, chairs, etc.), and whether it is indoors or outdoors. 
  • eatery type (table, counter, etc.)
  • eatery cuisine (American, Italian, etc.)
  • noise factor (how noisy the eatery is)
  • priority seating (whether it is necessary, recommended, required, etc.)
  • average wait (after checking in at the podium)
  • hours (for all meals, when available)

27. Snack Shops and Carts: We now offer a chart of selected snacks at each park to give you an idea of what you'll find and where you can get it!

28. Epcot International Food and Wine Festival: A section on this popular festival and how you can make the most of it

29. New Dining Worksheets: Instead of the basic dining worksheet in our first edition, we now offer two new worksheets: a meal planning worksheet to decide what meals you want on what days of your trip, and a priority seating worksheet to make those necessary arrangements.

30. Hidden Mickey Game: We've included a list of 15 hidden Mickeys you can search for during your vacation! We offer hints, a place to write your answer, and  the answers themselves (on another page in PassPorter). A great rainy day activity!

31. Web Site List: The index now sports a full page of the Disney- or travel-related Web sites mentioned throughout PassPorter -- 70 sites in all!

32. Coupons: PassPorter 2000 offers two useful coupons: one is good for $8 off a Tiffany Towncar roundtrip fare (the best discount around!), and the other entitles you to a free personalized PassPorter Pin with the purchase of $15 or more from our online store.

33. More PassPockets: PassPorter 2000 has three more daily PassPockets, now accommodating vacations up to 11 days! 

34. Trip Report Helper: The Magic Memories PassPocket at the back features a Trip Report helper on the back -- a fun activity for kids and adults.

Whew! Can you tell we've been busy? There's more, too! See the What's Changed and Updated for even more improvements to PassPorter 2000!


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