What's Changed and Updated in PassPorter Walt Disney World 2000

Walt Disney World is constantly evolving, and so is PassPorter. Not only does PassPorter 2000 keep up with Disney's changes, we make our own changes to improve its ease of use and benefit to you.

First, you should know that every single page in PassPorter 2000 has been updated in some way, even if just to refresh the text or add an illustration. We can't possibly include every change here, however, as that would fill a book! Instead, we've included a list of the 40 most interesting changes and updates (see the list on the right). We organized them in the order that you might encounter them as you flip through the book.

Updated 11/21/03

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Top Changes and Updates in PassPorter 2000:

These are our content and "attention to detail" changes and updates. For a list of major new features in PassPorter 2000, see What's New.

1. Eye-Catching Cover: The new cover sports a sunburst on the spine, making it easier to spot on a store's shelf or in your own bookcase.

2. Updated Bookplate: The "Genuine PassPorter" on the inside front cover now features a line for your vacation's celebration and your e-mail address.

3. Expanded Table of Contents: Now 50% longer to help you find just the section you want! We still include a list of all maps, charts, and worksheets within the table of contents, too!

4. Budget Worksheet: We added lines to the worksheet so you can also budget for guides, magazines, stroller, wheelchairs, and ECVs.

5.  Season Chart: Our "when to go" chart includes the Disney's resort seasons for 2000 (value, regular, peak, and holiday) for both value & moderate and deluxe & home-away-from-home. Measurements are given in metric and Celsius, as well as feet/inches and Fahrenheit. 

6. Airport Map: We updated our map based on recent changes.

7. Packing Tips: We added several new and useful packing tips, thanks to our readers and reviewers!

8. Resort Comparison Chart: Updated for all the recent resort changes! (This is a big job, believe us!)

9. Reservation Policies: We updated the resort reservation policies based on recent changes to confirmations and cancellations.

10. Resort Key: Many changes here, including the location of the nearest post office, merchandise delivery, wheelchairs and ECVs (now includes rental company names, numbers, and Web sites), etc.

11. Resort Descriptions: Hundreds of changes, from major updates (like the new building names at the Polynesian) to new tips (such as the hidden hammock at All-Star Movies). 

12. Resort Ratings: In addition to the readers' ratings (detailed in What's New), our value and magic ratings are now based on a complex set of variables for more consistent scores among the various resorts. 

13. Resort Maps: We remastered all our maps so they look even better, appear sharper, and include more details (such as smoking floors and buildings). 

14. Park Passwords: We updated the list of park services (such as adding prices for rental strollers, wheelchairs, and ECVs), and added a couple of new ones (such as Early Entry and Re-Entry).

15. Park Passes: Completely updated for the new pass prices and options, such as the Park Hopper Plus and Unlimited Magic Pass. Also includes a new Pass Comparison Chart.

16. Park Ratings: Like those for resorts, the parks' value and magic ratings are based on a long list of variables for more accurate scores.

17. Park Sections: Lots and lots of changes to the park sections, including changes to existing rides (Countdown to Extinction renamed as Dinosaur) and up and coming attractions (Mission: Space). See What's New for more details.

18. DisneyQuest: Includes the two new attractions coming this year, among other changes.

19. Pleasure Island: We updated the map, and various details.

20. Touring Worksheet: Now bigger (2 pages rather than just 1) for making more choices.

21. Priority Seating section: We expanded our information on priority seating to give you more assistance in making your dining arrangements.

22. Eatery Descriptions: Lots and lots of changes, including name updates (Cap'n Jack's Restaurant) and new eateries (Tangierine Cafe). See What's New for more details.

23. Character Meals: Includes recent additions and deletions to the available meals with characters.

24. Dinner Shows: Changes to the Polynesian Luau and others.

25. Guided Tours: Completely updated for the new tours in 2000, including the children's tours (Pirate Cruise and Wonderland Tea Party).

26. Classes and Educational Programs: Removed old offerings, expanded existing, and added the Typhoon Lagoon Learn-to-Surf Program.

27. Special Occasions: Updated all entries, adding new tips (such as the free birthday pin) and special information (such as Gifts of a Lifetime).

28. Beyond Orlando: Updated the other Disney park descriptions to include the new parks being built.

29. Index: Now longer and more comprehensive to help you find exactly what you need faster and easier.

30. Autographs: Shortened the section from four pages to two based on reader feedback. Notes section is the same length (three pages).

31. Register Your PassPorter: Feedback page now mirrors online registration, allowing readers who do not have Internet access to register by mail.

32. PassPorter Gear: Includes waist pack, pin, and mention of our deluxe, expandable version (coming soon!)

33. PassPockets: The pockets are constructed of a lighter material to give more room in the book and lower the book's weight. We also lowered the position of the smaller slot so items like passes, room keys, and business cards won't get lost down in the pocket. Pockets are 1/2" narrower to allow the book to be 1/2" narrower also (pocket height is unchanged).

34. Our Journey PassPocket: Includes space for recording Auto/Trip Insurance, more return trip notes, and enhanced memory section (such as weather on departure and arrival).

35. Our Lodging PassPocket: Includes space to record details about an additional hotel/resort, plus enhanced memory section.

36. Daily PassPockets: More space for itinerary (now includes wake-up, early morning, and before bed entries), plus enhanced memory section and meal section. The three additional pockets sport new tips, too!

37. Design Your Own PassPocket: The "Extra Day" pocket was made more generic so it can be used for a variety of purposes, such as for special events or as a take-along pocket.

38. Our Magic Memories: Features questions on the back to help you write your own trip report.

39. Important Phone Numbers: This was moved to the inside back cover, and phone numbers were updated.

40. Overall: We changed the paper type from a coated "art" paper to a regular paper that is easier to turn over the spiral binding. The binding itself is also improved, with special drilling to make the pages easier to turn.


That's not all the changes, of course, but it should give you the general idea. To see what we changed based on our readers' feedback, visit the If You Can Dream It... We Can Do It page.


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