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PassPorter Feedback for PassPorter's Walt Disney World

Real Words from Real People in Real Time

Wondering what people really think about PassPorter's Walt Disney World guidebook? The quotes below are directly from our Book Registration system where we ask folks for their feedback (good and bad) on our guidebooks. The quotes that appear below are only from those readers who've specifically granted us permission to include their quote and their name. This list is generated dynamically in real time (most recent feedback is first), so you're seeing the real comments without any editing. Note: If you see any inappropriate items appear in this list (i.e., spam), please contact us immediately. Thanks!

"This is my third, we love the restaurant reviews the most. Knowing the costs and menus helps so much with planning! Keep up the great work" -- Amanda Rigsby (2019-03-12 20:03:13)

"The maps and lists of all the resraurants It bulkiness? I love Disney World!" -- Molly Schoen (2018-03-31 15:03:45)

"updateable information, pictures, links to helpful sites Some dificultyp navigating at times, holding pages to jump back to. I couldn't find an index with page numbers, which often heldps me organize in my mind.. As mentioned above." -- Kym Berman (2018-02-28 21:02:10)

"I love the binder edition with all the pockets for special things. I also love the maps because I can just take them out of the binder and take them with me into the parks. They are just hard to get sometimes. Please keep the binder editions." -- Kimberly Buchanan (2018-02-20 10:02:33)

"The Pockets for each day and all the info on each one. Each park's map. That it is a journal type book where you interact with it constantly (all the writing/info you put in) it really helps to go over what was forgotten so you plan the next trip better! The worksheets. The best of times crowd chart. Resort maps for every resort. Dining Plan color coded title bars make it SO easy to find the type of meal you're looking for literally at a glance. The fonts used. Everything makes this book fun to interact with. I return to it constantly because it's so user-friendly. The spiral binding, the book is used so frequently that the plastic spiral keeps coming out and I can't get it back in. It's a nightmare. Different dimensions to make the book more flat and less bulky." -- Jessica Colon (2017-11-20 14:11:06)

"I love how this book has up to date information! The author is extremely knowledgeable! " -- Courtney Dexter (2017-05-31 23:05:28)

"Different information you have as opposed to other guide books. Pictures. Maps. The different ratings ( Jennifer,Dave, and readers) Please give the option of purchasing the complete book" -- Rita Hartranft (2017-03-26 17:03:40)

"The helpful tips for Disney weddings on planning and what to expect. " -- Jordan Cangelosi (2017-03-20 15:03:51)

"Easy to find information " -- Stacey Zink (2016-11-04 20:11:35)

"I like the organization of the information - such as hotel information. " -- Karen Hynes (2016-09-22 08:09:36)

"give all kinds of information on dining and resorts; have bought 5 copies " -- Kim Osmar (2016-09-19 14:09:29)

"Very well organized, clear presentation, great pictures, packed full of useful info. Love this book so much! " -- Virginia Murphy (2016-09-13 20:09:50)

"information and organization " -- Heather Antanaitis (2016-08-24 12:08:13)

"I loved all the information about reception venues and just the amount of detail for all the different locations " -- Stuart Robb (2016-08-23 10:08:57)

"I liked the restaurant guides and the Magic Band information " -- Jenn Myers (2016-07-06 22:07:55)

"Easy to navigate, easy to see highlights, like the trip pockets It maximizes the binder We enjoy the book and use it to plan each trip. It comes with us each year." -- Mick Klemesrud (2016-07-04 14:07:52)

"I liked the files in the back to keep loose papers. I don't like how flimsy the covers seem. Not at the moment." -- Malinda Kao (2016-06-14 04:06:21)

"Color photos, great maps, organizer pockets at the back. " -- Tim Harrison (2016-06-10 08:06:15)

"The binder is easier for me to open up to the pages I need. I also like being able to remove pages or sections that I might not need for my trip " -- Tamara Cordner (2016-06-09 16:06:11)

"I love the maps, having every attraction and restaurant listed, and all the details! " -- Cheryl Keopanya (2016-06-05 17:06:13)

"the ability to have so much information at my fingertips during the planning and on vacation " -- Robin Wallace (2016-05-30 17:05:57)

"How it's organized and the folders in the back. Some of the pages were hard to write on because of the glossiness of the paper. Also, the stickers don't stick very well. I love this book!!!" -- Jessica Tapia (2016-05-22 21:05:50)

"ALL the detailed information. Can just go to any section and find what I am looking for. I just realized how out of date this one is...I need to order a new one!!:)" -- Deborah Davis (2016-05-20 09:05:51)

"the size, and its completeness of all information on WDW. " -- Dave Adams (2016-05-18 07:05:21)

"information not enough personal worksheets " -- Ed Collins (2016-04-24 11:04:35)

"Easy to read - loved the spiral! Loved the maps " -- Julie Throne (2016-04-03 22:04:34)

"info. provided " -- Paul Chenowith (2016-03-20 14:03:06)

"been using the passport (get a new one every 3yrs unless something major changes) the book/binder works well helps me keep everything organized & with easy reach/access not enough pockets & they seem to be made of lighter weight paper I tore 3 before we left for the trip so I had to go to my old passporters & get some of the old pockets to use. " -- SHELLEY TOY (2016-02-21 12:02:47)

"I love the fold out full color maps of the parks with the check list of the attractions. That made planning what to do in each park so easy and the kids really liked checking off an attraction as we did it. " -- Brandy English (2016-02-09 23:02:03)

"My most favorite are the meal reviews. They are super helpful as you have both adult and child perspectives. I feel like this version of the passporter had fewer reader tips than in previous versions I have purchased. None so far, but if I do I will be sure to send them in." -- April Cobb (2016-02-07 15:02:56)

"Nitty gritty details and filling in my information all in one! Our band broke really early on with little use. " -- Angie DiSalvo (2016-02-06 18:02:13)

"love planning my trip my spiral binder cam out about 1/2 way. never had this before so bummer " -- charlene madden (2016-02-04 19:02:03)

"descriptions of all rides and food areas. we have to stay off site do to my wife's major food restrictions, we have to have a room with a full size fridge so we can go grocery shopping. cant really eat at the parks. Would like to see more off site hotels with this option. we are going to be staying at calypso cay just outside of the park and will be paying about a third of what Disney villa suites cost." -- glenn gannon (2016-01-29 09:01:29)

"The maps are great, the restaurant descriptions helpful, and the transportation information is helpful. My band that holds it shut broke within the first week. :-( " -- Amy Burriss (2016-01-24 11:01:55)

"i love the maps and the ride/eatery ratings - very helpful! can't wait to order the 2016 edition" -- Amy Cobert (2016-01-21 10:01:04)

"I like that its meant to be more than just a guide but also a place to record information, store things in pockets, etc. My husband bought me this in Dec of 2015.. I wish we had the 2016 version as that is when our trip will be. " -- Lia King (2016-01-18 14:01:48)

"Insider info Nothing " -- Michael Fitzgerald (2016-01-17 10:01:32)

"I love the yellow pockets to place items in such as maps, itineraries and tickets. " -- Madge Connelley (2016-01-16 14:01:31)

"dining information " -- Kelly Heinrich (2016-01-15 10:01:22)

"The passporter keeps all our infor well organized. Love this must have for every trip. Thank you!" -- Dianne Hallowell (2016-01-13 20:01:52)

"port information and maps. I think the making a reservation info isn't needed. " -- Susan Kraft (2016-01-12 14:01:12)

"what don't I like I think some of the things I like the most are the maps, descriptions of rides, and I really like where it explains how to get for one place to another it can be bulky but I have the loss leaf edition so I just take out the pages that doesn't apply to me " -- Theresa hall (2016-01-11 16:01:10)

"I love all the pictures. It's my 16th PassPorter and I looked forward to getting it with the same excitement as I did with all the others. I appreciate all the time and effort you and your team put into each edition. " -- Kathy Libby (2016-01-10 19:01:14)

"places to keep souvenirs and important reservation information the elastic loses it's flexibility " -- Cristin Richards (2016-01-09 18:01:30)

"I like the format and the detail. " -- Bill Cunningham (2016-01-08 12:01:23)

"The travel tips, the updated information on new things coming to the parks or changes since the previous season, and the maps! The first year I used a Passporter the recommended touring schedule was also very helpful! " -- Stephanie McCaskill (2016-01-08 10:01:13)

"The maps! I love the passporter and after my many trips, I no longer need much of the advice provided, but still find myself buying a copy!" -- Melissa Ewing (2016-01-07 16:01:55)

"I like how it is divided by parks, with the maps. " -- Michelle Kohlberg (2016-01-07 13:01:53)

"The ratings and lodging information. " -- Tiffany Simpson (2016-01-06 00:01:30)

"all the great info in it, especially the maps, that i can select which pages i would like to take with me in the binder. " -- Susanne Weid (2016-01-02 14:01:49)

"The amazing information, the maps and the color " -- Kathy Jo Horan (2016-01-01 14:01:19)

"the color pages and folded maps and all the details of the resort information " -- Kelly Tays (2015-12-14 18:12:30)

"So much information I can't think of anything " -- Elaine Zervos (2015-12-09 11:12:57)

"A wealth of easily accessible knowledge, even for seasoned Disney fans like us (20+ trips to WDW, 2 Disney cruises, Aulani, etc.) Haven't found anything yet Keep up the fantastic work" -- Wallace Plyler, Jr (2015-11-13 16:11:42)

"The ease of finding information with the tabs " -- Kim OBrien (2015-11-12 20:11:34)

"the binder and the park maps and info on parks " -- Sheila Williams (2015-11-11 12:11:10)

"information presented, organizing capabilities, user friendly layout, easy to follow nope, keep up the great work!" -- Russ Parasiliti (2015-11-09 13:11:35)

"The tips and the pockets Thanks, this is the best planning guide out there." -- Jody Franchett (2015-11-06 23:11:16)

"the information not enough about food " -- Steven Lakernick (2015-11-06 18:11:19)

"I like the pockets to use for each day. If I run out & have a trip coming up, I beg spares off my friends. " -- Claudia Abel (2015-10-31 15:10:18)

"I like how it is set up and easy to read " -- Jennifer Retzlzaff (2015-10-31 14:10:43)

"reliable info early impression, don't like the feel of the paper. " -- Kim Havick (2015-10-28 12:10:57)

"Ease of use, lots of info! nothing " -- traci fulmer (2015-10-27 18:10:56)

"Large amount of information Elastic strap broke immediately " -- Erin Talley (2015-10-24 15:10:04)

"passpockets, full color, fold out maps, ability to order refills (although I bought an entirely new set this time) I love Passporter! I make sure to buy the latest edition before every trip. My favorite feature is the Passpocket. It helps keep us organized during the trip and then it is a great memory/scrapbook for after the trip. When I get ready to plan our next trip, I use my other Passporters/Passpockets as reference." -- Willette Ho (2015-10-23 21:10:27)

"All the information in one place. " -- Connie Cosgrove (2015-10-18 16:10:58)

"Information is so complete--no missing details. I like the planner format I LOVE PASSPORTER!!!" -- Paige Hall (2015-10-16 09:10:42)

"links to various pages on Disney sites for more information or reservations as well as work sheets " -- Jo-Ann Gauthier-Boisvert (2015-10-15 15:10:03)

"The layout and breakdown of the book is great! I like the fact that you have the park maps before each section and that you have the 3 different ratings for each ride. Highlighting the changes is a brilliant (pun) idea. Keeping it short and simple on each section makes it much easier to digest. 10+ years ago, this was the first WDW book I was actually able to read cover to cover The pages stuck together this time. Maybe it was a fluke, but it got difficult to separate them after the first time. Now afterward, it turned like normal. No. I just love this book and get the new version each time before I go on a pilgrimage to WDW (which is annual). " -- Bill Cangelosi (2015-10-13 19:10:36)

"I love the pouches and the spaces for comments and the maps and pretty much everything. Please keep up the great work! I love my passporter collection!" -- Elizabeth Runkel (2015-10-09 09:10:27)

"Oh, I love every thing about it! " -- Michelle Clark (2015-10-08 11:10:31)

"The tips so far, I haven't finished reading it yet The book is heavy " -- Theresa Krajewski (2015-10-02 16:10:39)

"I have used it for years and like the whole thing! " -- Gwen RoBison (2015-10-02 14:10:09)

"Just started reading it but I like the way it is set up. " -- Susan Placko (2015-09-30 13:09:32)

"The pockets, I love having a place to put all my maps, receipts, envelopes with mouse keeping tips, and memories. The elastic broke off of it. I tried fixing it with no luck. So, I just put a rubber band around it instead. " -- Melanie Jacobs (2015-09-28 09:09:01)

"It is very up to date, plus I love the reader contributions. " -- Carolyn Brooke-Millward (2015-09-23 13:09:51)

"I love the ratings of everything and I love the pass pockets " -- Kimberly Griffith (2015-09-22 22:09:32)

"the information is put out there in a form anyone can understand telling about food places but not telling where they are without looking at the map not so far" -- Ron hartnell (2015-09-22 17:09:31)

"all the great updated information. and all hard work that goes into putting these books together from everyone involved. Thank you!! Thank you for all of your hard work!! It makes planning all of our trips (no matter how many times we go) that much easier and more fun!!" -- nicole mcentee (2015-09-18 10:09:17)

"I love everything! The maps, the passporter pockets, the up to date info, color pictures, etc. " -- Reva Queen (2015-09-18 07:09:13)

"information nothing no" -- Kim Corts (2015-09-18 06:09:06)

"I can pull out what I need, so I am not lugging around a lot of things. I also like the laminated maps. The holes. I wish they were set up so you can you a regular 3 ring binder " -- Jennifer Salabsky (2015-09-17 16:09:15)

"The pics are beautiful and the information is up-to-date. " -- Sena Parks (2015-09-17 13:09:01)

"resort info I buy one every year, but this is the first time that I have registered one" -- Raetta Coleman (2015-09-14 15:09:08)

"insider info " -- Ronnie Goodin (2015-09-12 15:09:58)

"I like that it's printed in color. I wish the worksheets were easier to find. Even after I complete them, I have a hard time getting back to them when I need them. " -- Toni LaFear (2015-09-05 15:09:56)

"Planning information, how to be better prepared. I bought the DVC guide as well and found it to be very informational. The DVC Guide is a hard read until you go a few times as a DVC member. Your guides are very helpful and the discussion boards are fantastic!" -- Rhegan Eggebrecht (2015-09-04 23:09:14)

"We always enjoy the maps, tips and ride ratings " -- Julie Carlisle (2015-09-02 20:09:37)

"Ratings and info about noise level, crowds, intensity of attractions " -- Sandra Douglas (2015-08-29 16:08:17)

"Having so much info in one book make it where the person using the book can have the there own photos in the book. when we drag the book through the parks with us i would rather the extra weight be photos of my family not others family, " -- Russell Chance (2015-08-26 18:08:36)

"ALL the info I could ever need portability " -- Margaret Baugh (2015-08-21 14:08:38)

"I love the Passpockets! I use them on every trip that we take to Disney which is every single year! They keep me organized and provide memories! I would like more space to write things on the Passpockets. I love your books!" -- Aimee Schmidt (2015-08-21 02:08:59)

"being able to keep everything in one book, all our trip info and tips and tricks my pages were stuck together, some of them ripped nope" -- Lauren Tracy (2015-08-17 20:08:39)

"All of the dining info and tips and trips and pockets and schedule suggestions, maps....seriously everything! I am ordering my 3rd book tonight. This is my favorite guide book of all-time. I recommend it to everyone that tells me they are going to Disney World. " -- Karen Crossett (2015-08-16 21:08:51)

"The extreme amount of detail provided just for WDW. I found one error :-) For the Tomorrowland Terrace in the Index it has listed page 132 (correct), highlighted page 232 - this should be 233. It is also not mentioned for the Fireworks party on page 282. I love this book and if it were mine I'd like to know about inconsistencies. " -- Carolyn Schroeder (2015-08-13 19:08:22)

"the pockets are great. I like the fold out maps and the information that goes with them and the great organization of the book makes it quick and easy to find. haven't used it at disney yet but i am sure i won't find anything i don't like about it " -- Kathy OBryant (2015-08-02 09:08:11)

"The crowd/seasons/cost/precipitation calendar is wonderful. I love the thorough review of all resorts and parks. I enjoy the pull out maps! Those are my favorites...but I could go on! " -- Kimberly Dennis (2015-08-01 17:08:06)

"Love the organization, loads of info, makes for a great planning tool! Have not found anything yet. We are planning a trip Spring 2016. Will the 2016 book be out soon; and how much will it differ from the 2015 issue?" -- Denise Gueth (2015-08-01 10:08:23)

"The advance worksheets were a real help. There were only ten pockets for a fourteen day stay. One of the best help tour guides I have seen." -- Barry Glover (2015-07-30 03:07:16)

"I love all of the tools! " -- Amber Minicucci (2015-07-24 09:07:42)

"PassPockets and up-to-date info n/a " -- Liz Freeman (2015-07-18 13:07:49)

"The way it's organized. I've had several over the years and they've always been helpful. " -- Michael Curtin (2015-07-16 07:07:23)

"journal not enough days in journal section,i have to add pages love passporter" -- bernadette fagan (2015-07-14 17:07:06)

"maps, nice binding and cover, tips and reviews, pockets to help plan sometimes the coiling is awkward " -- Ginger Busek (2015-07-10 12:07:08)

"up to date info binding no" -- Theresa Ritchie (2015-07-08 14:07:25)

"I like that it is easy to read and all the information in it. Also that you can update and add things to it in the ring binder. Haven't found anything yet... Not at this time." -- Carla Kumm (2015-07-06 08:07:40)

"I love all the tips. I never knew about the website you can save money for a disney trip until reading the PassPorter. I also just love all the information about every single little thing you can think of when it comes to Walt Disney World. I have been there 4 times in my life. Two times when I was a little kid and two times when I was in high school. All I can say is my family should have had this back then! NA Not right now. I am just very excited to use the PassPorter to plan my fiance and I's trip this October and can't wait to use it at the parks! " -- Katy Heffner (2015-07-04 21:07:18)

"The detailed maps of the Disney Resorts and all the parks. Money saving tips, budget worksheets and the ability to customize my PassPorter. None at this time." -- Yvonne Aichhorn (2015-07-04 20:07:48)

"The Tips pages. Also the "Touring with Adults" plans. The small font on some pages (my eyes are old) Thanks for the good read. I'm an experienced Disney traveler but I still love to read Disney travel books before I go. I will use your pages, hints, and fun book for this next trip." -- Kyle Mastrolia (2015-07-03 10:07:45)

"Detailed information about WDW hotels and the rating of severity of the attractions. (I have some prone to motion sickness in my family and this helps a lot.) WDW is changing fast! Some of the "current" information is not current for long. Granted the newsletters help you to keep up with new changes, but I cannot imagine how difficult it is to put something in actual "print" form about WDW. " -- Susan Burgess-Parrish (2015-07-02 10:07:00)

"Layout and flow of information logically lends itself to vacation planning. Love the pockets in back for reservation and receipt collection by day. " -- Lori Shontz (2015-06-30 15:06:12)

"All the info at my fingertips " -- Cindy Moeller (2015-06-28 14:06:12)

"Special tips, worksheets, pouches Binding is a little difficult and rips pages " -- Jennifer Kosar (2015-06-27 15:06:06)

"I love the tips that other visitors share I'm staying at Shades of Green for the first time, and it feels like the red-headed step-child of the resorts. Would have liked a little more information. " -- Judy Duval (2015-06-27 12:06:59)

"the opportunity to have it all at ur fingertips " -- Lisa Bianco (2015-06-25 13:06:31)

"The amount of information and the way it is organized " -- Linda Morin (2015-06-24 21:06:32)

"all the detailed ride and maps info " -- Crystal Farmer (2015-06-23 20:06:12)

"we have been using passporter since 2003! We love the day by day folders. Memories on the backside of the folder. It is a huge part of our planning! " -- jaimelyn hart (2015-06-23 14:06:14)

"ebook version and hardcopy; great maps!! " -- Chris Detweiler (2015-06-21 10:06:44)

"maps, dining info " -- Sunny Heine (2015-06-19 20:06:56)

"i like it all i feel menus for the restrants would be a good thing " -- Dana Munch (2015-06-16 21:06:32)

"Actually everything....I love all the information and the online links/websites My little strap to keep the binder together broke. :-( " -- Jeanette GibbsLanders (2015-06-16 14:06:12)

"I love the breakdown of the parks and maps. " -- leslie brinson (2015-06-12 17:06:29)

"I love the pockets with the blanks for planning my trip. " -- Erin Pearrow (2015-06-10 15:06:54)

"the ratings and maps Would like to see a guide for just restaurants at Disney World with menus included to help better budget for food to see if the Dining Plan is a good deal or not " -- Michael Myers (2015-06-07 21:06:58)

"This is my third WDW Passporter - great reference book, helps me plan park visits, hotel and dining selections. Nuthin'! nothing right now." -- Judith Hoyle (2015-06-05 16:06:56)

"I love the overview of the resorts with maps. Wish the folders were more customization. I would love, love, love an index. If someone suggests a restaurant but I don't know which park or resort that it is in, it is difficult to find. I would also love to see 3,5,7 day suggested itineraries. " -- Kimberly Fisher (2015-06-05 10:06:46)

"it's just so full of wonderful info. this is my 2nd version. " -- Regina Hopper (2015-06-04 11:06:15)

"I like the organization( flow). " -- Dawn Chugg (2015-06-03 21:06:29)

"The information and the help planning the trip. " -- Shailyn Armstrong (2015-05-31 23:05:02)

"Love this book bought two years in a row so much info in one place !! Bought the ring one and was to big returned for the spiral one " -- Jen Bandurchin (2015-05-27 18:05:59)

"The remarkable detail about everything Disney, complete with website link references & suggestions. It's amazing! The spiral in the book Thank you for making these tools available to us. We are new DVC members and I am in love with Disney. You make the dreams more real!" -- Julie Justice (2015-05-23 16:05:28)

"the extra hints and tips " -- beth krebs (2015-05-22 09:05:41)

"I love it all " -- Mandy Mullinax (2015-05-22 03:05:27)

"I love that the passporter is updated every year with the latest information. I love the passporter. It is my number one planning tool for every trip. The planning doesn't officially start until it arrives. " -- Pamela Copeland (2015-05-21 19:05:36)

"details of resorts, details of restaurants and maps are great. Also, like the helpful tips. I don't use the daily folders at the back of the book, however, first timers would find those very helpful. Thinking about staying at Beach Club Resort: and I ran across this: I have a question about page 101 under FOR THE CURIOUS: you talk about the Ballyhoo GUided tour meeting at Belle Vue Lounge. Why is that mentioned under the Beach Club Resort, since it is a tour that meets at Belle Vue Lounge, should this be under the Boardwalk Section in your book? That is where I think it would be most valuable for your readers." -- Michelle Hiner (2015-05-16 15:05:52)

"current information heavy " -- Anna Rogers (2015-05-15 14:05:01)

"I love the pages in the back where we can record our memories and store keepsakes. I purchased our first PassPorter in 2006 for our first Disney trip and have bought one for our trip every year since then (except for 2008 when we didn't get to go). Even though they don't change a whole lot each year, I still have to have a new one! I love to look back through them and read our memories!" -- Marianne Savage (2015-05-15 12:05:45)

"The Resort comparisons, The Best of Times and information about Magic Bands. Nothing. I love it all. I love Passporter! Even though I don't have a Disney trip scheduled, I'm always planning for when we are able to travel back "home"." -- Mindy Goldman (2015-05-15 08:05:15)

"restaurants, events & attractions info small print " -- David Martin (2015-05-15 00:05:00)

"Like everything about this book. Would like a DVC passporter book also. nothing " -- Barbara Quinn (2015-05-13 12:05:30)

"This was my gift for Mother's Day. Love that you can keep all travel information in one place. " -- Connie Kashi (2015-05-11 20:05:10)

"Lots of good information in a great layout pages kind of stuck together near spiral Was the best planner book I bought, and I bought about 10" -- Timothy Bolton (2015-05-11 18:05:26)

"I love that is was mostly all in color and the paper style of the pages. I love my passporter and will be orderly my renewal copy." -- Laura Richardson (2015-05-10 09:05:28)

"I love the color park maps. The least that I liked is that the ticket prices are now outdated in the book but available online. I love, love, love the pass pockets!!!" -- Nicole Young (2015-05-09 16:05:41)

"The best of times-it helped knowing when the least busy times were. Staying in Style-I liked that there is so much information on the different resorts. Touring the World. I liked the all the info, including possible wait times on the rides. There were a lot of tips on rides, and best times to try to get to each park. Maybe a whole section on tips. I really got a lot out of the tips in the book. I plan to use many of them on our trip in Sept." -- Randi Briggs (2015-05-08 12:05:02)

"I love the tips and information. " -- Pam Merchant (2015-05-08 08:05:15)

"I like that it allows you to keep track of all the important things in the convenient pages at the back of the book Not at this time, this is my second purchase. We are planning a family vacation and I actually ordered two." -- Brenda Bumgardner (2015-05-07 10:05:36)

"Organization; To-the-point information using the perspective of not only the authors/their children but also reader feedback; pocket format " -- Buffi Honeck (2015-05-04 18:05:19)

"all the good info about everything " -- Myke Gaines (2015-05-04 06:05:44)

"I love the format. Our trip to WDW is at the end of next week. I received this in plenty of time to review and make our plans. " -- Deena Russell (2015-05-02 22:05:31)

"The pockets turn each trip into an instant memory place! We love to fill out the back side of each pocket, and reminisce about funny/magical things that occurred on each trip. I won't go to Disney without my Passporter! There is a Passporter shelf in our bookcase dating back to 2000. This one will be the 11th!" -- Kathleen Bousquet (2015-05-02 18:05:20)

"All the information for the current year. Could use more pictures. " -- Melanie Minnich (2015-05-01 10:05:38)

"All the information ad the planning pages. " -- O'donna Dean (2015-04-30 09:04:29)

"Updated information. Have the ring binder and like being able to buy the refills and take out resort info for resorts we are not going to in order to make the binder "thinner". :) " -- Nancy Moericke (2015-04-29 18:04:36)

"pictures, advice Love your website, your email and your books. you have the best job in the world, Jenn!" -- Leslie Pirl-Roth (2015-04-29 07:04:34)

"I like that I can add and remove pages. I also like the glossy pages n/a " -- Tammy Holland (2015-04-27 23:04:07)

"I liked all the tips and the places to organize my trip. The pages on the spiral binding stick and when I started to separate them, they began to rip. " -- Derek Smitt (2015-04-27 06:04:16)

"love the maps, resort comparaisons as well as restaurant options. can't think of a thing... :) I had purchased 3 passporters for our last family holiday (2013) and you had autographed every copy...thanks for that thoughtful touch." -- Jo-Ann Gauthier-Boisvert (2015-04-26 14:04:32)

"Helpful hints and tips. A tad too heavy to take to the actual park. " -- Richard M Dumont (2015-04-24 05:04:53)

"I love all the detail! All the detail, almost wish it was 2 separate books. " -- Michelle Galbert (2015-04-23 13:04:31)

"hte eeasily to find the information " -- luis gaete (2015-04-22 12:04:39)

"I like the reviews, the layout of the books, and the handy pockets/journal in the back. The spiral binding. My daughter likes to take it apart. " -- Wyndie Anglin (2015-04-22 00:04:27)

"I love that I can end up using it as a scrapbook at the end of the trip - something I can look back to years from now and know what I should repeat and what I should skip. The BEST planning tool available!!! I love this book and I recommend it to anyone planning a Disney trip. So happy I found it for my first trip (12 years ago!)" -- Sydney Johnson (2015-04-21 17:04:02)

"I like everything. Photos, Maps, and all the little tid-bits of information. " -- Terrie Collins (2015-04-20 20:04:59)

"Updated information every year. The itenerary pockets in the back. Ability to order refills to deluxe ringed edition. " -- Steve Mengelkamp (2015-04-20 10:04:48)

"Just received. Used in 2007 and was a GREAT organizational tool. Bought 2015 to help plan a trip in October of this year. Also used the cruise version in 2013. I love them all! " -- Kristy Thompson (2015-04-20 10:04:42)

"I love the binder and the colors. Fun to use. Love just about everything. nothing really to complain about. " -- Tiffany Brogan (2015-04-17 18:04:27)

"I always like the passpockets Also wish that the deluxe edition were the size of the spiral one." -- Leigh Milich (2015-04-16 21:04:06)

"So many tips and useful info about WDW " -- Amanda Lovett (2015-04-16 19:04:46)

"up to date info and opinions " -- Betty Brigham (2015-04-16 19:04:00)

"information on all parks and hotels " -- Heather Hylton (2015-04-16 10:04:22)

"We love the detail you don't find in other guide books Not enough updates. The pictures included with each resort section could be updated. After buying several editions through the years I wouldn't mind seeing some updated graphics, etc. Also I know CBR is undergoing room renovations but you make no mention of it. I'm active on the DIS Boards so am up to date on info like that but you should mention it so new visitors know the rooms are updated (or still under-going renovation). Overall a great resource! I highly recommend to friends and family and have given as a gift twice." -- Gary Pelletier (2015-04-16 10:04:11)

"I like the rating system because it shows more than one viewpoint. I like diagrams and maps. " -- Janis McCosker (2015-04-14 14:04:15)

"lots of information not available through WDW website The spiral (coil binding) Great book, great tools, everything a serious WDW vacation planner needs." -- Len Wheeler (2015-04-13 04:04:05)

"Everything.I like everything. Nothing. " -- Laurie Malinowski (2015-04-11 16:04:44)

"I like the organization of the Pass porter. I have a annual pass, would like to see more pockets at the end of the book. " -- Lisa Scandrett (2015-04-10 10:04:13)

"I love everything about it. It gives you all in info you need. Just keep up the good work. " -- Lydia Reed (2015-04-10 09:04:42)

"Maps, updated information, photographs " -- Tammy Cunningham (2015-04-09 13:04:34)

"The PassPorter covers every aspect of a trip to DisneyWorld. Very organized. I think it's the best guide on the market. I wish it were lighter, but then I wouldn't have all the info I need. Not now." -- Claire Waltsak (2015-04-08 18:04:52)

"wealth of information in an easy to use format thank yu for all of the information!" -- Eileen Foos (2015-04-08 12:04:25)

"We're traveling down to WDW this October and I love having the latest PassPorter with me. " -- Lisa Khoenle (2015-04-08 11:04:14)

"I really liked the ratings I would like to see more information about the hotels, the rooms in particular " -- Denise Scherer (2015-04-07 14:04:34)

"All the detailed information Would like a notes page to be able to write lists and notes. In particular blogs and internet sites that I use as a reference. " -- Dee Gerber (2015-04-06 20:04:08)

" I love . your books" -- Linda Moreton (2015-04-04 16:04:23)

"We especially like the pocketed pages to record our trip. I wish there was more room to write in. " -- Karen Culligan (2015-04-03 07:04:32)

"the maps and the ratings love reading my Passporter" -- Patricia Drake (2015-04-02 20:04:46)

"It's very well laid out and descriptive and most of the work is already done for you. All you have to do is make your reservations. All of the leg work is done and it gives you great tips of what to look for while you're at Disney World. There wasn't anything that I don't like about PassPorter. No" -- Linda Abla (2015-04-02 14:04:38)

"I get a new one every time we go but this one i got just to read and plan. Always planning the next trip. Lots of good information. Love this book and all you do for your readers. " -- Kim McCain (2015-03-31 18:03:04)

"Resort and dining info Nothing! " -- Caralee Wirges (2015-03-26 10:03:08)

"All the info! Very well organized Add more pictures" -- Michelle Sergot (2015-03-25 19:03:25)

"The easy accessibity of information through the book especially the info on the dining " -- Jonathan Collins (2015-03-14 22:03:49)

"Might have been my first it! " -- kristine jackson (2015-03-13 17:03:51)

"The best book for the best vacation! " -- kristine jackson (2015-03-13 17:03:08)

"I like the pockets so save all the trip receipts and other documents along the way " -- Michael Brunk (2015-03-13 13:03:49)

"The ratings for each ride helped me whittle down which ones my kids would actually enjoy and helped me feel less guilty about skipping the ones we skipped! " -- Rebecca Smith (2015-02-28 22:02:01)

"personal tips and opinions " -- Margaret Vattes (2015-02-27 10:02:27)

"The correct balance of information and images for my children, and the day planner and journal was awesome to make the most of our trip. " -- Curt Cunningham (2015-02-22 18:02:42)

"Pictures and info about restaurants and resorts " -- Andrea Amante (2015-02-20 14:02:37)

"We like the personal ratings of the restaurants and rides. " -- Courtney Koehn (2015-02-19 23:02:38)

"how it was organized. The breakdown of the resorts. The maps of the parks. Especially the tips on the best days of each week to go to the parks. Loved the pockets in the back. nothing. " -- Rebecca Saxe (2015-02-15 19:02:22)

"The planning pockets - great for organizing our plans and writing down memories at the end of each day! " -- Jessica Johnson (2015-02-15 17:02:18)

"I like the planner and memory section Love the book" -- Tara Young (2015-02-05 22:02:03)

"very informative and easy to use " -- jody noel (2015-01-31 23:01:34)

"I love the color photos, the detailed room descriptions, park maps and that you highlight the new information for the latest edition " -- Lisa Pelletier (2015-01-31 18:01:21)

"It was such a complete guide to planning a disney wedding. Only book I found like it! Nothing. Keep up the great books! I always recommend Passporters!" -- JR Revard (2015-01-21 12:01:35)

"the pockets! Have been purchasing from you guys since 2007! love your product!!" -- amy mcknight (2015-01-15 23:01:57)

"Maps and info Keep up the great work" -- Anthony Colyer (2015-01-05 20:01:31)

"I love the way the book is organized to take you from planning all the way through getting home, I also love the stickers and envelope pages. NO, sorry I cant think of any right now." -- Rebecca Kuhn (2014-12-28 12:12:34)

"We love the organization and how they could pack all the information into compact areas. The keys and explanations for ratings and rides and other things were incredibly helpful! Also really loved how the book was organized, it seem to have been made perfectly for planters like us. We have not gone yet but we are extremely excited about using the passport and pass port pockets at the end of the book. This book will really help us make the best out of our honeymoon. I don't like the font and it is pretty heavy to be carried around all the time, maybe they could have a tiny pocket version that comes with the big version. Like a small portable rides one that you bring with you and then maybe a separate small restaurants one that you bring with you. Then when you are not using them you can store them with your big passporters book. Would you be able to add in information on the most common Souvenirs . For example where can we buy Mickey ears, how much do they generally run for cost, things like that. Also a detailed map on the walkways of the resort would be helpful. The roads on the map are helpful but it would be nice to see where we can walk and where we can't. " -- Angie DiSalvo (2014-12-24 10:12:11)

"I like the thoroughness and available information " -- Jim Kunkle (2014-12-24 08:12:04)

"I just love passporter. The maps are not shown in the ebook. " -- Sherrie Pauley (2014-12-08 16:12:53)

"I like the pockets and being able to write about my day on the pockets " -- Joel Hondorp (2014-11-28 09:11:26)

"It was our first trip to Disney and I loved the whole book. The maps and all the ride info, it really helped us out a great deal in planning out our trip. Just an awesome, informative book. Keep up the good work!!!" -- Maryellen Copping (2014-11-20 08:11:41)

"Restaurant reviews. Resort info. Some of the extras that you mentioned were not on the WDW web site. There were a lot of tips throughout that I plan to use. Such as making concurrent reservations. Tips on best times of the year to go to avoid crowds and coolest weather. Can't think of anything now, but bet I will later! :-)" -- Randi Briggs (2014-11-14 18:11:31)

"Maps, all information, and pockets! " -- Roxana Mendiblez-James (2014-10-31 11:10:00)

"love the tips on how to navigate the parks and cruise ships " -- Jenifer Mitchell (2014-10-31 09:10:14)

"The tips throughout the book. It's helpful especially when traveling with small children. Nothing-it's wonderful " -- Daniel Doran (2014-10-30 14:10:15)

"The pockets, the color pages and fold out maps It's a little too bulky to carry around at the parks. I have owned at least a dozen passporter books and love them so much!" -- Leanne Phelps (2014-10-28 22:10:08)

"Detail and information nothing " -- Beth Pascuma (2014-10-26 14:10:57)

"The updated tips from my previous book easy of traveling " -- Bonnie Payne (2014-10-12 17:10:41)

"The helpful tips. Wish it was easier to handle while traveling " -- Bonnie Payne (2014-10-12 17:10:22)

"detail of hotels, and the most thing I loved was the tips of each hotel!!!! " -- Jeanmarie Cintron (2014-10-06 20:10:42)

"I love all the information about all the parks and hotels and rides. I like the rating system you use for what every one thinks of the hotels. Nothing " -- Robyn Running (2014-09-30 19:09:44)

"restaurant and hotel reviews I really can't remember how many previous Passporters I've bought, but I love them!" -- Diane Indovina (2014-09-22 19:09:44)

"all of the infor no" -- Charlotte Driver (2014-09-20 14:09:49)

"I like the way everything is laid out and the descriptions are very easy to understand. I like the new pages that are easier to turn and wipe off easily. Please continue to make it easy for us to update our books. We don't travel to Disney on a regular schedule and not having to buy a new book each year is great. My last book was from 2009 and we are traveling (hopefully) in December so this was perfect time and the price was fantastic for this addition. Love your newsletters also. Keep up the great work." -- Karen Weyrick (2014-09-19 18:09:22)

"Love to know all the little details about the ship before we board. I make note cards of handy reference for each deck! NOTHING-love it all! Thanks for all you do! Would love to cruise more!" -- Sharon Diehl (2014-09-19 14:09:35)

"lots of information very useful book passing it on to a first time Disney traveler" -- michelle kreul (2014-09-19 10:09:26)

"Good amount of information. That I didn't purchase the binder instead. " -- Erica Crawford (2014-09-15 06:09:54)

"I love its size " -- Amanda Paige (2014-09-13 20:09:27)

"Always like the journal pages " -- Tammy Bertsch (2014-09-12 22:09:01)

"The different options and estimated prices that Disney doesn't release till the day before your wedding (sarcasm). During the time, it only came in an eBook and it was difficult to find someone to make it into print format because of the dimensions. It wasn't a huge deal because I ended up printing the book on regular 8.5x11 pages and putting them in a binder :) Everything on those pages are still readable. I really enjoyed the book and I really like Carrie (I listen to her podcast all the time at work). It has a lot of helpful tips and I know other brides have found it helpful! Thank you for this precious gift to Disney brides!!" -- Geralin Cole (2014-09-12 10:09:52)

"The ratings helped us determine what to absolutely do and what to avoid - we had a 4-year old at the time. Place to keep everything and TONS of good advice on what to bring. I've shared my book with several friends when they've wanted to go. The elastic band to keep it closed broke before we went on our trip - other than that, no complaints! " -- Amy Tongate (2014-09-12 09:09:17)

"Organized way to plan and keep vacation info nothing Love this book and use it frequently !" -- Panda Olson (2014-09-11 14:09:22)

"tons of info and pics This is my 3rd passporter book, but when I went to register it I couldn't remember my passwords. And when it didn't recognize my email, I had to create a new acct. I heartily recommend passporter to all my disney friends!" -- Cindy Brewer (2014-09-08 13:09:56)

"I like the additional photos. " -- Renee Tomko (2014-09-04 14:09:39)

"As always, the pockets are my favorite part, but I also like that new information is highlighted and the meal worksheet. I wish the index were truly the last pages of the printed book (before the pockets). Love, love, love your system! Going through it while planning the trip and filling out the pocket pages each night as a family is a magical part of every Disney vacation! " -- Julie Amling (2014-08-10 21:08:43)

"It was my 3rd version of this book - I love the photos and easy navigation. The info is concise and simple to find. Not much to say here - but...for those of us who stay more than 10 days, it would be nice to have pockets that aren't labeled. /smile Keep up the awesome work. I'm so proud to have been a part of the PassPorter Community for the past 5 years! " -- Andrea Kraus (2014-06-23 10:06:43)

"It really helped us to plan our vacation. It's not able to expand to additional days past 10 days. " -- John McGourty (2014-06-21 15:06:20)

"color, helpful guide, refreshed every year " -- Olivier LE BAUT (2014-06-19 04:06:23)

"the maps and detailed info on attractions, rooms and experiences it's big and bulky, I understand there is an epub " -- Suza Khetagurova (2014-06-16 00:06:25)

"I love all of it. The pages in the back for you important info is extremely helpful. Thanks for all you do to get all the current information." -- Angela Bettens (2014-06-08 13:06:10)

"the information on all of the different port of calls. " -- DONNA ISARD (2014-06-07 10:06:40)

"I love the detailed descriptions of the resorts and restaurants I do not use the pockets " -- Michelle Ruminski (2014-06-03 16:06:06)

"the abundance of information for planning nothing I didn't like no" -- Linda Haley (2014-05-29 11:05:05)

"loved having all of the maps so handy " -- Tara Bryce (2014-05-19 21:05:38)

"I love everything about this book. I have bought this about 4 times " -- Sandra Reifler (2014-05-14 08:05:17)

"The maps and all the information umm...Nothing!!! " -- jessica smith (2014-05-10 08:05:07)

"I liked everything about it. It is very imformative. very interesting" -- Kathy Morris (2014-05-09 15:05:17)

"So much to like! The maps, the hotel and restaurant tips, etc. A bit bulky and heavy... " -- Dominique Duchesne (2014-05-08 19:05:16)

"The planning pages/pockets. It all helped me stay so organized while planning. I LOVED our Passporter and will have one when I plan our next Disney trip. I was happy to take the time to show and explain it to some curious WDW travelers, when they inquired about my copy. Thank you for providing this wonderful resource!" -- Tiffany Mooney (2014-04-25 15:04:32)

"That I can also pull it up on my Kindle. I also love the passpockets. I asked my daughter if I should just get the Kindle version and she said, "No, we need the pockets. The whole thing is a souvenir." " -- Sandra Loya (2014-04-19 12:04:28)

"the planning pages and the pockets in the rear. Having the resort maps and descriptions is also so helpful for planning - there isn't anything about this guide that I don't like! thanks for a great product! " -- Felicia Saucier (2014-04-18 08:04:28)

"I love the pockets with the daily memories areas! " -- Tina Mitchell (2014-04-06 10:04:32)

"The maps! The resort descriptions and layouts (both rooms & resorts) were very helpful. I also like the ratings by age group. I didn't use the stickers, but could see where some readers might like. " -- Cheryl Cordone (2014-04-03 18:04:42)

"I love the fold out maps! Also, the itinerary pages. " -- Karen Litwin (2014-03-26 22:03:07)

"I love them all - and I love how I'm using again until my new Passporter arrives! Love how there is more photos than in the past nothing I would love it if Jennifer signed it - I missed out on the special deal in January ( I think that's when it was) - no big deal if she can't - but just in case, I figured I'd ask!" -- Barbara Ostromecky (2014-03-20 09:03:23)

"It's the best guide out there! " -- Ryan Natale (2014-03-16 12:03:33)

"Lots of information all in one spot " -- Libby Clark (2014-03-16 09:03:40)

"I like the hotel section, including the maps of resorts and room layouts. The spiral binding gets in the way of page turning. " -- Joe Bateman (2014-03-15 22:03:57)

"great hotel information " -- Katherine Cordell (2014-03-13 18:03:33)

"I love how PassPorter is an all in one. The convenience is un matached. When I forget to order the latest edition " -- Nicole Stocks (2014-03-13 13:03:15)

"I love the detailed information about the resorts and attractions at the park. " -- Christina Merrill (2014-03-08 21:03:50)

"Pics of Alexander. And info on moderate resorts :) I was looking for more new info. " -- Lisa Kilawee (2014-03-07 19:03:43)

"I like the tips and information about restaurants. I loved the pages to write about your journey with the pockets to put things in. This was our 1st trip to Disney and a friend recommended the book. So glad she did!! " -- Mary Harris (2014-03-07 16:03:00)

"all the information. " -- raquel leggett (2014-03-07 00:03:28)

"Same great places to write with folders. Some of my pages were put in upside down. Keep up the great work!" -- Erin Jenkins (2014-03-05 23:03:38)

"it has all the info i need love this bbok" -- dawn mccole (2014-03-04 20:03:04)

"I like how you can personalize it with your day to day plans and the pockets where you can add any pertinent info. The rings on my deluxe binder don't stay closed and I constantly have to fix the pages and put the pages back onto the binder rings. " -- Jo-Anne Ouellette (2014-03-02 15:03:51)

"Dining info and ratings Love, love, love your books! Have purchased a new book every year, even the years we did not have a trip planned. Thanks so much for being so great at your jobs." -- Leisa Trumble (2014-02-25 22:02:59)

"full of great ideas and i can take a page with me to the parks as needed. " -- Janet McLaughlin (2014-02-25 13:02:35)

"The dining advice helped us get the most out of the dining plan. " -- DeAnn Wilcox (2014-02-24 22:02:51)

"I really like the written reviews on hotels. Wonderful book." -- Margaret Shields (2014-02-22 15:02:32)

"The abundance of information nothing " -- Rhonda Figg (2014-02-18 20:02:56)

"Detailed information about each of the rides and attractions from the various author viewpoints. " -- Nicole Elzayek (2014-02-17 00:02:34)

"The dining/restaurant reviews and how best to use the dining plans. Honestly, it's pretty doggone comprehensive. Y'all are an essential part of our annual Disney planning - I read it cover to cover." -- Tony Martin (2014-02-15 10:02:40)

"Details, details. Not just general info. Love all the info on resort rooms, the color maps of the parks. Color photos. Bulky, but am willing to put up with it because of all the incredible information in this book. " -- Beverly Carson (2014-02-14 10:02:45)

"Lots of discount information. When I received it, it was damaged. Tried to get it fixe but no one helped. Is great" -- Lilia Gallagher (2014-02-13 19:02:00)

"Everything! It is so detailed and informative. I love the worksheets and pass pockets for keeping track of everything each day " -- Lisa Smith-Lester (2014-02-11 12:02:11)

"All of the information about everything Disney. I wish mine had been the binder type instead of spiral bound. None" -- Kay Helms (2014-02-09 17:02:36)

"It helped us plan our vacation and make it easier to know things " -- Stephen Podosek (2014-02-08 16:02:54)

"I love the Binder and being able to by refill pages in subsequent years. I also love the overall look and the bright colors No Explanations for where to put the stickers that are included in the book " -- Gwenelda Tinker (2014-02-08 15:02:03)

"Learned a lot of more info on weddings Nothing No" -- Maria Pope (2014-01-31 11:01:19)

"Love the resort information, room layouts, and rates. Just wish it didn't weigh so much! It's just too heavy to take to the parks. It's a great WDW travel guide and always fun to read!" -- Melissa Scott (2014-01-29 16:01:10)

"Used to plan our first Disneyworld trip. Detailed description of rides and attractions helped us to plan out each day with ease. Let us know which rides we would not be interested in and avoid completely. Gave a generic overview of the entire property which was so valuable since we had never been to a Disney property before. The closing strap was flimsy and broke before we even go on the plane. A "blank" map or minimal wording of each property for people to mark off places they have visited and still wish to visit. The detailed maps are wonderful for planning, but are way busy to mark things on once arriving at the destinations." -- Deb Kozinko (2014-01-24 00:01:24)

"I love the pockets at the back of the book. I also like that you have started using color photos in recent I have been buying passporters every year for at least 10 years now. They are my favorite book to get before I go to the parks or before a cruise. Keep up the great work!" -- Johnson Willis (2014-01-23 09:01:23)

"Having a place to organize all of my trip information " -- Rebecca McDermott (2014-01-19 16:01:31)

"love the maps I take them with me also all the info on the rides I helps us decide what to do first when we get there that the spiral keeps coming up and out " -- Marie Schmitt (2014-01-19 12:01:33)

"We love the pocket pages " -- Karen Culligan (2014-01-17 07:01:31)

"I love love LOVE the organizing pockets!! I use the,m every time we go. I also like the ratings for the rides. Helps me know what's age appropriate for my kids I have the deluxe version and I don't know what to do with the old version that I take out. I save my passporters to look back when I am planning future trips and it's so loose Keep up the good work" -- Teresa Emeloff (2014-01-15 20:01:58)

"I loved all of the tips and tricks, such as which order to get FAST Passes, etc. when traveling with small children It would be nice to have a larger area to write on some of the yellow pocket pages. We LOVE our copies of the Passporter, and have recommended several friends to purchase this for their trips this year." -- Tanya Bratton (2014-01-13 10:01:25)

"I love the color and as always the passpocekts are the best for sure! " -- Amanda Brown (2014-01-12 11:01:04)

"Well organized & easy to navigate through. Lots of tips & suggestions based on past experiences Until you get a hang of the rating system, particularly with dining, the dining ratings are kind of confusing. Otherwise, I am thoroughly happy with the book! " -- monica gentry (2014-01-11 02:01:01)

"Resort information No" -- Judy Stevens (2014-01-09 23:01:54)

"restaurant and ride reviews nothing This will be our 4th Passporter. We love reading through it while planning and anticipating our next Disney trip." -- Susan Norris (2014-01-04 15:01:30)

"the pockets and the beautiful deluxe binder. I also love that you offer refills! " -- Carrie Thompson (2014-01-02 17:01:11)

"Refill to update. Great tips and ideas you can't find elsewhere. Able to remove pages that don't apply to our trip. Could use some more color. " -- Tim Jacobs (2014-01-02 11:01:01)

"I love the PassPockets " -- Jody Franchett (2014-01-01 23:01:21)

"Everything. The descriptions and maps. I know our book is old. We're not people that go every year. We are just now planning another trip. We have shared our Passporter with others and they love it! They have ordered their own." -- Robert Whipple (2013-12-30 11:12:19)

"The information is always handy and the pockets keep me well organized. no. I have 9 previous copies and love it for every trip." -- Dianne Hallowell (2013-12-29 18:12:54)

"Color maps (four parks, resorts, and area maps on covers), and restaurant info by area Our Passporter is a must-have for every Disney trip we take! Love it!" -- Amy Box (2013-12-29 17:12:13)

"We like the information about the parks and how to plan out the day. Do you have a book on the Disney cruises?" -- Jenny Millet (2013-12-28 13:12:12)

"i like that everything is in one book, i hold all my travel papers in the book in the deluxe leather edition i do not use all the travel plan sheets, very time consuming, would like an abbreviated version to write quick notes about a trip on one page. love your email updates" -- Lisa Barletta (2013-12-26 15:12:32)

"ton of information, well-organized " -- Amber Brandon (2013-12-18 13:12:10)

"Detailed planning tips and reviews " -- Trevor Legg (2013-12-15 07:12:21)

"Very helpful in planning out our trip. Hard to carry in the parks, I later bought the deluxe book for a later trip " -- Jeanne Lawrie (2013-12-08 19:12:48)

"Wealth of easy to find info " -- Derek Gibson (2013-12-08 01:12:25)

"I love the different ratings from so many different sources. " -- Jaime Runyan (2013-12-07 01:12:36)

"the pockets, color pages, organization, so much information " -- Crystal LeMoine (2013-11-30 14:11:19)

"as always, very very helpful " -- Tam Finney (2013-11-13 15:11:06)

"its so informative nothing " -- Sue Kurovsky (2013-11-13 10:11:53)

"The work sheets, had all the information of the cruise ship I needed, Great way to plan for any Disney vacation!" -- Geri Start (2013-11-10 11:11:34)

"I like all of the additional information that you provide like websites etc. Needs more pictures. ESP off rides. Not yet" -- Susan Carpenter (2013-11-03 10:11:45)

"I loved the way it is organized. Very easy to find something quickly. " -- Bonnie Stohr (2013-11-01 09:11:50)

"The daily wallets NOT ENOUGH WALLETS for 14 days!!! Every thing else out the book is great, best one on the market that allows the kids to get involved." -- Paul Roberts (2013-11-01 07:11:11)

"The information and check lists. Also love the pockets I had to re punch holes to fit my planner I already have from another vendor " -- Debra Hall (2013-10-29 15:10:42)

"I like to read your reviews on places I haven't been. I would like to see a few more pictures. I know you have a ton of pictures on the web. But, for me I would like my child to be able to read an see a few more pictures. " -- Michelle Wiest (2013-10-29 08:10:19)

"feasting and rooms information colored photo section " -- Brenda Chisholm (2013-10-27 07:10:35)

"This was the first PassPorter I have purchased and I love it. The information is clear and concise and the maps are beautiful. I really like that the cover folds up and around to protect it, it makes carrying it around easy. " -- Cynthia Jendrejcak (2013-10-26 01:10:23)

"The information about the attractions. no." -- April Stowers (2013-10-24 15:10:24)

"Detailed information on resorts. The pass comparison chart on page 123. " -- Scott Newton (2013-10-22 10:10:15)

"I really like the way you organize & keep things updated along with the opinions you have on different things Keep up the wonderful work!!" -- Karla Taylor (2013-10-21 17:10:10)

"Just loved reading all the recent updates - I share my old passporters but always keep my newest edition! Love planning with my Passporter! " -- Melissa Horn (2013-10-12 22:10:55)

"gives you detailed information of each attraction at every park very happy to have this book as my fiance and I are spendin two weeks on our honeymoon at disney next year" -- doug adler (2013-10-12 14:10:36)

"the next page!! then the next one, and the next one.... I also really like the personable style of writing, like you are just talking to a friend (which you are now). The fit is kind of tight in the deluxe binder (purchased separately). Either pages have to be removed, the pen has to be removed, or the pen has to be twisted in order to snap the closure strap. Maybe this will loosen up with usage. " -- Emily Harper (2013-10-11 16:10:46)

"It was my disney world bible.... It helped me plan every aspect of our trip " -- Barbara Payne (2013-10-10 10:10:05)

"How it is organized. The content(it is filled with great stuff!), and the my journey are a few of the many things I like about it. " -- Jim Jordan (2013-10-04 15:10:58)

"I like that I can keep everything I need organized. I can transfer all my notes to it and that way I am only taking one book to Disney. I do not like all the pictures at the end. I thought they were pointless. I also don't need all the other passporter information. People who buy this book already know about your company and products. nothing" -- laura burlingame (2013-10-02 20:10:34)

"Everything? There is great information about lodging, dining, parks, other things to do, journaling - just to name a few! " -- Julia D'Angelo (2013-10-02 18:10:40)

"The pockets in the back, to record my important info and memories in. It seems like every year when we go to disney the new version of passporter will be availble the week after we come back from Disney. How about changing the time for the new version to come out in January." -- Tina Whitworth (2013-10-01 14:10:33)

"Love the organization help! I used it the while way through from hotel to food to planning what we want to see :) " -- Whitney Jerz (2013-09-28 21:09:33)

"I love the detail! There wasn't a question I had that I couldn't find the answer to. I'll never buy anything else again. I bought the Disney World and Disney Cruise Line books. I didn't like that the cruise line didn't have any pockets to put additional travel documents into. " -- Michelle McNally (2013-09-28 18:09:40)

"love the overall feel and look of it; the 'shiny' pages are great! " -- Maria Mounsey (2013-09-28 15:09:39)

"I like how it was organized The rings do not line up and the pages will not turn. " -- Cindy Jett (2013-09-28 09:09:54)

"I love the detailed descriptions of resorts and dining options as well as the maps of the parks. " -- Laura Hoelewyn (2013-09-28 05:09:02)

"Love the pockets and pages to write about each day on the trip and keep track of what we did. Fold out maps and all the detail about dining is great too " -- Rene Mauck (2013-09-27 19:09:28)

"I love how it is organized " -- Grisel Rey (2013-09-26 13:09:43)

"A lot of information on whatever you might want to know. Maybe add bit more about tipping please - most people don't realize that it's an expense they need to plan for (also add what the current rate is for tips as that does change over time too). " -- Lisa Khoenle (2013-09-26 09:09:33)

"like the law out " -- James Peters (2013-09-24 10:09:36)

"love the pictures and organization " -- kim martinez (2013-09-22 17:09:32)

"Planning sheets. Rate and reviews. Money saving tips! " -- Kelly Todd (2013-09-21 17:09:12)

"I love how it is broken down and it covers everything " -- Amy Kane (2013-09-21 11:09:03)

"The detailed resort info and the inclusion of restaurant hours, specifically by meals.BL or D also love the daily yellow pockets in the back! Also love the spiral aspect.I read it all, but I only take what I need for our trips. " -- Mickey Cohen (2013-09-21 09:09:21)

"I love the maps, the pockets to save information, and spaces to write information. No." -- Naomi Ramos (2013-09-20 20:09:20)

"It tells me the options that I have for specific Disney weddings. Its especially helpful for planning my Escape wedding since Disney doesn't tell me any of the options before I book it. I liked all of it! No " -- Alexa Ferguson (2013-09-20 17:09:40)

"The extra thick, fold out maps of each of the WDW parks. I don't even know how to describe how much I love this book. I will recommend your series to everyone I know who ever visits a site that you have a book on." -- Thomas Sands (2013-09-20 15:09:59)

"It allowed me to be very prepared for our vacation...and I loved the pockets to organize all our information. It makes it very easy to scrapbook the memories. " -- Kristina Lusk (2013-09-20 14:09:57)

"we love the details, organization, maps, etc " -- Heidi Kaminski (2013-09-19 20:09:34)

"Detailed information Nothing No" -- Edward Bagnell (2013-09-19 17:09:45)

"portable, like all the maps " -- Joseph Greer (2013-09-19 11:09:29)

"it has a place for all my info and pockets for my extras it tends to roll up I think I need the ring binder. maybe those pockets that have a tuck in closure so your stuff doesn't fall out if you tip it upside down........" -- Patricia Simmons (2013-09-17 19:09:22)

"You guys do the best job of keeping up with changes. We also take notes of what we liked /disliked so we can skip it or plan it in for the next year. This is our 4th edition and yes I just found the website and joined! " -- Liz Davenport (2013-09-15 15:09:42)

"I love the new color pages throughout the book. " -- Lisa Wilson (2013-09-15 09:09:00)

"areas to keep our trip info " -- Lynn Indyk (2013-09-09 21:09:10)

"recieved 1 week ago and love what i have seen " -- Melissa Hull (2013-09-08 16:09:06)

"great info on resorts thank you guys for all that you do!" -- Mary NEAL (2013-09-08 15:09:39)

"I like having the pockets to store all the tickets, etc with all the info i will need before and during our trip. I wish there were removable planning worksheets in the book. I love passporter. This is my 3rd copy." -- Julie Thompson (2013-09-05 11:09:33)

"The simple organization and all the info that helps in planning our trips It's just a joy to plan a Disney trip" -- Pamela Price (2013-09-04 20:09:24)

"In depth info Wish I would've bought the deluxe Love it so far" -- Shelly Ford (2013-09-04 18:09:43)

"I love the starting prices at each Restaurant Nothing yet. " -- Roxanne Kliebert (2013-09-04 09:09:37)

"All the helpful tips, the maps and the pockets at the back to much focus on resorts, although if I we were going to stay on site, I would have loved it. :) " -- Kelly Trifts (2013-09-03 22:09:50)

"I love how the information is clear making it easy to read. I also love all the photos and the tips. " -- Mayra Lopez (2013-09-02 21:09:40)

"The maps are helpful, I love the passpockets " -- Nancy Spleet (2013-09-02 18:09:09)

"I like the way the sections are broken up " -- Kate Frale (2013-09-02 16:09:00)

"Fantastic layout of chapters and great reviews of hotels, rides and food by the different aged authors " -- Dennis Smiljanic (2013-09-02 12:09:27)

"that it is a refill..i just put the pages into my binder and I am all the updates on new Fantasyland. " -- Mikki Steiner (2013-09-02 10:09:27)

"I like all the info on the resorts. " -- Teresa Rowland (2013-09-01 23:09:41)

"I like the color coding. The paper quality is fantastic, and I love the maps for each park- it makes it easy to find your park quickly I wish their wasn't a big section filled with random pictures- not that they aren't cute, but I would prefer to see that space used for pictures in each park's section. When I use the book- my main purpose it helping organize the things my kids want to do. I would love to share more pictures of the attractions with them. If they get to see the options, they will have a better idea of what they want to do, and that makes my planning so much easier." -- Allison Taylor (2013-09-01 19:09:59)

"love everything but really like the pockets to keep up with information. " -- Jennifer Flowers (2013-08-27 16:08:50)

"Dining and park information " -- Mike Head (2013-08-24 18:08:48)

"I loved how everything was laid out in the book. I liked the descriptions of each resort hotels. It helped us make our decision on where to stay. Also the park maps and all the info on the rides, especially the height requirements. Everything we needed to know was in this book and it was nice to have a place to write all of our reservations in one place. We are looking forward to bringing this in the parks with us! " -- Michelle Teeter (2013-08-21 00:08:29)

"Picture, tips and info How the pages turn - tey are a bit stiff and I'm afraid of tearing them " -- Berni Ginley (2013-08-16 10:08:02)

"I loved the colors and the great details! Nothing, really enjoyed the reading! N/A" -- Amy Alexon (2013-08-16 09:08:29)

"I love it all! The passpockets make keeping everything together and organized easy. And all that info at my fingertips is fantastic! " -- Wanda Anderson-McGrew (2013-08-15 20:08:53)

"Description of attractions with info about disability " -- Cathy Dummer (2013-08-12 13:08:54)

"Incredibly detailed info!! " -- Lyndsay Morris (2013-08-08 22:08:41)

"Lots of readable information with diagrams, maps & such. travel times and ratings. We regularly recommend Passporter to friends! " -- Sharon Verville (2013-08-08 17:08:50)

"I love the colorful and extremely informative pages that help plan a great trip for the different personalities in my family. The passpockets are great for me to organize plans, numbers, and receipts. I like the looseleaf pages I can remove to take with me that pertain to that particular day. Maybe you could offer a more light-weight binder for the looseleaf pages as a "daily binder" that's thinner to include only the pages you need for that certain day? The huge (although awesome) faux-leather binder is quite heavy, but if I take the pages out for the day they seem to get wrinkled and bent from shoving them in my bag." -- Shelby Joseph (2013-08-08 08:08:46)

"It is very informative and I have used them in the past. I love everything about it! " -- Lynnette Scanga (2013-08-06 20:08:56)

"The lighten format, pleasant to read with colours, bold words, a lot of maps, the tabs. The hotels' part is very complete and useful with notes, advice, recommandations. The colour pictures give an idea of what you are talking about at a glance. The useful Passpockets. This is really a guide you browse with pleasure for a pleasant wait till the trip and which give useful tips you don't find in "official" documents. For the restaurants' part, it would be easier to have a plan for each quarter of the park, with only the restaurants. I think it's not convenient to go back to the parcs' plans every time. The index would be easier to find if it was at the end of the guide (or just before the Passpockets). I'm really a huge fan of your guide and for my 2015 trip I will buy myself the yearly deluxe edition which seems very convenient to take away and which is on top of that a beautiful souvenir to keep once it's completed." -- Emilie Pitteloud (2013-08-06 13:08:07)

"Everything!! When we take family with us we always get a copy for them also as a First Trip gift. It's a great way to keep your mementos together and when you look back at your trip it's a complete snapshot of everything about your vacation. We won't take a trip without it! " -- Bill and Karen Stroda (2013-08-05 15:08:32)

"The amount of information, especially those pages concerning dining and attractions. Too much space devoted to accommodations. Add QR reader tags that include videos of rides, shows and dining experienes." -- Edwin Scherzer (2013-08-05 14:08:28)

"I love all of the information. With the Deluxe version, I love that i am able to rearrange the book into travel day I have the day 1 form in front of which part we are going to with ALL that parks info, including the dining information behind it. I wish that each park's dining was separate enough that when I separate my book the way I have, I don't end up with Epcot restaurants in with my Magic Kingdom days but oh well. " -- Hope Haas (2013-08-03 23:08:47)

"We like filling in what we do and where we ate every day! It's also helpful to keep track how much you spend. We love using the PassPorter every year, we fill it out every night when we get back to our room!" -- Josh Denmark (2013-08-03 07:08:26)

"This is my 3rd edition. I read it cover to cover. I love the organizational pockets and make notes every evening when we return to our room. It's fun to look back at what we did each day. " -- Linda Quible (2013-08-02 15:08:32)

"It's very organized and helps me keep things organized. It is very detail oriented, but stuff is easy to find. " -- Stephanie Taggart (2013-07-30 09:07:44)

"I've only just cracked the cover but I love that it has color photos and nice quality pages. " -- Joyce Irvin (2013-07-30 09:07:36)

"I got the deluxe PassPorter in 2004 for our first big trip to WDW. It was great! But I strayed *hangs head in shame* and had some other books for subsequent trips. This year I was trying to find just the "right" book for a trip to the Mouse House with my 18yos. On a whim I went back to PassPorter and I'm SO GLAD I did! Love the updates and it is SO easy to follow and get new tips - even for this WDW old timer! It's a bit bulky to carry around the park. I'm probably going to rip out the pages we don't use to lighten the load. And next year I'm going back to the Deluxe version [once I find our binder] to make things even easier. " -- Amy Richardson (2013-07-25 19:07:59)

"great information with tips from experienced travelers " -- Susan Wright (2013-07-16 12:07:08)

"condensed information more pics no" -- stephanie cacciapaglia (2013-07-14 15:07:37)

"Great information for planning a Disney World Vacation. Nothing has been overlooked. " -- Robert Peterson (2013-07-13 13:07:46)

"Amazing planning tool. I especially like the restaurant ratings. " -- Jerry Spaulding (2013-07-11 20:07:57)

"improve information for the trip " -- Ruby Mixdorf (2013-07-10 21:07:17)

"I love the helpful tips from different people... kids, couples, travelers w/ disabilities. Having the descriptions of attractions was really nice to decide if it was something we really wanted to try and do with my toddler and 9 year-old who is in a wheelchair. We have done WDW several times in the past few years and its always a new and exciting experience! " -- Lucy Bucher (2013-07-07 18:07:17)

"All the info " -- Laura Bostick (2013-07-07 13:07:26)

"tips on the ships and things to do onboard; excursion reviews " -- Molli Marshall (2013-07-07 10:07:48)

"Resort info Spiral binding doesn't always close correctly " -- Cassandra Moore (2013-07-06 12:07:51)

"The organization/ease of finding info about anything and everything for our trip to WDW. " -- Missy Nelson (2013-07-05 01:07:18)

"I like all the info. " -- vonda buford (2013-07-04 09:07:01)

"Planning tips; interactivity " -- Victor Castillo (2013-07-03 00:07:50)

"worksheets, valuable information and the passporter pockets " -- Katherine Schaub (2013-06-30 18:06:53)

"I like how it's organized with all the info I need and could think of in one place that's been verified and double checked with Disney. I wish the spiral bound version of the book allowed for better expansion once the pockets have things in them. " -- Melissa Jones (2013-06-24 12:06:52)

"Love the layout! So easy to find the info you need, when you need it! Includes lots of helpful tips and info that is usually overlooked in many Disney World guidebooks. " -- Lani Mark (2013-06-22 20:06:57)

"I like the format " -- Mary Sorensen (2013-06-22 14:06:26)

"Very organized, compact and loaded with pertinent info, loved the ratings on everything, lots of pictures " -- Rhonda Robinson (2013-06-22 13:06:00)

"The information on the new, improved Fantasyland! Nothing - loved it all (as always)! " -- Kimberly Applebee (2013-06-21 10:06:56)

"I love all the pictures in the back. Passporter is the first travel book I consult every year before my trip. I like seeing the differences in the ratings of the rides and restaurants. I use the pockets every trip and consult them each year when planning my next trip. Passporter is the best guide book on the market. On page 111 it says the hotel names are in alphebetical order, however they are not. On page 86, The beds at POR are listed as 2 queens or one king, however the picture is of 2 doubles. " -- Pamela Copeland (2013-06-20 17:06:36)

"This has everything we ever needed in one place! We love the classifications and ratings of every ride, show, resort, dining location, etc. It's very thorough and current. " -- Isaiah McAleese (2013-06-19 23:06:42)

"The information about DVC " -- Annette Stewart (2013-06-19 22:06:36)

"I love how it is setup. I found info easily about our hotel and idea son how to travel to Disney. " -- Dana Jacobson (2013-06-18 10:06:09)

"so much information, and planning pages Not very much information for disabilities (Open Mouse hasn't been updated since 2007) " -- Linda Burton (2013-06-16 15:06:56)

"info about upcoming cruises " -- James Parker (2013-06-15 15:06:58)

"Everything is wonderful! I guess the restaurant info and estimated prices per person will be very helpful in our planning. I am extremely pleased with my PassPorter! I debated about getting spiral vs. ring binder and I'm glad I got the binder. It's perfect! Thanks for a great product." -- Karen Elder (2013-06-13 18:06:18)

"The maps are awesome!! Book is full of great tips!! Wish you made a deluxe upgrade that could be done after buying the spiral bound!! " -- Todd Testa (2013-06-13 12:06:08)

"I love the yellow pocket pages! The maps and detailed description of the rides are really important to me. As well as all the dining information. Lots of 'Real world' information! " -- Cheryl Jacobs (2013-06-13 11:06:27)

"The "Our Journey" pages were a great use for our first family trip last October. Thank You for making this. So much information all in one book. I love my passporter." -- Amy Shackelferd (2013-06-12 21:06:58)

"I like the pictures and the comments from users. " -- Kelly Johnson (2013-06-12 10:06:05)

"Everything! I love the color photos, the pockets, the information and especially the dining estimates! I just love my passporter and so does my son! We read it every chance we get!!!" -- Kimberly Wells (2013-06-11 19:06:16)

"Lots of informations ! I dont know yet " -- Danielle Hebert (2013-06-09 20:06:52)

"the details about everything - hints and tips - This is our 2nd book. We gave the one we bought for our 2010 trip to our daughter who still uses it. Now we have the 2013 book to pass down to her when we are done." -- Dawn Berry (2013-06-08 11:06:42)

"It is so full of so many kinds of information - I also like the "Unofficial Guide" but I feel like I need Passporter to get all the information! " -- Kay Grames (2013-06-08 08:06:46)

"I enjoy the planning features. Info on the resorts and dining. If I was a first time guest the attractions would stand out but I'm an old hand. I love the colors as they are bright and reflect that Disney magic. The photos are great and the maps are very clear and helpful. It's a must for anyone planning a trip to wDW." -- Darren Pierson (2013-06-07 19:06:45)

"Great information and the ratings! not at this time, thanks." -- Nicole Griffin (2013-06-06 12:06:25)

"I'm just getting started but I love that you include everything including maps, etc. " -- Melissa Olson (2013-06-06 11:06:50)

"Everything - I like the resort information and the attraction ratings. I also like the reader comments and tips. The PassPockets help me keep the whole trip organized. ? Love this guide!! It is all-inclusive and makes planning simple." -- Doris Wheeler (2013-06-05 19:06:31)

"I love being able to get the refill. My family calls our Passporter, "Mom's Disney Bible". " -- Kim Hammond (2013-06-05 12:06:26)

"Photos and details for even experienced travels. I also love the room for notes while you are on the trip so you can remember the details once you get home! Love to book and the site and the emails...and all!" -- EIizabeth Helsel (2013-06-03 13:06:17)

"Plenty of information and maps " -- Chris Betts (2013-06-02 21:06:26)

"the fold-out maps and the pockets at the back hard to find the index love the pockets and book in general. i have official guide and unofficial guides, love the organization and pockets in this one" -- Kelly Kramer (2013-06-01 15:06:31)

"Provides detailed and colorful WDW info that is organized to help with upcoming trips. Wish there was more pictures " -- Paula Huntley (2013-05-31 13:05:47)

"The Dining info and ride breakdowns are very helpful! It takes some of the anxiety out of planning... although, now I think I need a MONTH at Disney instead of a week! " -- Mandie Wade (2013-05-29 20:05:53)

"I like all of the very detailed information especially the info for the dining plan and the restaurant. " -- Kirstin MacLaren (2013-05-28 23:05:31)

"It is a helpful tool. This is my 4 " -- Senja Collins (2013-05-28 20:05:41)

"Help me plan my vacation Thanks for all the info, I love it." -- Maureen Connelly (2013-05-28 19:05:47)

"The attention to detail and that every ride, restaurant and resort is included. The hints and money saving tips. " -- Heather Smith (2013-05-28 16:05:06)

"So much helpful and valuable information, and a very fun read " -- Abby Siatuu (2013-05-27 17:05:55)

"I love its attention to detail, the green highlights indicating what's changed, etc. Why are the prices for dining not highlighted in green indicating it's a new price? I love my Passporter! Super detailed, and a terrific companion for any Disney parks fan as they plan their trips!" -- BJ Wanlund (2013-05-27 15:05:26)

"Very informative but a couple of things I know about the Magic Kingdom seemed to be missing or at least I couldn't find them. Excellent source of information" -- Ralph Sessa (2013-05-27 07:05:17)

"its details are great, although i have not taken my trip yet it seems to be more helpful in planing so far " -- Timmi White (2013-05-26 21:05:54)

"We like the way it is organized and the level of detail. We liked the color and photos. We liked the pocket files. We liked the Spiral option so that we could customize for the journey. We saw a one small error... The map of Epcot on the back has page numbers for each attraction but they do not match the page numbers in the book." -- Kevin Dill (2013-05-26 16:05:49)

"The updated information. I love your book and use it for every trip we take to Disney. I encourage everyone I know to use it, also. Keep up the good work!!!" -- talba warner (2013-05-26 06:05:23)

"Touring info -- especially the sample itins. " -- Arturo Gonzalez (2013-05-24 22:05:29)

"I go to disney every year and every year use your book. Its got everything and turns into one great souvenir The glossy pages are not as good to write notes on. " -- lyn nokes (2013-05-24 12:05:56)

"I love the pockets! " -- Krystal Goulet (2013-05-23 20:05:21)

"always like the updates highlighted in green! nothing " -- Toni Towers (2013-05-23 20:05:10)

"So far, I love everything! I like the info, the way it's put together in sections and how it helps me get more organized! :) " -- Shelly Schuler (2013-05-23 01:05:30)

"Since we had already purchased our Disney vacation before I purchased your book, I loved the detailed description of each park. The maps, attractions, dinning...It's an amazing tool and if we are lucky enough to return to Disney I will purchase another passporter's book. I'm so thankful I found your book!" -- Bess Hummel (2013-05-21 23:05:17)

"Ride and Show info Nothing Yet " -- Robert Thibodeau (2013-05-21 22:05:17)

"I love everything about my PassPorter!! I love the layout, the reviews, the pictures, the updated info I need to be better about using the electronic version because the print book is heavy when traveling! none" -- JoDee Rolfe (2013-05-21 07:05:21)

"This is the BEST guide to Walt Disney World out there!! No other guide matches the details and honest information. Love the pockets to help keep things organized. I like the looseleaf inserts, as it allows me to pull out all that I don't use. " -- Monica Gauvin (2013-05-20 18:05:39)

"I liked the layot na " -- Kenne Whitson (2013-05-19 21:05:22)

"This is a great planning book. It is a great help in organizing my travel plans. This is my 3rd time purchasing it. " -- Rita McClellan (2013-05-18 21:05:38)

"All of the information- for kids vs adults The meals " -- Kelly Barnett (2013-05-17 11:05:45)

"I like the areas to fill in with our own information. " -- Natalie Kipper (2013-05-16 23:05:23)

"All of the information in one book...very comprehensive Too early to tell! not at this time" -- Kevin Haymon (2013-05-16 10:05:21)

"Color coded guide information. The photo section added to this edition. Page 329 - 350. Nice pictures but not really useful. We used this wonderful book back in 2005. I'm back again to plan our next DW adventure for this year." -- Scott Edwards (2013-05-15 22:05:50)

"The updated information " -- Jeanna Powers (2013-05-15 08:05:58)

"It puts into one place a lot of information about disney weddings that doesn't seem to be available elsewhere Wish the 2013 hard copy would come out soon. " -- Clfford Wu (2013-05-14 16:05:36)

"helpful hints sprial bound could be bigger, needs a carrier, more bookmarks no" -- Katy Moore (2013-05-14 14:05:19)

"a great vacation planner nothing Great book." -- Mark Rosenthal (2013-05-14 00:05:38)

"Just started reviewing, but like the tips and tricks " -- Kathryn M. Jones (2013-05-13 11:05:06)

"Very helpful details re: what to expect for our cruise How quickly it's outdated " -- Amy Frank (2013-05-11 21:05:16)

"Loved it all!!! Would have liked more pics of the new fantasyland " -- Kerry Collins (2013-05-10 19:05:49)

"All of the information and rating of rides and restaurants ThAt there is not just lined paper to write notes on " -- Crystal Thomas (2013-05-09 22:05:36)

"I liked how in depth the book is. Since I've only had it less than a week, I'm still figuring it all out. " -- Susan Goodwin (2013-05-09 14:05:12)

"Pockets and all the cool ideas about what we do for the day. Makes for a GREAT scrapbook!! Thank you SO much for this book. I order one for every Disney trip (and it's not often that I get to go) and tell all my friends about it. I love them!!" -- Sydney Johnson (2013-05-09 01:05:48)

"We LOVE just about everything the Passporters have to offer! The two that we've invested in have helped us chose our hotel accommodations, restaurants, and this trip (November 8-16, 2013) we will be using the itineraries for each park! More photos would be great - especially updated ones of the resort hotels... We really felt the three-ring binder, deluxe edition would be a great investment, as we really want to make a trip to WDW as close to annually as possible - and I have NO REGRETS purchasing the binder - but the top ring doesn't close completely and it makes it difficult to refer to "on-the-go" See above and we'll get back to you in November!" -- Melissa Gasparini (2013-05-08 16:05:43)

"All the great information nothing " -- Christa Gorman (2013-05-05 13:05:03)

"The amount of good information at my fingertips. All of the charts and maps are very helpful in studying the layouts and planning down to the smallest details. The rings are perfect because I can take out sections that don't necessarily apply to my trip. I wish the included electronic copy was a kindle copy so I can highlight portions and then just look at my highlighted sections straight away. Great job. I've been hooked on your product since I first saw it years ago. I like to plan everything and I usually have to use 4-5 different books and websites to schedule vacation. Your book has everything all in one place." -- J Lawrence (2013-05-04 22:05:09)

"New Fantasyland info " -- Marsha Quinn (2013-05-03 08:05:43)

"I loved everything about this book!!! " -- Emily James (2013-05-02 11:05:27)

"a lot of information " -- Ricky Fu (2013-05-01 18:05:55)

"How it helps me organize everything involved in planning the perfect WDW vacation!! Keep up the great work!! I recommend it to everyone I know that's going to WDW!" -- Pam Kasper (2013-05-01 17:05:22)

"all of the tips " -- Tara Johnson (2013-04-29 14:04:37)

"All the info " -- Kimberly Worthy (2013-04-29 12:04:36)

"I love detailed maps of the hotel rooms themselves Great book, I buy one every year even when I don't go to Disney World!" -- Julie Dunn (2013-04-27 23:04:08)

"So much good info Just love it! This is our 4th book, my daughter and I can't plan without it" -- Laurie Quidor (2013-04-26 22:04:14)

"reviews and organized info as well as the help for me to be organized I wish there was a small section for universal too You guys do a great job and your light hearted writing and honesty makes this book so easy to read!" -- Amy Baranek (2013-04-25 21:04:41)

"Thoroughness of information. the pockets the ring binder " -- Laura Carr (2013-04-24 16:04:13)

"The mass amount of HELPFUL info " -- Mellisa Wood (2013-04-22 11:04:42)

"I like that this edition has added color pages and a nicer glossy finish compared to previous editions. I still like the deluxe version much better. However, the cost is much more. " -- Phil Ralston (2013-04-21 18:04:17)

"I love all the color pages " -- patricia sparr (2013-04-21 15:04:12)

"Very informative on rides & dining. " -- Michelle Houze (2013-04-21 09:04:10)

"The info about restaurants. Nothing No" -- Vanessa Noble (2013-04-20 18:04:34)

"All of the information and the how thorough it is. WOW. the spiral binding seemed a bit unsteady--I keep worrying the middle of the book is going to fall out. n/a" -- Ronni Selzer (2013-04-19 23:04:54)

"having refills, extra pockets, sturdy, love the looks, looks elegant and expensive, very classy it's so BIG " -- Sue VanSlyke (2013-04-18 16:04:38)

"Up to date info, easy to remove pages and take to parks. Nothing. Love your site, love your books!" -- Kimberly Ridlon (2013-04-17 11:04:25)

"I love reading the updates (Fantasyland) and using the maps & pouches for my upcoming trip, then using the pouches to save pieces of my past trips to savor the memories later! The pouches, maps, updates and the "memory review" (AAR after action report) after each day I use one of these for every trip I take - I don't have them all registered - but I love these books! I recommend them to anyone who's going to the World" -- Elizabeth Runkel (2013-04-17 08:04:15)

"Looseleaf, lower cost, pictures and easy to follow accurate information Passporter is by far the best travel guide for Disney World. I highly recommend it to everyone going there." -- Michael Bailey (2013-04-16 22:04:15)

"Resort info " -- Stacy Best (2013-04-14 20:04:34)

"the layout of all the information nothing nothing" -- Melisa Ball (2013-04-14 17:04:58)

"Organization and easy-to-access information " -- Roger Sauer (2013-04-14 17:04:30)

"There are so many updates. I love all the books and newsletters. Thank you." -- Dianne Krest (2013-04-12 11:04:40)

"Ease of finding things, short (1 paragraph) information on topics (rides, restaurants, etc.), and tips on rooms and how the resorts are laid out. Love the fold out maps. " -- Krystal Dunn (2013-04-11 19:04:14)

"the info, folders " -- Amy Edwards (2013-04-09 12:04:18)

"So much information and helpful tips :) " -- Jennifer Pullaro (2013-04-09 09:04:28)

"Love everything! It has current info and lots of it! " -- Michelle Nash (2013-04-07 17:04:03)

"I really liked the Making the most of your stay at the end of each hotel description. Loved the quality of the paper and all the special tips. Too bad the Planning each day "pouches" are not perforated for easier removal in the spiral edition. " -- Suzy Mendez (2013-04-07 04:04:41)

"maps,planner help,lists,packing help,resort details, recing notes,of the trip. " -- Erin Roach (2013-04-06 23:04:07)

"Tons of information and places to personalize. Keeps everything organized Tiny print " -- Jennifer Heinrich (2013-04-06 21:04:26)

"The storage folders and grassroots advice, like taking closet rods and sheets to divide rooms! " -- Lucas Freeman (2013-04-06 09:04:26)

"easy to read and understand. very informative this is the second walt Disney world guide that I have purchased and the passporters is by far the better of the two and I look forward to next years edition." -- mike kloostra (2013-04-05 14:04:51)

"restaurant reviews/ratings and attractions info. Interesting that you keep the old ticket classification info. Yes I know what it is since my wife's and I first visited WDW during our honeymoon in May 1972. But most people don't know what this is. Would find it more helpful to put height requirement(which is in the write-up) in this location. " -- Steven Hobson (2013-04-05 09:04:14)

"the theme park maps, easy to use and find info " -- Sharon Holditch (2013-04-04 23:04:48)

"We purchase one every year! I love how up to date they are. I know exactly what changes to look for during each visit. " -- Michelle Gaillard (2013-04-04 17:04:54)

"Well, I literally just got back from the store with the book, so I don't know yet. But I had one 5 years ago and I loved the maps, the places to record things, pockets for keeping mementos and so much more! " -- Colleen Dixon (2013-04-04 10:04:38)

"Maps, info breakdown size of Front cover No, haven't read book yet" -- Karen Canzanella (2013-04-04 09:04:10)

"Love the tips from your readers. They are very helpful. " -- Kirsten Poole (2013-04-03 11:04:22)

"I really like the format overall, as well as plenty of places to jot down plans, etc. I also think the hotel section is very well done, giving good and helpful descriptions and information. " -- Hilary Sommer (2013-04-03 09:04:55)

"Organizing information " -- Shannon Stanski (2013-04-01 02:04:13)

"hints, tips and background info " -- David Heine (2013-03-31 20:03:06)

"The up to date information and the photos! " -- Priscilla Lopez (2013-03-31 16:03:33)

"The multiple tabs and folders. Very nicely organized so I can quickly find information I need. The book is quite big, so I probably won't be able to carry it all day at the parks. It seems silly to rank the rides from E-A... opposite of usual letter order! Why not rank them in normal letter order? Or use a star system? I have to consciously remember that E means best! " -- Lin Snow (2013-03-30 23:03:54)

"I love that PP is made for people to enhance their lives and make their vacation better. Pockets in the back. Thanks for dedicating this edition in the memory in honor of Stefanie Matthews. It meant a lot to me :)" -- Jamie Cline (2013-03-30 16:03:50)

"The 'dark rays' that point to good viewing spots for illuminations. When I was a CM on DCP I had this in my brain when I told a guest (in a wheelchair) where to view. She loved it so much that she gave me a big hug on her way out. Her daughter who was about my age (later 40s) was embarrassed, but it made my day! Unofficial Gay Day Calendar link-since that is when we are going this year. The top ring, rung? of my binder keeps jamming the pages and opening!!!!!! I was looking for information on the 'campfire' and was surprised that I couldn't find it by looking in the index. I didn't see it in Ft. Wilderness or Making More Magic-is this gone. " -- Kelly Abell (2013-03-29 21:03:26)

"Ease of use! I like being able to look up answers to specific questions I have. The easy indexing and detailed info make this book THE MUST HAVE for any Disney vacation. Couldn't find the insert for my Deluxe Binder, so I had to purchase the Spiral Bound edition. The print is a little small for my poor eyesight. Other than that, WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE! PLEASE come out with a large print version!!! Check that -- A DELUXE BINDER LARGE PRINT VERSION!!!! I would gladly pay more for this edition. Thank you!" -- Crystal Gaw (2013-03-29 15:03:27)

"Pockets, spiral, elastic band, information. Haven't found anything yet " -- Lisa Bene (2013-03-29 11:03:31)

"It has the most resort info of any of the Disney guides that I have read. We are going to WDW in June 2013 so I am sure that I will have something by then! :)" -- Glenda Jacquo (2013-03-28 23:03:29)

"New updates about old favorites and addition of new attractions that we haven't seen yet. Our last trip was in 2004. Love the glossy paper it's printed on. And I love the pockets. I use this as my Disney Trip Diary. And if we're not able to go this year (due to my health) I use it to wish! )" -- Theresa Cook (2013-03-28 18:03:27)

"A great compilation of data and tips to use for our special trip. " -- Cheryl Scott (2013-03-26 21:03:30)

"A place to keep all reservations and planning info as well as receipt and memories during our trip Our Disney vacation planning officially begins with the purchase of our Passporter. I would never do Disney World without it!" -- Carrie Kane (2013-03-25 09:03:25)

"Maps are detailed. Details of resorts, parks, and eateries. Also like the pages that allow us to write down our itineraries and what happens each day. " -- Carly Heindselman (2013-03-24 21:03:32)

"The durability of the book, the amazing information, all the photographs, the room layouts....I could go on and on " -- Kim Ayers (2013-03-24 18:03:48)

"all the tips, and the ride descriptions " -- Debbi Mimoso (2013-03-23 20:03:30)

"All the information I get to go through!! " -- Stephanie Briggs (2013-03-23 19:03:40)

"The fold out maps for the parks, the resort info, the worksheets in each section, and especially the pockets in the back for each day. These really came in handy in my 2012 edition on our trip. I packed maps, receipts, stickers, etc. in these. They were also helpful to me when I was making my photo book, as I had filled in all the info about what we rode, funniest/best part of the day, etc. So it helped me in the journaling of my photo book, thanks! Like I said, I love your books! I even tell friends that are going that they have to buy one!!!" -- Melanie Jacobs (2013-03-23 15:03:03)

"Maps are great. " -- Steve Cecchettini (2013-03-23 10:03:23)

"Love the ease of using and the wonderful pictures. And of course the reviews! " -- Carrie Riley (2013-03-22 18:03:32)

"everything....I love my PassPorter " -- MaryLou Skelly (2013-03-22 10:03:21)

"The amount of info in one place and the blank worksheets I have to look at what I can do without so the book will not be to full. " -- Kenneth Roberts (2013-03-21 16:03:11)

"All the information, pictures, ratings, maps, worksheets and planner in back of book. " -- Judey Yudkin (2013-03-19 17:03:28)

"It is filled with information, includes more updates than the other Disney guidebooks. It's heavy! Absolutely love it! Have been using it for years." -- Tara Hanley (2013-03-19 09:03:22)

"I love the ratings for all the rides, and the suggested routes for each park if you are going with adults or kids. It is wonderful! We are not staying on DW property so the resort info was not necessary for us, but was still nice to look at, and I like that you mentioned All-Star Homes and that is who we are booking our Vacation Home through. " -- LeeAnn Branch (2013-03-18 14:03:25)

"Everything! My first time with Passporter. You have done a great job. Not yet. I am in a learning mode right now & Passporter has made it easy & fun." -- Jack Boulware (2013-03-17 10:03:08)

"The color pictures are great. " -- Susan Ragle (2013-03-16 17:03:31)

"I love Disney world and this tell me lots of new things since it has been several yr when I was last there and want to go again soon nothing no" -- Myke Gaines (2013-03-15 22:03:10)

"I have been a faithful Passporter since 2000. I love everything. I really like the extra pics. and floor plans. I love it thank you for all you do. I enjoyed watching the kids grow. Like distant family pics." -- Sharon Neidlein (2013-03-15 18:03:52)

"I love all the color photos. I couldn't use the stickers. They just fell off the background and would not stick to anything. I love the PassPorter. Thank you for creating it." -- Kristy Lee (2013-03-15 17:03:51)

"All the charts for attractions, hotel resorts, and dining are spectacular. They save me a lot of time surfin' the 'net! (Oh! One more thing. I love the vacation photos sent in by the readers.) Using the "Passporter's Walt Disney World" book in combination with the Passporter website has helped signifigantly in planning our 2013 family vacation. Thank you very much to everyone!" -- April Heicken (2013-03-15 12:03:00)

"I love everything! The entire passporter is fantastic! " -- Jennie Watson (2013-03-15 09:03:06)

"The maps, the ratings, the info below the ratings. " -- Linda Payton (2013-03-14 19:03:12)

"All the information I need to know, including practical details not included in many other WDW guides. THANK YOU for everything you do!!" -- Willie Walter (2013-03-14 09:03:55)

"I love the colored pages and tabs. " -- Stefanee Currier (2013-03-14 07:03:22)

"i love the binding, the pages are strong and don't tear easily, packed full of useful and helpful info! " -- Julie Isbell (2013-03-13 07:03:49)

"I like the ability to keep the information current with the updates available online PLEASE get a new version of the Disneyland book out soon!" -- Tina Carlson (2013-03-11 10:03:40)

"All the information that helps with planning Spiral binding " -- Elizabeth Bonvegna (2013-03-09 21:03:14)

"Updates are available online and many other features. It was hard to decide what I liked best. " -- Peggy Dado (2013-03-08 19:03:32)

"The trip pockets in the back and how much info is in one book! " -- Ashlee Hahn (2013-03-08 13:03:18)

"I like the organization features most. Like the pockets too. " -- Kathy Heath (2013-03-08 11:03:51)

"checking off what we've done, planning to do what we've missed previous trips, never having to waste time floundering around looking for things, maximizing our budget, plans, and getting everyone on the same page. ( I sent one to my relatives who are traveling with us too so we can plan from different states). SMALL PRINT! I love how new stuff is in Green. The more unique stuff you add each year, the more people will want to buy it! " -- Stacy Williams (2013-03-08 10:03:47)

"I love the maps. nothing I love Passporter. I have every edition you have mad since (i think) 2007. I have purchased some of your clearance additions and given them to newbies." -- Jeanne Cundiff (2013-03-08 05:03:42)

"Everything. There's much more info than other WDW books. It's very easy to use. Love the passpockets! " -- Wendy Barney (2013-03-07 12:03:49)

"The ratings for all of the restaurants. And the info on the DDP. On the page of orienting yourself at the Magic Kindom. The blurb about Fantasyland it says Expanding in 2013. If you are updating the book and not getting out until 2013 I would expect that 2013 info would be already added in. " -- Kelly Tays (2013-03-06 14:03:18)

"Detailed info, tips, and the planning pockets, including the "design your own" pocket. " -- Nan Morgan (2013-03-06 12:03:08)

"I absolultely love the PassPockets!!! " -- Teresa Harvey (2013-03-04 22:03:39)

"We like the resort information; it's very detailed Can't think of anything I would add right now, love the book!" -- Traci McKinney (2013-03-04 10:03:15)

"I like the nicer stock for the pages ( I realize that this is not new, but I still like it!) and the full color is always a plus! I've been buying at least one a year since at least 2004, I think. I love PassPorter, and I recommend it to all my friends! I can't imagine a WDW trip without it!" -- Sergio Iriarte (2013-03-03 19:03:24)

"a lot of great tips and very good descriptions. Thank You for telling everyone how the dining plan really doesn't save money! " -- Jessica Weida (2013-03-02 20:03:42)

"Pictures and tips!! " -- Eva Welchel (2013-03-02 15:03:13)

"I like everything about this PassPorter. Keep doing what you do. I have been purchasing the PassPorter for 5+ years now and each one has been a big help in the planning of our trips and during our trips. " -- Carol Miller (2013-03-02 14:03:03)

"updates on the park and helpful hints " -- Tony Drufke (2013-03-02 10:03:13)

"The colorful, easy-to-read maps that are just small enough to carry around the parks. All of the ways you can personalize it. The way it's organized and the TONS of info it provides. The rings could be a little bigger so the pages can fit and turn a little easier. Seriously though I can't complain about anything else! Just keep up the great work!!! I love the podcast too!!" -- Sara Canetti (2013-03-01 18:03:29)

"I like that it's in color and all of the information on the resorts. I like the kids tips and the fantasyland inforamtion. Many of the pictures are the same from previous years. " -- Kristian Linstad (2013-03-01 18:03:20)

"The wealth of information, the updates highlighted, the pockets! I don't like to carry the entire book (I have the deluxe)around the parks and would like to be able to put the pages I want to carry in a thinner ring binder, but I cannot find one that has the separated 6-ring style. Thank you for all you do to make planning a Disney vacation almost as fun as being there!" -- Sue LaBrecque (2013-03-01 18:03:15)

"It gives you all the information you need/ Sometimes the spiral pages stick " -- Kathy Simas (2013-03-01 13:03:09)

"We have used Disney Passporter before, this is to access new information. " -- Richard Pettit (2013-02-28 22:02:57)

"I love the personal points of view, stories etc. thank you for making such a great line of books. we love getting the newest issues before going to wdw or cruiseing" -- Angela Poe (2013-02-28 21:02:25)

"All the information that helps us make the most out of our Disney vacation! " -- Heather Dean (2013-02-28 19:02:37)

"it's packed full of practical information. I also like the rating system of each ride. ring holes seem to tear easy. Lets face it we read and reread then share. i would look into making a better stronger ring hole area on the pages. please see above" -- terry couch (2013-02-28 12:02:02)

"I love the passporter. It helps me so much! There is nothing I dont like about the passporter. " -- Tara McKnight (2013-02-28 09:02:29)

"How well organized the information is! Wish there was a picture of every attraction so my daughter can have a better idea of what it's about. " -- Marge Funabiki (2013-02-27 18:02:31)

"I like how it is very thorough and complete with maps and pockets for each day " -- Kathleen Camozzi (2013-02-27 15:02:38)

"Lots of information and fun! no" -- Michael Krieger (2013-02-26 21:02:20)

"The updated information is highlighted in green so return readers can easily flip to these sections. " -- Keli Likosar (2013-02-25 19:02:18)

"Dining info, resort maps Love this book! " -- Nancy Casteel (2013-02-24 19:02:58)

"I always like the new information added as Disney is always making changes. N/A I love the passporter. It's always the first thing I like to purchase when planning our trips. " -- Renee Young (2013-02-24 13:02:37)

"We like how it tells the exact distance and times from each resort to park. Just love all the information and color pictures and maps. N/A N/A" -- Beth Shank (2013-02-24 12:02:53)

"I love the extensive reviews of each resort, especially the "Making the Most" pages, because our group loves to resort-hop based on your insider tips. We also appreciate the reviews of each attraction from each of you and your children at various ages. " -- Molly Kaul (2013-02-24 09:02:26)

"The information My Elastic Strap Broke :( " -- Priscilla List (2013-02-23 07:02:20)

"I love the maps. Has always made it easy to locate where you want to go. Would have loved to do what all of the Passporter staff does. Have loved Disney World since first year it opened." -- Lydia Reed (2013-02-22 09:02:05)

"very informative. great stories and pics. " -- melissa fetsock (2013-02-21 20:02:18)

"I like the layout of the book as far as the color coded sections, the fold out maps, and the pockets in the back of the book. " -- Stacy Dunivan (2013-02-21 19:02:55)

"I loved all the content as it covers everything you want to know to make your vacation perfect n/a n/a" -- Sheila Pay (2013-02-21 10:02:29)

"The folders, info about each resort, what's not to love Wish I could take out sections I won't need " -- Katie Hruska (2013-02-20 21:02:50)

"I haven't updated since 2006 and am amazed at the upgrades. I like that glossy pages and that the changes are highlighted makes it easier when comparing my notes with the old passporter. " -- Christine Pitre (2013-02-19 21:02:36)

" I love the Disney World Passporter because I can plan out our dining plans and write all our adventures in the pockets pages!!" -- Joy Addington (2013-02-18 19:02:36)

"The comprehensive information that is given. If you can't plan a trip to Disney with this book, then you have a problem :) Are you going to add an update to this edition with My Magic+ explained?" -- George Kacprzykowski (2013-02-18 14:02:34)

"It keeps all my stuff together. It helps me be organized. I can tote it around and still be organized. It's heavy. I " -- Rene Gaudet (2013-02-17 17:02:35)

"I mostly use the resort information pages and all of the resort and park maps. I also utilize the pockets. They really help with my scrapbooking. Before I was a WDW veteran, I found the eatery info and ride info very helpful. That it was printed in China....I would rather pay more for something made in the good ole USA. Keep up the great work! I have referred many WDW vacationers to your site and books! My family, friends and coworkers frequently ask about my "Disney Bible". :)" -- Alison Catron (2013-02-17 12:02:07)

"Don't know yet, just received. But it's my 3rd Passporter and expect to love it just as much as the previous ones. Best info on just about everything at WDW. " -- Jan Granger (2013-02-16 17:02:37)

"Has all the new Fantasyland info. " -- Sue Whitfield (2013-02-14 21:02:58)

"Like how you guys have everything broken down with great details " -- Jeff Griffin (2013-02-14 20:02:23)

"The information on all of the resorts and the maps of the parks. " -- Connie Iverson (2013-02-14 16:02:14)

"I like knowing what is new. There are a couple things that are already out of date. For example, I've already heard that The Festival of the Lion King has closed, yet that isn't even listed in the book as upcoming. " -- Kimberly Becht (2013-02-11 17:02:04)

"Itis a great book! Most up to date info and organized perfectly! we love it!!!! " -- Dan Congdon (2013-02-08 17:02:37)

"I love all the pictures and the comprehensive information. It is very easy to understand what it says and how things work around Disney. I really enjoy reading it over and over again, even just for the fun of it. It is really helpful having all the various opinions and the pages of tips and stories provides insight and happy tidbits. The organization and pages packed full of information are amazing! Keep doing what you are doing, you do a wonderful job and I love my PassPorter, especially because of all the pictures! It is just a fantastic book that I will continue to buy and use for years to come, thank you!" -- Kiera Thurman (2013-02-06 19:02:25)

"I really enjoyed all the descriptions of the dining options, it was really helpful when we were planning our reservations! We also really enjoyed writing in our memories from the day in the back. It's much easier to remember the time when you write things down as they happen! " -- Kaytee Schwartz (2013-02-05 11:02:32)

"I love all of the tips posted throughout the book!! " -- Cathy Maltonic (2013-02-03 18:02:56)

"I love the deluxe binder edition. We purchase a new PassPorter every year and this one keeps things organized and puts it together. " -- Kimberly Kelley-Lafata (2013-02-03 15:02:53)

"The new info is highlighted in pale green. Not too bright a color, just right! No pics of the rooms themselves or the grounds. The resort research is where most of my time is spent. " -- Tammy Cruthirds (2013-02-02 14:02:53)

"The pockets, varied reviews, useful dining plan help, maps and ability to customize with tabs. Awesome book! " -- Christie Sagot (2013-01-31 15:01:46)

"love the color pages, the maps and the worksheets and mostly the honesty! " -- Patty Austin (2013-01-28 18:01:33)

"all the tips and organizer " -- louise walvatne (2013-01-25 10:01:21)

"There is so much info in 1 place. It also has more info about our hotel than their web site even had. I am excited to get the e-worksheets, etc. Very thick book. This looks like what I would have put together for our trip, but wouldn't have had the time or resources to have as much info in it. This will help plan future trips, as well. Thanks for sharing! Our travel agent presented us with a copy when we booked our trip, Thanks to her, too!" -- Rhonda Stengel (2013-01-20 18:01:47)

"love the book. have been buying one each year since 2000 wish that the text would fit in other 6 ring binders so i can keep them all neat and clean. have 2 of the passporter binders. best money i ever spent is it possible to get my discount coupon via email? i am anxious to pre-order my 2013 passporter. " -- jean sparks (2013-01-09 17:01:26)

"The sleeves to stick all my stuff in and jot down notes the plannig section Allot of my friends thing I waste money because the book really never changes. Would like to see a book with just the foders and all new updates only." -- Debbie Zatezalo (2013-01-08 23:01:21)

"maps and info about parks and resorts " -- Michele Boyer (2013-01-08 16:01:56)

"The information, the fact that I can add/remove pages and the pockets to put items in. Perhaps a bit bulky to take around the parks but I don't think I'd do that anyway; once reduced will be ok in carryon bag in airport so will likely leave at hotel for reference. Great idea -- makes planning even that more fun!!" -- Diane LePage (2013-01-08 09:01:30)

"info " -- mike durden (2013-01-07 18:01:14)

"I love filling out the yellow trip pages and pockets each night when we return to the resort. " -- June Sisemore (2013-01-05 21:01:57)

"I like it because easy to search in and able to take a part of paper loose to bring with me nothing " -- Chantal Baron (2013-01-05 11:01:33)

"Informative,helpful Great guide" -- Warren Ladenheim (2013-01-04 19:01:29)

"pockets in the back; good reviews; place to write down all travel info. Not enough pictures " -- Jennifer Kisel (2012-12-31 12:12:02)

"Helpful tips, maps & pictures, and keepsake pockets would have been nice to have a clear pocket in the front cover to put page markers (aka sticky notes) and a pen " -- Steffany Haertsch (2012-12-30 18:12:30)

"So far all the info provided. I devour everythnig Disney when I have a trip upcoming. Thank you! " -- Marti Beamish (2012-12-29 19:12:16)

"Everything!! Its organized everything is there at your figure tips. It helped alot for my trip. Love this book better then all the others." -- Becka Dyke (2012-12-21 07:12:25)

"Along with the valuable information Passporter provides a great place to keep all of the papers we need handy. I wish that the elastic band was stronger. I have been using the spiral edition since 2004 and every one of the elastic bands have broken during my trip. " -- Dianne Hallowell (2012-12-18 17:12:35)

"I love the organization of the book... it's so easy to check out feasting/dining and then I love to see the ratings to help make my decisions. " -- Joleen Fernald (2012-12-15 13:12:02)

"liked the worksheets and pockets y'all don't have an app on itunes " -- Danielle Arnold (2012-12-15 04:12:57)

"The amount of information. Having it all in one place makes planning easy! The smallish print. " -- Mark Yerkes (2012-12-13 22:12:12)

"the vast amount of infomation the book contains. " -- Sharon Jones-Tyler (2012-12-13 11:12:39)

"Great guide that helpded us plan our visit " -- Mitchell Lloyd (2012-12-12 12:12:57)

"I like having the reviews and all the information handy in one location. " -- Kim Wilson (2012-12-10 13:12:00)

"I like how it is prganized. I like how much dining information there is, especially the restaurant hours which are not included in other guides. I am not use if you do this already, but blank notebook pages that have the same 6 hole configuration might be a good idea." -- Mickey Cohen (2012-12-09 10:12:01)

"EVERYTHING!! Keep them coming, many people still love real hard copy books!!" -- karen hinchcliff (2012-12-08 10:12:50)

"I love the picture of Cam and Stefanie on the cover this year. What a great way to honor Stefanie's memory! Also, as ever, the color photo section is awesome. I flip through it when I need a good "does of Disney" between trips. " -- Jessica Dunning (2012-12-07 18:12:10)

"all of the information, being spiral, the pockets....... " -- Jennifer Willis (2012-12-06 10:12:29)

"organization of information, and the pockets " -- Polly Haberlin (2012-12-03 18:12:48)

"Detail of information Information overload Keep up the good work!" -- George Kacprzykowski (2012-12-01 20:12:01)

"I like the fact that it a very complete and handy reference re: WDW. " -- Milton Skorlich (2012-12-01 10:12:33)

"i love that it's in colour! " -- Linda Nelson (2012-11-30 15:11:15)

"I have always loved the passporter guide! As my family grows up, I appreciate the reviews from the perspectives of different ages. " -- Nicole Paris (2012-11-29 20:11:06)

"so far it has helped us to understand and plan to get the most out of our family trip to Disney World " -- Jim Douglas (2012-11-25 20:11:04)

"Precise information on all aspects of the park from dining to rides. " -- Karl Grgurich (2012-11-25 13:11:41)

"The journey pages so that I can organize all my information and journal on my vacation. " -- Deanna Otto (2012-11-24 00:11:44)

"The maps are awesome, however I missed the sample itineraries on the back (now I know). The Feasting section is the best section though. It is extremely well organized. The scoring system is a nice touch. Umm...Nothing comes to mind. I'm good." -- Mark Coupar (2012-11-21 21:11:32)

"Love the maps. We also like the reviews of the rides. " -- Karen Legee (2012-11-21 07:11:09)

"I love the maps and worksheets and that you can also get a PDF version of the book when you buy the hard copy " -- Jennifer Lambert (2012-11-11 08:11:30)

"Organization of the book and all the details that help you make decisions about the trip " -- Karen Collins (2012-11-10 17:11:06)

"it is the best planning book with the best information-most up-to-date We usually go for more than 10 days so wish there were more printed planning days in the book may be an app that you could store reservation #'s and times that could be placed on a smart phone, easily carried into parks, that could compliment the book " -- Gerlynda Geisert (2012-11-09 21:11:41)

"i love the pockets I think it will be a great asset to helping us plan our very first vacation Just love the book I had gotten several books from the library but none seem as well designed and this is so full of information reading it page to page just gets me more excited." -- Ruth Anne McGuigan (2012-11-06 05:11:21)

"I like the new, glossier pages. I bought my first edition due to your folding Maps, and details on each of the Rides. This was at a quick glance in the book store, and I was sold. After using your books twice, I LOVE them. I like the worksheets, and the folders also. I LOVE your website, but it seems hard to find the same things I looked at twice. Maybe if they were grouped together a little more (like Parks, or Resorts) in the future, it would be easier to find when looking. But, I know your website is huge, and your information is VERY informative." -- Kimberly Dennis (2012-11-05 09:11:25)

"I LOVE this deluxe version so much better than the spiral bound. I love all the pockets, the fact I can add/remove/change the pages, etc. It's GREAT! " -- Reva Queen (2012-10-29 19:10:01)

"I like how organized and detailed it is. One of the envelopes is labeled wrong. I have two 9th days and no first day. not at this time" -- Brandy Dorsch (2012-10-29 18:10:44)

"information about Ports of Call more details about excursions would help " -- Lisa Tully (2012-10-26 21:10:09)

"Good information " -- Noella Dawson (2012-10-24 23:10:43)

"I really like all the worksheets so much info that i forget where i found certain info " -- Evelyn McCloskey (2012-10-21 15:10:57)

"I love the resort information including the maps, the maps for the parks, descriptions of each ride and description of the restaurants. " -- Erin Ryan (2012-10-17 21:10:28)

"hotel info need a little bigger print " -- eric barker (2012-10-09 17:10:46)

"I like how simple and easy to understand it is and how it is not boring and filled with bits of comedy. the fact it doesn't tell more about rides. Can you give information on the level of comfort that the bed brings, cause my parents have back problems and I don't want to go some where that will hurt there back." -- Summer Steele (2012-10-04 17:10:18)

"tips " -- Nedie Antoniades (2012-10-01 04:10:14)

"information updated version comes out late.. " -- Richard Winters (2012-09-27 01:09:08)

"I love all the information about the parks but I find the yellow organizer folders super useful. In order to lighten the book each trip, I like to tear out the pages I am not going to need like the pages on resorts I am not staying at. I wish the pages were perforated and if there were specific sections. " -- Michele Clark (2012-09-26 21:09:49)

"The organization of the whole book and the envelopes and pages at the back that help keep me organized. " -- Barbara Kastner (2012-09-21 17:09:50)

"lots of information " -- Carolyn Sebastian (2012-09-20 16:09:49)

"detailed info " -- Craig Gifford (2012-09-19 15:09:49)

"The convenience and the wealth if information " -- Cindy Paltauf (2012-09-17 09:09:52)

"I love the organization of the book (resorts, eateries, touring). It was so helpful as a first-time Disney travelers to see all of the details in a compact, spiral bound book. Awesome tips too! Great job! " -- Susan Fuller (2012-09-16 21:09:27)

"I love the book in general, it is great for planning our trip. Helping my family plan with me. Then to have the pockets & pages to fill in our trip info & save stuff. " -- Darlene Nagi (2012-09-15 21:09:29)

"The MAPS are the best! I also like the ratings, the room size info, layout and pertinent info. for each resort and park. The weight of the book. When will 2013 issue come out? My next trip WDW is 3/24/2013 and I want the latest info out there, including Art of Animation resort info and map." -- Karen Lortz (2012-09-14 09:09:14)

"I love all of the information about restaurants and resorts. The pockets in the back are wonderful. I love the book. It is "complete". Nothing else needed. " -- Tommie Coulter (2012-09-12 13:09:47)

"It contains current info for 2012 and recommendations are very helpful. I want to carry around the world, but it is rather big. I have been to Disney world over 15 times since it opened, twice in the past 2 years, and I have really found the guide so useful for my upcoming trip in Sept. For new visitors and veteran visitors, it is an excellent source. Thank you! " -- Christine Brander (2012-09-12 08:09:53)

"peice by to see everything right down to the dos and donts and what is well as costs and samples of what foods are served.... " -- jen madsen (2012-09-11 17:09:18)

"I haven't been to Disney in 16 yrs and never without children. So much is new. I love how I can plan my trip before I get there. So much information in the passporter I was disappointed in the ring binder. The top ring doesn't close so the pages are always getting caught up or ripping " -- Jacqueline Rubal (2012-09-06 07:09:54)

"how it helps keep me organized how heavy it is " -- Crystal Newman (2012-09-05 22:09:56)

"The tell it like it is approach A bit more photos would be nice. Not too many because if the book were any heavier that would not be good. Thank you for creating such an amazing resource! I am 25 years old and I have never been to any of the disney parks and my fiance and I decided to spend our vacation at Disney World! :) As someone who has never been to Disney before and has a lot riding on the trip turing out well (with it being our honeymmon and all) I can rest assured that I am prepared with my Passporter! :) Thank you!" -- Holly Ero (2012-09-05 11:09:28)

"I love the resort details and maps!! I also love the dining reviews and how you rank the attractions for multiple ages and with both of your opinions! " -- Meredith Wallace (2012-09-05 10:09:13)

"Organizing pockets and charts This is by far the best gude for planning a trip to Disneyworld. Everything is clear and concise, and easy to refer to as needed." -- Tiffani Browning (2012-09-03 19:09:50)

"All the detailed information about what has changed. Also tips from readers. Would have liked a better map of the whole Disney property to see where each resort is located. The one you had is pretty small. I didn't nkow your book existed - so better advertizing or more availability in Canada!" -- Patti Somers (2012-09-03 09:09:57)

"Everything. It was purchased for our first Disney cruise and we needed all the help we could get. " -- Chris Marshall (2012-09-01 16:09:52)

"I really like the entire book. Has a lot of helpful tips and websites. It gives you alot of ideas to plan your trip and save money. Thanks I love it. Like to have more sticky tabs to highlight important pages to go back to. " -- Darlene Delaney (2012-08-30 19:08:40)

"I like that you break down the resorts, the pull out maps and the worksheets " -- Lynne Dunn (2012-08-28 21:08:09)

"Love keeping up to date with what's going on at WDW. It's a great reference. " -- Annie Voss-Altman (2012-08-27 10:08:52)

"it has everything i need to plan a magical vacation. i love this book. " -- dawn mccole (2012-08-24 09:08:44)

"new information " -- Sandra Wales (2012-08-23 20:08:06)

"I have yet to go through it, just got it. n/a This is my 6th Passporter book, and love reading it and documenting my trip." -- Karyn Klimowicz-Anello (2012-08-22 22:08:59)

"More informative that the Unofficial Guide To Walt Disney World (it still is a good book, but your's is better). " -- Kathy Sampaga (2012-08-19 12:08:09)

"I love everything... I get one each time I am going to Disney...every year or so. No least items......... I wish you could get the new issues out prior to Christmas each year... I like to give as gifts for our trips in Jan/Feb.and that has been difficult in prior years..." -- Diane Garriss (2012-08-16 12:08:05)

"Easy to find information and the journal pockets at the back. The pockets make it so easy to keep track of everything. " -- Karen Youngson (2012-08-15 23:08:19)

"information to help plan " -- Kym Nekurak (2012-08-15 21:08:51)

"I love it It really helps is as a family be able to plan our trip to Disney easier. NA " -- Heather McLaughlin (2012-08-15 16:08:34)

"all the helpful resort tips LOVE THIS SO MUCH! IT HELPS THE OCD THAT'S IN ME! LOL! " -- Rebecca Emitt (2012-08-14 20:08:43)

"updated info. I haven't been able to return to the World since 2008. Having the new refill makes it feel closer! REAL planning!! " -- Betty Brigham (2012-08-13 20:08:31)

"Detailed hotel descriptions; descriptions of every ride; information on how to best see shows, wait times, etc. This is my 3rd passporter and I love them all! The restaurant menu items aren't very descriptive; need more info on best restaurants for gluten-free, vegetarian, etc. " -- Kat Nic (2012-08-11 12:08:06)

"PassPockets are the best to keep your receipts, confirmations, etc. I never look at the Disney Dreaming phots " -- Annette Bush (2012-08-11 09:08:46)

"I love the folders Please update some of the descriptions alot of them are the same in 2005,2006 and up " -- linda robinson (2012-08-10 12:08:41)

"I love the pockets and the maps I don't have any complaints at this time - just got started using it - I had one 4 years ago and bought another one for this trip " -- Donna Lotshaw (2012-08-09 22:08:39)

"Easy to read and find what you are looking for. E-Version meant I could start reading it before the "hardcopy" came in the mail! Reading it makes me want to leave for Disney NOW!!! :) I love the newsletter, podcasts and your website! Thanks for all you do!" -- Nancy Moericke (2012-08-09 18:08:52)

"The information of all the attractions and information on the resorts. " -- Jessica Jordan (2012-08-08 22:08:35)

"Very detailed with useful information. Easy and fun to read. " -- Kymberli Van den Noort (2012-08-07 00:08:39)

"The maps, layout, envelopes to keep papers, te worksheets for ADRs, budget, etc. all the useful information " -- Lauren Wilkinson (2012-08-06 21:08:20)

"I love everything This is for a gift to friends getting married and honeymoon in WDW" -- MaryLou Skelly (2012-08-06 17:08:07)

"All the worksheets, the organizer to plan my trip, all the info and details about the different hotels, all the park maps..TONS OF STUFF! I'd like this in a 3 ring binder format....I just have never been a big fan of sprial bound notebooks " -- Kristi Seidel (2012-08-02 01:08:44)

"Spiral binding, day trackers and pouches in the back. We read our old passporter memories from past vacations & it is a great memory! The extra pictures of guests in the back. I tore them out to make the book less bulky. Pictures of the attractions may have been better than the readers pictures. LOVE the Passporter! This is a must for each of our Disney vacations. They are great for memories and re-living our vacation. :)" -- Brady Huston (2012-08-01 20:08:49)

"Simple format, easy to follow, organized, and all the tips! Just absolutely love it! " -- Laurel Flanders (2012-07-31 21:07:36)

"my wife like the planner pages/pockets in the back!!! " -- james swartz (2012-07-29 16:07:30)

"Love the resort layouts and the park maps with average walking times. Of course, always love your detail and personal tips. " -- Cathy Canzonetta (2012-07-29 16:07:20)

"Lots of Disney information in one book. And it comes with updates. I love it! " -- Heidi Gregory (2012-07-29 01:07:37)

"Organizer Passpockets, fold-out maps, resorts info, attraction charts, self-stick tabs and Disney changes highlights. The glossy pages makes it harder to write on. I just love this book, from cover to cover." -- Isabelle Doiron (2012-07-28 18:07:03)

"The updates from year to year. Keep updating because we love to buy one each year for our trip. I carry mine through the parks and make notes, then we read up before planning the next year's visits. " -- Rebecca Rowe (2012-07-28 15:07:21)

"Maps, pictures & tips The stickers weren't very helpful....I would have liked the tabs to be the same as the sections " -- Julia Dobrin (2012-07-27 21:07:09)

"I am planning for next year's vacation, so just got the e-book version. I like the detailed info on lodging, attractions and restaurants. " -- Linda Brigham (2012-07-26 11:07:37)

"The maps are great. " -- Tim Hallam (2012-07-23 17:07:39)

"I love the planning pockets... wish there were a couple more, we usually stay 12 days.... " -- Sherry Hendrix (2012-07-21 21:07:42)

"It helps me to organize and make notes. " -- Kathy Heath (2012-07-19 16:07:33)

"Even though we have been to Disney World before, I liked having a place to check out new info and keep myself organized for our next trip. " -- Megan Sheloski (2012-07-17 18:07:46)

"Detailed information about the different resorts, parks, rides. " -- Paula Marney (2012-07-13 20:07:35)

"the easy to read information " -- Kelly Easton (2012-07-13 16:07:31)

"The layouts of the resorts have been very helpful in requesting a room. I also like the pockets at the back. I can't wait to take this to WDW! " -- Nicole Groves (2012-07-12 17:07:31)

"Comprehensive. Also, I liked the descriptions of the Port Adventures, that helped me choose wisely. I brought the PassPorter guide with us on our Disney Cruise and referred to it many times!" -- Diane Goldstein (2012-07-11 09:07:18)

"I loved all the ratings and pictures. Also the descriptions of all the different places were nice. " -- Rebecc Boldes (2012-07-09 06:07:29)

"Pockets and useful information " -- Michael Kuropas (2012-07-07 17:07:58)

"I love reading Disney travel books and yours is no exception. My sister was poking fun at me at dinner last night--after 12 years of trips, she asked what I could possibly be learning! I like the reader stories and anecdotes as well as the ratings by Dave, Jennifer and the readers to give an idea of who likes what at Disney. Thanks! " -- Kate Potter (2012-07-06 13:07:49)

"At your fingertips! I am able to find what I need and flag it! " -- Lisa Moir (2012-07-04 22:07:59)

"I love the organization of it. I like how everything is scetioned off and floews nicely and the tabs. I am a type A person and I have to keep thing organized or I get out is sorts. I like the tabs and how they are section off each area but, you have to scroll all the tabs to find your section and the lettering is small? I solved ghost problem was solved the post-it tabs- colored tabs too boot. Msybe add a page for all the confirmation nuembers" -- Sheila Counterman (2012-07-03 10:07:01)

"The passpockets - they are so great for recording the trip. the suggested touring plans - just seems like a waste of space, but I'm a veteran Disney traveler and do not need that kind of help, I guess... maybe others do. " -- Tom Toussaint (2012-07-03 01:07:38)

"The planning guides! Very helpful. " -- Kristin Nerone (2012-07-03 00:07:51)

"The tips it gives " -- TRICIA CHANEY (2012-07-02 19:07:24)

"easy to read and find what you're looking for. Great maps, better than Disney's! love the full color. " -- Elizabeth Simons (2012-06-25 23:06:55)

"Vast amount of info " -- Ron Fassett (2012-06-24 22:06:55)

"The pockets in the back to help organize all my days I love passporter, I purchase it every year as soon as it comes out to begin planning my next year. " -- kimberly sauter (2012-06-24 18:06:08)

"The binder helps store even more than my previous copy so it is a nice upgrade. I like the highlighted changes as well. " -- Karen Anderson (2012-06-21 19:06:00)

"everything; love the maps " -- Sherri Eisenstein (2012-06-18 18:06:23)

"the up-dates that are so helpful " -- Toni Towers (2012-06-17 16:06:45)

"Everything!!! It is all helpful to me! " -- Stephanie DOBLOVOSKY (2012-06-16 10:06:36)

"...superior quality and info as always...gets better each year " -- Linda Judd (2012-06-15 22:06:51)

"the amount of information on just about everything " -- Sheila Pay (2012-06-14 14:06:09)

"I love Passporter more than any other Disney Guide " -- Amy VanSwol (2012-06-14 13:06:31)

"breadth of information " -- Karine Suskin (2012-06-13 22:06:06)

"I love the binder and that I can take pages out and let the kids all see pages at the same time and work on helping me plan. Also all the up to date info. " -- Buffy McCarthy (2012-06-13 13:06:33)

"all the information You need to plan a trip is in one place. " -- Peggy Pello (2012-06-09 22:06:34)

"The tips and how organized and thorough it is. The website is a bit overwhelming. Simplify website. Otherwise great product!!!" -- Tracy Ottenstroer (2012-06-09 12:06:06)

"So much helpful information. We were able to enjoy our vacation in 2010 to the fullest and knew what to expect. I would have been lost without your book. It is the Disney "bible". We are going again in October and were able to prepare and plan so much better with your book, tools and ebooks. " -- Annette Zubia (2012-06-09 01:06:35)

"It contains a wealth of information on the resorts, parks and restaurants. " -- Theresa Lucotti (2012-06-08 22:06:17)

"I've used Passporter since our first trip in 2006. I love the whole thing! " -- Amanda Brown (2012-06-08 11:06:12)

"I love the detailing on all of the different resorts! " -- Kristie Bazile (2012-06-08 00:06:29)

"Having everything in one place. Love love the pass pockets and prompts for things to remember for next time, etc. " -- Cyndie Manning (2012-06-08 00:06:29)

"I loved the fact that I can use it as a organizer and a planner for our vacation. That it was all about Disney, I wouyld like more about Orlando's other parks. It has helped me to get organinzed and to get ready for our flight on Mon.." -- Lisa Sizemore (2012-06-06 02:06:50)

"I like that I can update my deluxe binder without buying a new binder each time. I thought it would still have the park maps included. I miss them. I love your product." -- Angela Clarke (2012-06-04 11:06:27)

"Pockets and room to write in all my info and such in the back. Like descripions of the parks and resorts. Some of the resturant reviews could be updated. " -- Carly Heindselman (2012-06-03 19:06:02)

"I like the comprehensive dining reviews It is a bit large (thick) it would be nice to have a smaller companion version to carry in the parks " -- Tiffini Porter (2012-06-01 17:06:53)

"I love that it now has colors! I am not crazy about the spirals; sometimes the pages get hung up when I try to turn them. I have a deluxe holder, but it currently holds the cruise edition. If you consider a guide that details, photographs, shows pros/con of all the resort and cruise handicapped accessible layouts, may I be first in line for the job of gathering the info? I have mobility issues and usually use a walker/rollator and a motorized scooter, so room sizes and configurations are always an issue for me, and this specific information does not seem to be available. Because I must always have a travel companion, the bedding arrangements are important, too, as well as whether they can be changed (putting two twins in place of a queen in a ship cabin, for instance). I know this is highly specialized info, but I can't imagine that I'm the only person who'd like this info in advance of making travel decisions. I've been using Passporters since 2001 or 2002, (Disney World, Open Mouse and Disney Cruise Line editions over the years), and fell in love with it from the very first. " -- SUSAN TROFATTER (2012-06-01 10:06:26)

"It is a great introduction to Disney World Resorts and in a non-traditional format. The organization is great. Great book! Please keep publishing them." -- Cindy Shrader (2012-05-30 00:05:18)

"I've been using this guide book for years and I always recommend it to friends planning trips. My favorite things are the maps with checklist on the back of the maps that contain touring plans in a snap! They are genius! I love the information, but I hate that it is so heavy because I like to take it into the part. However, this is my first year with an iphone, so I think that will help me. But please keep all the info! I also like to add that I'm an over plannner and this book has helped me curb that. I used to read the unofficial, offical and your book. Now I only read Passporter!" -- Jennifer Arnold (2012-05-29 00:05:24)

"It is great, i have 4 versions, I wish I could add and remove pages in a simpler fashion. It is great, i have 4 versions, I wish I could add and remove pages in a simpler fashion. It is great, i have 4 versions, I wish I could add and remove pages in a simpler fashion. " -- Dave Clark (2012-05-28 22:05:46)

"Love the pages that let me keep track of all my important info " -- Deb Gallo (2012-05-25 20:05:17)

"Very thorough, accurate and helpful information in one single guide that fits in my bag. " -- Karen Giroux (2012-05-23 17:05:38)

"detailed info on resorts and dining " -- sherree graham (2012-05-22 21:05:00)

"LOVE all the info, and the pockets to hold everything!! " -- Sherry Rodriguez (2012-05-22 12:05:58)

"The amount of information and that it is done by a non-Disney entity. " -- Lola Thomas (2012-05-18 13:05:24)

"it has everything i need and a great support commnuity. Need more pockets at the back. typical Vvacation 21 days. " -- Alison Hinsley (2012-05-18 08:05:44)

"I love the planning compartments and the full color maps. I also like the notes on which eateries have healthy options. " -- Julia Brown (2012-05-16 11:05:24)

"I love that you can plan your itinerary day by day. Maps are excellent. Lots of great info and tips. Also love the pockets to keep mementos in. That you can't take it with you to the park....can't take pages out. " -- Patti Sena (2012-05-15 22:05:52)

"great organization and very useful passpockets! Thanks for the great resource. We have used your books every year since 2005!" -- gina null (2012-05-15 19:05:10)

"I like the maps, lists and pockets. It makes organizing receipts and reservations much more convienient. Sometimes a little big to carry around. " -- Alicia Kindley (2012-05-14 14:05:32)

"great maps deluxe version metal binders do not close well when filled completely " -- Greg Taylor (2012-05-13 22:05:11)

"I like the descriptions of all that is available. " -- Danyel Gooch (2012-05-13 20:05:46)

"I like that it's my first refill. The original binder is still like new despite all I put it throu last trip! " -- Angela Jenkins (2012-05-13 14:05:55)

"Currnet park information " -- Arnetta Clark (2012-05-13 13:05:59)

"all the detailed information " -- Maura Kelly (2012-05-13 13:05:14)

"Information, maps and pockets I bought this book before my first trip in 2007 and don't think I registered it. I will be buying another probably before my next trip hopefully in 2013. I have been receiving e-mails ever since and I love the newsletters. " -- Rita Hartranft (2012-05-13 11:05:34)

"Lots of information and pictures and maps of the parks and hotels. " -- Michele Corston (2012-05-11 10:05:54)

"What's not to like? So much information for such a low price! " -- Beverly S Flanagan (2012-05-10 17:05:24)

"I like that new items are highlighted in green When we go to the parks msot of the books it not necessary. I would like an easy way to take only the pages I need for the day. " -- Charlene Wacenske (2012-05-10 14:05:05)

"The sample itinaries with maps attached and resort information!!!0 " -- Christine Beaupre (2012-05-09 20:05:27)

"I love the reviews by people of all ages. I also love that you review everything - rooms, rides, food, etc. And the prices listed are so helpful. " -- Heather Narvaez (2012-05-09 09:05:01)

"The highlighted green info. Always the pockets!! Maps are perfect. " -- Mary Firestone (2012-05-06 20:05:55)

"The depth and breadth of the info but mostly the practicality of the info " -- Troy DeJoode (2012-05-06 18:05:40)

"It's very user friendly and I love how you get the kids perspective on everything. We will be traveling with a 4, 9 and 13 yr old and 3 adults this PassPorter is proving to be very helpful in deciding the things we must see and do for each age group. We are renting a vacation home for our stay, a section geared to those doing the same would be helpful " -- Melanie Laughland (2012-05-06 16:05:04)

"All of the information and ability to write down itinerary " -- Tina Geiger (2012-05-06 15:05:27)

"It navigates you through the complicated process of planning a Disney wedding. Carrie is great! " -- Audrey C (2012-05-06 10:05:18)

"ratings from readers and Jennifer and Dave, so it is never just one persons opinion. And everything else! I love, love, love Passporter and recommend it to everyone. " -- Sherrie Pauley (2012-05-05 16:05:30)

"I love passporters, and can't plan my vacation without one! Love the pockets and the places where I can write! " -- robin curreri (2012-05-04 13:05:44)

"I love the refill option and I am learning to like the online versions. " -- Connie Reynolds (2012-05-03 17:05:59)

"lots of info! " -- Jennifer Vicidomini (2012-05-03 15:05:19)

"I love the reviews and the updates in green. " -- Angela Gambrell (2012-05-02 15:05:16)

"Ease of use and packed with info " -- Shane Winters (2012-04-30 10:04:36)

"i like the set up of the book " -- Sara Carpenter (2012-04-29 20:04:09)

"THe pictures and LOTS of informations. " -- Chandra Hall (2012-04-29 16:04:04)

"the tips so many different areas for important numbers rather then hust one page of numbers...or one section, instead of all spread out through book this was a great book! Thank you!" -- Carissa Sweet (2012-04-28 21:04:12)

"I love the pictures featuring so many passporters " -- Pamela Copeland (2012-04-28 19:04:05)

"ratings, tips, pouches for daily planning picture section - this is not desired and is a waste of over 30 pages in an otherwise great book. this section makes the book look/seem cheesey. please remove in next edition. you could instead expand on money saing options or provide pages for scrapbook-type persons to paste in photos from their own trips to help when they reminisce. (actually, i think that would work quite well. you could have the pages having quotes "make believe", "wish upon a star", and maybe provide one picture of the castle, mickey's hat, etc. for the two-page view and provide space for the reader to post their own picture. you could have a box where-in it had ideas of wonderful picture taking locations, as we see throughout the parks.) this is my fourth copy of passporter's wdw (2009, 2 - 2010's, 2012). i don't see a lot of changes in the new version compared to my other versions. i think i'll check next year (since we are going again in 2013) before purchasing and if updates aren't made, i don't plan to purchase another copy." -- Karen Bisbee (2012-04-27 11:04:06)

"The latest information. Not enough information on the Dream " -- Edythe Eggert (2012-04-26 12:04:07)

"I love all the little details that I would not know about I wish I had know about the deluxe edition " -- Andrea Thomas (2012-04-25 17:04:18)

"Helpful hints, restaurant reviews, yellow pocket folders in the back, the stickers, & maps. Oh, and I liked the various vacation photos in the back of the PassPorter too! We love you guys!!!!" -- Kriston Haag (2012-04-25 13:04:53)

"all the info and lot to read. let me read it first LOL" -- charles winkler (2012-04-24 11:04:49)

"I love the many details in the book. I also love the maps and color pictures. " -- Jennifer Litera (2012-04-24 00:04:04)

"I like the journal feel. I found a few mistakes. " -- Wyndie Anglin (2012-04-22 23:04:24)

"maps and tons of information! " -- Debra Swafford (2012-04-22 23:04:09)

"A place for all my must have Conformation numbers. Dining info was great. Not enough details about campground cabins. Your book is a must have. I watch for the new one every year. Maybe more to do while traveling with small children." -- tiny colgan (2012-04-22 15:04:42)

"I'm only about 30 pages in, but so far it's a friendly, informative guide that has an order that makes sense to me (unlike some other popular guides). It looks like it is up to date on new information. " -- Sara Greenwald (2012-04-22 09:04:37)

"love the maps and the pockets in the the back. Also, like that I can update with refills " -- Jill Laperle (2012-04-21 14:04:09)

"How it's organized!!! Easily laid out and very helpful in planning a trip! I think it's great! Love how you highlight changes and love all the hints!!!" -- Lisa Warner (2012-04-20 22:04:12)

"dining info and maps " -- Sandy Johnson (2012-04-20 15:04:29)

"Dining info The elastic broke Change the font, hard to read" -- karen girling (2012-04-20 01:04:18)

"I'm a veteran WDW traveler, but the information was provided very concisely. - I would have preferred the worksheets to be all together in one section. - In large amounts the green highlighting for new information became hard to read. Maybe changing it to blue or changing type color rather than highlighting would make it easier to read. - Next time I buy a Passporter, I think I'll buy the one that is easier to remove pages from -- I don't want to bring this big of a book with me into the parks. " -- Erin Conrad (2012-04-18 13:04:04)

"This is my first Deluxe version & so far,I love everthing about it! " -- Tammy Holland (2012-04-17 20:04:29)

"All the "tips" Love it!!" -- Cindy Thompson (2012-04-17 08:04:45)

"I liked the run down on the rides. " -- Jennifer McNabb (2012-04-16 18:04:41)

"I like the new smooth paper and the photos. I also love the fold out maps and resort floor plans. Nothing at all! Love it! Keep up the great work! Your book is awesome. Well-organized and easy to use. " -- Nancy Surridge (2012-04-16 14:04:45)

"Everything. We are in the planning stage right now and knowing all the inside information on where to stay is great. " -- Stephanie Tiddens (2012-04-16 10:04:37)

"It had the most info on Art Of Animation hotel. " -- Browne John (2012-04-14 06:04:52)

"Everything I need is in one place. Pages to plan my trip out. Park, hotel, food, etc info. Folders to keep all important things in and together. The Passporter is awesome. Mu 2009 trip to Disney was the most awesome one of the many trip to Disney i have taken all because of the Passporter. " -- matthew sprowles (2012-04-13 19:04:43)

"the overall organization - it really helped me to make our plans The resort section - this should be totally separate from the rest of the book, since once you have made your resort selection the other "hundred" pages become useless " -- David Mulholland (2012-04-13 13:04:35)

"The information about the attractions. " -- Keri Owens (2012-04-12 17:04:33)

"I love the worksheets Not all the restaurants are included. " -- Jessica Brooks (2012-04-12 00:04:07)

"Organized and full of great tips and hints " -- Chris Schleihauf (2012-04-10 18:04:08)

"The overall detailed information that helps us plan our Disney vacations " -- Michelle Marcotte (2012-04-09 16:04:44)

"individual resort information " -- Nancy Casteel (2012-04-09 13:04:48)

"detailed information you cannot find online otherwise can save it to a tablet without needing to download it multiple times " -- Dana Hedberg (2012-04-08 22:04:39)

"All the information that you don't find in many of the other Disney World books like best places to see the fireworks display, and best of all the freebies that I never knew that Disney even offered. I haven't found anything that I don't like. It's great information. Not right now I don't thanks so much for creating a book that has so much information!" -- Linda Abla (2012-04-07 23:04:29)

"I love everythign about it! I am only about half way finished, but it has been so helpful. " -- Sasha Volmert (2012-04-07 19:04:04)

"The maps are amazing..we had no idea what the accommodation compounds looked like so had no idea what ones were closer to the bus " -- Shanda Mitchell (2012-04-05 20:04:47)

"everything!! please don't change anything. I have loved your book since I bought the first one nothing " -- lianna savage (2012-04-04 14:04:21)

"Everything! I've used a PassPorter for every WDW trip! Even though I go every year, and they're basically the same, I love the PassPockets and checklists so I buy a new one each time! I find that pen ink smudges on these newer "shiny" pages. Keep up the great work!" -- Michaela Diggins (2012-04-04 12:04:15)

"The easy planning tips, the maps and the organizer pockets are great! We are planning a 14+ day trip and there are only 10 pockets. Not really I said it all. Off to explorer the community now!" -- Samantha Raaphorst (2012-04-04 08:04:08)

"How it is updated as best as possible every year! Can you add a wee bit more about Universal and SeaWorld without it getting too much for you? Comment: THANK YOU!" -- Bernadette Johnson (2012-04-02 14:04:09)

"That it came with the e-edition The binder is a little too small and it does not stay closed so it is difficult to turn the pages. I really enjoy the Passporter books & the Passporter community where I feel like family. Thank you!" -- Melissa Mathies (2012-04-01 21:04:38)

"Like the customization features for my daughter to fill in. She really likes the Teen and Tween tips! " -- michael potochnik (2012-04-01 12:04:02)

"That I could add or take out that which was important to me. I also added tabs and underlined and gave me lots of inportant information about making reservatione soon . Not enough pockets it's a really great book and would recomemded it to everone" -- Jane Allbee (2012-03-31 18:03:35)

"I love the pockets I'd like to have a page for when you check in at your hotel at Disney. It goes from your trip down to your first day. We are driving down so we need a hotel on our journey down, we are staying at another motel in Kissimee " -- Karen bayless (2012-03-31 08:03:22)

"Love the pockets for each day where I can write down the schedule and the reservations. For the 1st time we are staying at the Yacht Club - what rooms offer the best view of Epcot's fireworks? " -- Nikki Leman (2012-03-29 23:03:29)

"A lot of information. I love the attraction lists and descriptions. I love the pockets in the back with days listed. The index is very handy. I really appreciate the Web Site Index. The deluxe binder is very nice. Some of the resort and park descriptions are the same as the ones on the website. I felt that only difference from the website and the book were the attraction lists and descriptions and the restaurant lists and descriptions. This only in regard to the description portion. I appreciate all of the work that has gone into the books and as a subscription holder I appreciate the free ebooks enormously!" -- Elizabeth Parker (2012-03-29 13:03:56)

"I love everything expecially the organization " -- Sheila Williams (2012-03-29 11:03:51)

"Very well organized and concise. Also love the organization. " -- Christopher Perry (2012-03-27 13:03:01)

"I love the pockets in the back for holding all kinds of stuff from your trip. I would buy a Universal edition of passporter if you guys made one." -- Daniel Reed (2012-03-26 09:03:31)

"The ability to track plans and store memorabilia... Would like a little smaller to actually take into park would love to see the touring plans for with teenagers" -- June Werner (2012-03-25 12:03:44)

"Very organized & easy to find info. I would have liked to see more in depth information about specific resort hotels. We wanted a villa style and there wasn't very much about those choices. " -- Joseph Cataldo (2012-03-23 21:03:47)

"I love everything about my PassPorter! It is the only WDW guidebook, I continually buy. It has so much information, and is always updating. The worksheets are extremely helpful when planning, and the passpockets keep daily information handy. " -- Wanda Anderson-McGrew (2012-03-22 17:03:40)

"I love the Passporter, all the info in one great place! " -- Stephanie Kreamer (2012-03-22 09:03:10)

"Love the daily journel/pockets in the back. Makes it easy to keep all my information in a safe place. " -- Kathryn Woods (2012-03-21 19:03:38)

"Everything so informative I love it! " -- Jessica Slack (2012-03-20 23:03:51)

"they layout, the abundance of informatin, the pouches for keeping track " -- Brenda Bumgardner (2012-03-19 11:03:48)

"I love the entire book. It is laid out wonderfully and contains all kinds of useful information. Especially love the photos! " -- Paula McKay (2012-03-18 17:03:53)

"Very Informational! Nothing I love this book. I recommend it to all my friends and family traveling to Disneyworld." -- Rochelle Armstead (2012-03-18 14:03:05)

"There is so much to like. One of the things I liked most were the pictures in the book. You could actually see what was being described. " -- Jessica Price (2012-03-17 16:03:39)

"it's portability and of course all of the hints and detail. Have used your books many times over the past 5 years and love them!! Thank you so much for taking the time to document all this great info! " -- sandie deslauriers (2012-03-17 11:03:16)

"Everything, very informative! Love everything about PassPorter!!Wouldn't dream of planning a trip without it!!" -- Kendra Lancioni (2012-03-16 22:03:44)

"Love the new edition! Paper is nicer (glossier)than my previous version (2008) which is great for using highlighters. My previous edition the highlighting would "bleed thru" unless I purchased special highlighters. Disappointed that still no other options for the 3 ring deluxe binder. The cover is too stiff and & the 2012 edition has more pgs than when I originally purchased for 2008 edition so the rings don't close tightly anymore. And since the holes don't line up with any other binders on the market you can't add additional papers(blank) either. Please can you consider designing a more flexible cover or make your 'holes' more standard size so other binder covers are an option?" -- Tess Yates (2012-03-15 21:03:51)

"All the information it has in it! This was our first trip and it was super helpful! The coils. I wish I'd gotten the 3 ring binder. This was the best travel book, ever! I read it from cover to cover almost daily!" -- Carrie Ginn (2012-03-14 10:03:05)

"i like all of the new information and how in depth you explained the parks i didn't like how there wasn't much talk on what to do besides the four main theme parks, the water parks, and downtown disney good work.!" -- megan williamson (2012-03-12 21:03:50)

"I liked how this book was very detailed. It contained information that I haven't been able to receive from DFTW yet. This book is a must have for any couple considering a DFTW!! All of the information will help make your special day truly magical!" -- Natasacha Jones-Cochran (2012-03-12 19:03:54)

"Updated information and new information to make my vacations more enjoyable " -- CJ Decker (2012-03-12 18:03:41)

"All of it with the updated info. " -- Patricia Stanard (2012-03-11 22:03:31)

"I love the colored maps and page stickers and the removable pages. " -- Karen Walker (2012-03-10 18:03:02)

"I like the planning pockets and the fact that it is both a guidebook and a trip journal. " -- Christine Bakter (2012-03-10 12:03:34)

"There's so much great information all in one place! " -- Matthew Burkhardt (2012-03-09 17:03:45)

"Everything! I used this book for my trip in 2006 so I new I wanted one for my trip this year. It's nice getting all the updated information in one place and the tips you offer are fantastic. Keep up the great work!!!" -- Kris Whitaker (2012-03-07 13:03:55)

"I love the Organizer pockets with places for info and I love the questions on the back. I use them to help plan my next trip. I wished your new updated book came out in December instead of towards the end of January. " -- Teresa Batema (2012-03-06 21:03:16)

"Every single piece of information in this book is priceless. I really liked the reviews of the resort hotels and how each rated with the specific groups (families, couples, etc.). " -- Karen Sibrel (2012-03-06 00:03:50)

"very informative I am a happy member of passporter. I just love the books and the community." -- Dawn Kalenoski (2012-03-05 19:03:05)

"Just received 2012, but in general I like the organization, the maps, the personal tips, and the ratings from authors and fans. " -- Laura Miller (2012-03-05 14:03:41)

"tips on behind the scenes tours, and specific recommendations for best room locations. " -- Sherry Sandler (2012-03-04 17:03:44)

"so far, we like everything about it! We are just begining to go through it but it is exactly what we wanted. Nothing so far but after our trip in September, we will let you know. " -- John McGourty (2012-03-04 12:03:23)

"All the ways you can plan and budget on your trip, and then record all the things you've done, and that it has pockets to put receipts or souvenirs in for later. I immediately fell in love with this book and the idea of it when I saw it." -- Amanda Nelson (2012-03-04 08:03:49)

"The load of information and the organizer Not a thing " -- Marianne Serow (2012-03-03 20:03:27)

"the maps, info and price lists can't wait to take it to WDW with me" -- Briana Rousseau (2012-03-03 16:03:52)

"love the refill binder and the envelopes " -- Janice Pawloski (2012-03-02 16:03:17)

"The folders at the back of the book. Provide a section of where best deals are for purchasing merchandise." -- Christopher Vijayapal (2012-02-29 23:02:10)

"It's perfect. This great internet community is such a great plus! " -- Kathryn Kalota (2012-02-29 17:02:03)

"I like that it is also a planner/organizer that can be a record keeper for memories. I like the font!" -- Kelly Bartlett (2012-02-29 14:02:10)

"I will be able to have everything in one place...all of my ADRs, my reservation numbers, jot my info down from each day and a wonderful book to just look at every night while preparing for our next vacation. " -- Christina O'Connor (2012-02-27 22:02:39)

"Everything Nothing This is THE best WDW book around. I always buy one for all my friends who want to go to WDW. You are the absolute BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " -- Jane Boeck (2012-02-27 10:02:09)

"The layout, tips, pockets. Coils could have been a little bigger to allow the pages to turn easier. Just as above - to be able to have access to the e-book copy if you buy the hard copy. The e-book could link with your phones GPS and a map could help show where you are (if it does not do this already)" -- Kris Arvidson (2012-02-26 20:02:04)

"Resort info " -- Sabrina Campbell (2012-02-26 18:02:59)

"All of the information " -- Lora Whittington (2012-02-26 15:02:33)

"On other trips to Disney, i have purchase other guides and keep returning to the PassPorter because it is the best reference i have found. It is a complete guide with details that you don't find in other guides not even the "Official" Disney guides. After purchasing 3 or 4 guides, i still haven't found anything i do not like.... " -- Lori Busold (2012-02-25 11:02:50)

"I like the layout,maps and pockets " -- Kelly Anderson (2012-02-25 02:02:30)

"Its been very helpful in helping me plan our 25th wedding renewal I purchased a Pass porter from Barnes and Noble in 2008 " -- Laura Martin (2012-02-23 21:02:49)

"all the info it gives " -- theresa mazur (2012-02-23 17:02:40)

"Where do I begin? So much to love;nothing to dislike!I suppose I love the PassPockets,they help keep me organized! " -- Loresa Julius (2012-02-23 11:02:12)

"The spiral binding is much better than my 2010 copy. Love all the photos and the information. The book is very easy to read. " -- Mayra Lopez (2012-02-21 19:02:04)

"I love the convenience of having everything in one book! Also the way it breaks everything down for you. " -- Christine Hamaid (2012-02-21 13:02:50)

"Attraction descriptions - add even more info please! " -- Adam Cocio (2012-02-21 13:02:44)

"Wide variety of covered information I haven't looked for or found any problems. None" -- Michael Bailey (2012-02-20 16:02:04)

" I love Passporter!" -- Melissa Britt (2012-02-20 12:02:09)

"I love the refill on my Deluxe version! Just refill and go! " -- Suzanne Avery (2012-02-20 11:02:12)

"Packed full of great info. This is the first time to use it. We go in 7 days so i will get back to you after i see just how helpul it was. Wish there was a better way to take out the resorts that your not staying at. " -- terry couch (2012-02-19 22:02:33)

"all of it I love this book! This is my 4th one" -- sara page hall (2012-02-19 21:02:18)

"The way the book is set up - every section ends on the page it starts on. I still love the Passporter books. They're very easy to read the way they are set up and if you need to go and find info, you can get to just that info with ease. There is no time consuming searching needed because of the way the book is set up." -- Darlene Heidke (2012-02-19 13:02:11)

"Lots of info " -- Kelly Woodworth (2012-02-19 09:02:14)

"I have not bought a passporter since the 2007 version. I love the colored pictures! I brought this to work to show another Disney fanatic who was so impressed that she was going to buy one, and she doesn't even have a trip planned! Good work. Keep it up! " -- Laurie Peterson (2012-02-18 14:02:52)

"very helpful information for a first time disney visitor " -- Stacy Kottenstette (2012-02-18 12:02:11)

"I really like how many color photographs you include in the book. That and the different colored tabs that make it easy to find the section you are looking for. " -- Jessica Dunning (2012-02-17 23:02:13)

"Love the Feasting section. Planning our meals is always a huge part of our Disney experience, and Passporter really helps us! " -- Marisa Pidala (2012-02-17 15:02:19)

"Up to date information on parks. Pass pockets always saying Our, would like to see My available for us single travelers. Keep up the great work, i would not travel with out my Passporter, will be taking my first Disney Cruise in May and love the Cruise one as well" -- Judith Franken (2012-02-16 18:02:39)

"EVERYTHING! The maps, the ratings, and HELPFUL hints. I love how you have included so much information! You have made such a VERY helpful book. Especially for a first-timer. I think it's the BEST resource on the market!" -- Krystal Pace (2012-02-16 15:02:05)

"New information The same pictures in each issue I love this book!!" -- Raegan Brown (2012-02-15 18:02:16)

"Many details about what to do on cruise, when to do pre-cruise items, important port terminal info. Just that you should put something in about Country Inn and Suites if you haven't already in the Port Canaveral section. They did an EXCELLENT job. " -- Carin Davis (2012-02-14 10:02:54)

"I love how it is laid out and that it becomes a great momento of my holiday can't think of anything If the postage hadnt been so high I would have ordered the book direct from yourselves so that I also had access to the free e-book version of the book. However as I live in the UK the postage was too high to do this. So I would like the opportunity to get this at a free or much reduced rate as I have purchsed the hard copy." -- Julia Owens (2012-02-14 01:02:00)

"I love the park sections. Nothing! nothing." -- Michelle Atkinson (2012-02-13 20:02:27)

"All of the detailed information about each park, ride, resort, and restuarants. I also like having one place to write everything down. " -- Casey Arflin (2012-02-13 20:02:01)

"I just love everything about it. I have been a faithful customer since 2000. This year I am lucky enough to have bought them for my son and best friend who are also going!! Nope, Love your books, all of them. Keep up the good work!!!" -- Sharon Neidlein (2012-02-12 18:02:34)

"Full color detailed maps, and very organized. I love the great detail written about the resorts, parks, just everything!! I love the glossy, colourful pages! I dont like the "coiled" bounding. I wish it was just a ringed book, like a binder. It would be easier to use the yellow envelopes at the back of the book. And it was hard to turn the pages with ease, they kept getting "twisted" into the coils. I wish I had the option of ordering "extra days" of the yellow envelopes. You only print up to 10 days, and we are going to be down there for 14 days. I wish I could order extra envelopes from you guys, because they are so great, and make organizing and journaling our vacation days a breeze!" -- Heather Van Der Kleij (2012-02-11 14:02:07)

"The "completeness" of it. It includes everything that we need to know for our trip and is a HUGE help when we get to WDW. We take it with us everytime. Nothing Make it avaliable for got ebook form for the Nook." -- Marc & Jennifer Renzoni (2012-02-11 12:02:30)

"It's everything you need, and it so fun to use! The information is straight forward and simple. A lot of the tips are from readers and backed with a testimonial! A true one of a kind book that separates itself from the pack! Pictures are a bit out dated. Same ones have been in every copy we have owned.DME picture on page 31 of both 2012 and 2010 passporters is the same. Haven't checked our 2009 but assuming it's the same as well. " -- Aaron Terracio (2012-02-11 10:02:44)

"I like the daily planning sheets with the opening to store coupons tickets, etc that you will need each day. I love this book. I use it each time I go to Disney." -- Melva Shade (2012-02-10 18:02:36)

"I love the individual pockets for each day of the vacation. This is my first time I've ever ordered passporter. I just love it! It has such good information in it and will love having this with me at WDW!" -- Shannon McDowell (2012-02-08 23:02:14)

"So much information " -- Jennifer Sheehan (2012-02-08 22:02:55)

"Love the pockets for keeping info during trip. " -- Carol Donoghue (2012-02-08 22:02:07)

"I love love love the way I can personalize the PassPorter in the back of the binder. " -- Jeannette Russell (2012-02-08 10:02:51)

"pockets for storing info for each day and making notes on " -- Jamie Cline (2012-02-07 20:02:53)

"I love the color and vibrancy of the book. Lot's of color, lots of maps, lots of photos. I love the passporter, but I think it might need to be in a bigger binder. The rings spring open awfully easy. " -- Darren Pierson (2012-02-06 20:02:44)

"all the pockets and all the advice and tips " -- Kimberly Boyer (2012-02-06 14:02:22)

"I love all of the unbiased information. I also love the day planner pages. " -- GRETCHEN HAMSON (2012-02-05 19:02:52)

"So much information all in one spot!! it ended " -- Kelly Sackmann (2012-02-05 11:02:17)

"the information and organization not really i love this book" -- Christine Paladino (2012-02-04 05:02:38)

"Pictures from the archives & the PassPockets I love when my new addition of PassPorters arrives. I have been to WDW many times but I get it every year I have a trip. It is perfect for planning & saving memories." -- Heather Baker (2012-02-03 12:02:07)

"I really enjoy the planner aspect of it. Very organized. I also like how the information is very straight forward and easy to understand. Love this book!!! I wish it had been released a little earlier in the season, because I only just found mine at the store 12 days before our trip." -- Karen Agurkis (2012-02-03 04:02:17)

"easy to use, handy to carry along, lots and lots of info. " -- Lynn Smith (2012-02-02 19:02:54)

"how easy it is to plan your entir trip from the book. How about a childrens version. I would love to help you with that one." -- Cathy Helmholdt (2012-02-01 14:02:17)

"it made my kids excited about the cruise and the tips were great unfortunatly my copy isn't current but was still helpful " -- Peggy Oakes (2012-02-01 12:02:29)

"Everything! Being able to review the updates and compare my notes from previous PPs is wonderful! Keep up the great work! It's truly appreciated!" -- Terrie Gray (2012-01-31 12:01:46)

"There is so much to like, but if I had to choose, I'd say the restaurant descriptions, details and ratings. " -- Raquel Auriemma (2012-01-30 18:01:53)

"I love, love, love the map of MK with all the new things showing. I can't wait until all of them are a reality! :) " -- Karen Miller (2012-01-30 13:01:56)

"pockets, included info charts, fold out maps heavy to lug around " -- Carmen Wilson (2012-01-30 00:01:36)

"Very detailed. Love the tips! More tips! Have a kids one that is simplified that an older kid would love." -- Susan Dunton (2012-01-29 17:01:21)

"all the info " -- Carrie Shew (2012-01-29 12:01:18)

"Having it - new to Passporters, like being able to plan and have a spot for everything and a guidebook all in one! I haven't finished reading it yet, so I'll hold comments til I do :^)" -- Regina Pollock (2012-01-29 10:01:38)

"The maps are fantastically detailed and informative. The ticket prices make me crazy. Is it possible to beat Disney and their system?" -- Stanley Malinowski (2012-01-28 21:01:41)

"I liked all the info provided plus the worksheets and maps...there isnt anything I didnt like! " -- Robin Pennsy (2012-01-28 14:01:48)

"I love the tips you don't get anywhere else. I love it all! " -- Cyndy Sarkisian (2012-01-28 13:01:21)

"I like the way it is divided into sections. I like the way everything is rated. " -- Shana Hruby (2012-01-27 23:01:47)

"I love the fact that everything is so current and up to date. Seeing my new Passporter in my mailbox made my day! I have every WDW Passporter since 2000 and I still get excited when the new one arrives. Now I just have to find the time to read all the newest updates available in this 2012 edition. Thanks for making my day today." -- Kathy Libby (2012-01-27 12:01:56)

"The pocket itineraries are great for helping me organize our trip. " -- Joanne Shepard (2012-01-27 07:01:45)

"All of the places to write in it...worksheets/pocket pages/etc. Also like that the new additions/changes are highlighted throughout the book. It would be nice to have a place to write in the park hours and EMH hours for the days that you are staying." -- Erin Jenkins (2012-01-25 22:01:43)

"I love the details, the color pictures, the pockets....I love it all! " -- Melody Snelson (2012-01-25 16:01:35)

"Can update teh Yellow packets at back with new ones. It seems thicker than the spiral. I love the Passporter!!" -- Colleen Parisi (2012-01-25 10:01:44)

"I love that I can add or remove sections to the binder so I have exactly what I need to plan the perfect vacation! " -- Kristin Harrod (2012-01-25 08:01:20)

"I like that it is in color, park maps, descriptions of hotes, and ratings! " -- Laura Greco (2012-01-24 13:01:15)

"I love the thicker paper with color that the newer books have, much better than the old thinner paper. Love all of my Passporter books! Planning a Disney vacation is not the same without one!" -- Sheila Schutzenhofer (2012-01-24 10:01:25)

"extensive information, graphics and photos Great way to plan your Disney World experience!" -- Patricia Drake (2012-01-24 09:01:36)

"Being able to adapt this book to my own uses. I can take out the pages I don't need, add in pages that I do, use it to budget, and even hold small keepsakes in. I love how versitle it is. ^^ " -- Victoria Norvell (2012-01-24 06:01:04)

"I like that I can take the pages out and also replace them as needed...Love the pocket's in the back to hold thing's in. " -- Renee Young (2012-01-23 19:01:54)

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"easy to organize trip. info on how to from place to place. great book! just love it. going to wdw in may and it will be with us the whole time." -- cathy mccullough (2012-01-23 12:01:21)

"Maps, tips, layout of the resort rooms and property. You do a good job at this already, but I do like knowing which resorts have double sinks....Maybe Beach Club and Yacht Club have remodel but at one time there was no real clear way, it seemed as if they had half and half. Or i could be mixing up with Caribbean Beach Resort, do they have double sinks in all their rooms?? And this may have been resolved." -- Michelle Hiner (2012-01-22 10:01:18)

"Just started reading it but have gotten alot of information so far. I couldn't wait to get it because I had seen it in a bookstore and it looked like it would have alot of information I would be looking for when planning a trip to Disney World. Great information on all aspects of the book." -- Judy Dakota (2012-01-22 09:01:25)

"Tons of info, and visitor ratings Bulk associated with the extra pictures section at the end. Not that I didn't like the pictures section, but it adds unnecessary bulk for travel " -- Brian White (2012-01-20 22:01:04)

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"all the info on the meals so that I can plan where to eat. Also the resort info. that the spiral sometimes breaks like my last years did and became unraveled " -- Julie Dennis (2012-01-19 17:01:49)

"I love all things binder related. We used the PassPorter for our 2005 trip and now we have a wonderful souvenir with all the great tips! We switched our trip to 2012 and now the year is wrong. :) " -- Karen Nines (2012-01-19 09:01:54)

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"Shore Excursions, tips for first day aboard, dining tips Love the Book!" -- Ronald Warr (2012-01-18 06:01:09)

"love the full colour pictures! the binder rings dont fit snugly together pages catch ! 2 pages have already ripped. Shipping is too much to return. should have stuck to spiral bound " -- Kerry Collins (2012-01-17 20:01:09)

"The amount of information. It always makes planning my vacations such an ease. It's also wonderful to keep it all so organized. " -- Erin Lunsford (2012-01-17 19:01:33)

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"Everything was a big help with our visit. We had the passport on our first visit in 2006 and got this 2007 the next year. We could have used some more space to write things we did during the day, but it was a great help. Elestic band around the book stretched out and wasn't much help after a while. Some pockets could be bigger for heavier maps and things. " -- Lynn Smith (2012-01-15 13:01:02)

"I love the quality of the pages, the colored photos and maps. This is the first Passporter I have bought in a while and I am so excited to see all the changes since my last one. I love your online community and think you have done a great job!" -- Angela Merkle (2012-01-14 21:01:46)

"I liked the way information was laid out concisely, my son loves the fold out maps. The personalizing/customizing part of the book. We are local with APs, so we would not use this and it just takes up space. " -- Amie Kitch (2012-01-14 11:01:24)

"Everything it was a wonderful tool to learn about cruising as when I purchased it I went on my first cruise. " -- Barbie Bower (2012-01-13 22:01:30)

"I wanted an electronic edition. I have too many books It's a pdf. Doesn't have the functionality of a Kindle book It seems like I end up buying one of these every year! " -- Mary Werner (2012-01-12 13:01:25)

"I love the interactive piece to all passporters! n/a " -- Kimberly OConnor (2012-01-09 13:01:47)

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"the pocket pages. it made a great keepsake after the trip as well as kept me organized I liked everything about it " -- Diane Hall (2012-01-02 20:01:02)

"*The organization *The pull out maps *The place for confirmation numbers in the back *The great amount of pertinent information that you have included! Great to use ahead of time, can't carry it around the park, too big. Great job! If the last time I went was in April 2007, will the 2012 book be much different? Is it worth it to order a new book? I'm excited to finally be going again, and I hope the book 5 years later has lots of different things about it. " -- Laurie Peterson (2011-12-27 11:12:32)

"The tips nothing no" -- Teresa Carpe (2011-11-28 13:11:32)

"This was my first Passporter ever and it was so helpful since it was before I started going to Disney so often. Before owning a Passporter we wandered around lost w/o accomplishing much of anything. " -- Sandra Loya (2011-11-15 10:11:00)

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"My son filled out the pockets with the Daily highlights forms, map guides for the parks we were in that day and other souviniers and handed in the WHOLE thing as his "journal" (we took him out during school). Well, the staff just loved it and bought some for themselves! We LOVE your passporter. the 2007 ed is SO dog eared. we are planning another trip in 2012 and I will be buying another copy for my son for his trip journal. Another student is going along and I will be buying him a copy too. and I'm buying his mother the 500 tips in paperback (i have it as a download). LOVE your website too! and your newsletter!" -- Leslie Pirl-Roth (2011-09-22 08:09:30)

"detailed information on what to expect on a Disney cruise and info about the ships " -- Victoria Juran (2011-08-28 11:08:37)

"well organized, great info! " -- Russ Parasiliti (2011-08-18 15:08:04)

"maps and helpful reviews of the rides in each park. " -- Gina Higgins (2011-08-18 11:08:09)

"love everything! Info on ship, excursions, stateroom info and everything else about the DCL!!! Nothing! Love everything! Sailing on the Dream in 199 days :-) Can't wait to read all about it!!" -- Lori Tousignant (2011-08-15 16:08:49)

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"I love how detailed it is. Would like it in color. " -- Teri Kilmer (2011-07-30 10:07:25)

"Soooooo much information & soooo many tips " -- Roberta Fuller (2011-07-29 21:07:37)

"Its the best and most comprehensive guide to the parks and the Cruise ships! They also serve as awesome scrapbooks and journals. We have 11 Passporters lined up on our book shelves. They are a timeless treasure trove of family memories! Thanks for doing such a great job with these travel guides! As a couple who lives near Disney, we have been innundated with friends and family wanting "tours" of Disney over the years. Our depth of knowledge largely comes from your books. Also, when we can't accompany our out of town guests, we always put a new Passporter in their hands before we send them on their way! " -- Heather Kotara (2011-07-27 11:07:45)

"I especially liked that all of the newer information was highlighted. I would double check the metal bracket and rings for rust. Ours had rust in couple of places." -- Christine Mair (2011-07-21 00:07:51)

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"Honestly loved everything. Loved how I could keep very organized with it. We called it our Disney Bible " -- Lynda Francis (2011-07-04 23:07:17)

"reviews on the shore excursions. Port of call information. getting to thick. " -- Joyce Gamertsfelder (2011-06-30 12:06:57)

"Loved everything! info on the ships staterooms (charts on pgs 130 & 131 were very helpful), activities for different age levels, reviews of port adventures, ETC!! " -- Stephanie Denton (2011-06-20 09:06:45)

"the about of info you give on everything!! love it! " -- Jessica Oxley (2011-06-16 13:06:39)

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"I love the details, the maps, the pictures, everthing! I would love a guide for Paris, Tokyo Sea, etc... " -- Cheryl Anderson (2011-06-01 06:06:34)

"fast pass helps " -- mia lanyon (2011-05-26 17:05:27)

"The envelopes allowing to keep tickets, maps, etc. and valuable information about the trip/ memories. It is bulky- but how else can you pack this much information into it? " -- Rob Goddard (2011-05-24 23:05:51)

"The info about cruise check-in since we have never gone on one. It's too bad you had to write it before you went of the Dream. " -- Jeffrey Kalasinski (2011-05-23 18:05:32)

"All the information it provides in getting to know what I will come across once on the cruise although still waiting to find out more information about Mexican Riviera cruises " -- Sigrid Wilcox (2011-05-11 11:05:57)

"All the up-to-date info presented in a friendly voice. " -- Melanie Mercier (2011-05-09 20:05:00)

"Loved all the detailed info on the cruise ships, both the physical ship and activities, meals, etc. " -- Holly Harakaly (2011-05-01 19:05:36)

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"tips repetition in refills Love all of your work" -- Kara McHale (2011-04-24 20:04:36)

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"We like how it rates the restaurants, describes the cusine, and how long of a wait to expect. It too bulky. We bought this for our Disney vacation in 2007 and have used it 3 times. We are going back to Disney on June 3rd this year, and have decided it is time to buy the newest version of Passporter." -- Kriston Haag (2011-04-16 13:04:53)

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"I really enjoyed your depth of coverage on every aspect of cruising - it was our first cruise and it was on Disney so why not start with the best info my only complaint was the Pisa excursion feedback - I was very worried after reading that it was a disappointment, but we loved it! My husband and I, our 7yr old who had chosen Pisa and our 3 mo old, along with my mother thought that it was one of our favorites! The drive was one of the most beautiful we had been on with the beautiful marble mountains in the background. One thing we did though was to just enjoy Pisa on our own w/o the tour guide in our ear. We had been on port adventures in Tunis, Herculaneum and Rome and just wanted to enjoy the beauty of Pisa. It was perfect! We just met up with our group to reboard the bus and enjoyed our time at our own pace. (Maybe a hint to readers in the future!) Have just ordered the 2011 edition for our cruise to Alaska in Sept and the Disney World guide for our cruise on the Fantasy next April - Thanks for all of the great info that has now made us addicted to cruising with Disney and myself addicted to your books!" -- marni mortell (2011-04-07 23:04:42)

"hints & port info only needed europe info. had to wade through all cruises " -- Carri-Ann Scott (2011-04-05 21:04:20)

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"I loved this book! It was extremely helpful in pre-planning our vacation, and the pockets in the back were great to keep track of spending & writing down memories. " -- Holly Tamaye (2011-04-01 19:04:49)

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"All the new information!! Tips are great, too- It took a long time to come! But I understand.. :) " -- Ellen Geissel (2011-03-26 15:03:50)

"Perfect for a first time family trip to Disney. All the info we needed to make our decisions easy, which helped us have a great (almost)stress-free vacation with our boys. NOTHING! " -- Lyndi Malarchuk (2011-03-26 10:03:00)

"The layout is great, easy to find information. Liked the shaded "tabs" along the side because it's easy to find a specific section. Planning guides are helpful. Liked the list of websites. " -- Trish Holmes (2011-03-26 08:03:46)

"I always love the great info, maps, and pockets/journal pages " -- Melissa Barnard (2011-03-25 15:03:34)

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"Actually, I liked everything. I enjoyed reading up on all the different port excursions an about the food on the ship!! I like the setup with the tabbed categories on the edge of each page for easy access! " -- Beth Keane (2011-03-21 10:03:35)

"All the tips for first time cruisers and how well organized the book is. I wish you gave more (or directed folks to) more information (e.g., company names, internet links, etc) on car rental off the St. Maarten pier. The book mentioned there was 5 pier-side agencies, but no company names were listed. " -- Joseph Chambers (2011-03-20 17:03:03)

"The detailed information on Disney Cruises and the updates about the upcoming ship the Disney Dream " -- Kelley Bliden (2011-03-19 11:03:01)

"I like the detail about the ship itself, the menus, cabin layouts, prices It did not include enough information about Alaska; Keep up the good work!" -- Lila Quintiliani (2011-03-08 22:03:48)

"We had a previous edition, and bought this one before our recent cruise. There was SO much more information! We even took it with us, because there was stuff we wanted to know while on the cruise! " -- Jan DeVries (2011-03-01 20:03:42)

"I loved the detailed info on cruising - since I've never cruised before. Also loved the index. " -- Gretchen Ohar (2011-02-28 00:02:08)

"The DCL Passporter is excellent, there is so much information in here to help us plan our honeymoon. there was nothing I least liked. " -- karyn klimowicz (2011-02-26 19:02:33)

"Organization, maps, color, tons of information on everything! " -- Cindy Belue (2011-02-26 14:02:38)

"hard to, stateroom info, restaurant info,excursions love it all " -- Brenda Badger (2011-02-24 14:02:31)

"i like the first hand account of the different excursion, meals and things to do on the ship " -- Erin Lechner (2011-02-24 09:02:52)

"the wealth of information nothing " -- Sandra Aragona (2011-02-24 09:02:34)

"All the new information is great. " -- Heather Pratt (2011-02-23 19:02:10)

"The detailed info Too early to include Dream info..Can't wait for 2011! " -- Blossom Zell (2011-02-22 10:02:46)

"Durability of the binder (much better than the spiral bound edition I previously had) great book, would love to see on Kindle!" -- Robin Crawford (2011-02-22 09:02:29)

"Great tips! " -- Kristi Scaglione (2011-02-21 14:02:33)

"color maps; descriptions, tips & ratings; looseleaf PassPockets " -- Becky Lee (2011-02-20 22:02:34)

"It is very thorough and informative! I love the first-hand reporting and the helpful advice. " -- Heather Ferguson-Hull (2011-02-18 18:02:16)

"I love the pockets. I also love the detailed restaurant and hotel reviews. " -- Andrea Usami (2011-02-17 11:02:39)

"All of the great info! The more you know the easier it is "to go"! I would probably organize the book a little differently. See below. We are going on the May 21st Alaska cruise and feel like we are going blind. Any info you have would be most appreciated." -- Susan Stafford (2011-02-15 08:02:51)

"Easy access to everything I need to know. Also I love the pass pockets. They help me keep up with and remember my past vacations. " -- Erin Lunsford (2011-02-11 23:02:37)

"I like the size, style of writing and the passpockets. " -- Michelle Heisler (2011-02-09 22:02:44)

"First time cruiser tips Didn't much info on the Mexican cruise that I'm going on! " -- Valerie Johhston (2011-02-04 10:02:13)

"I like the place in the book for writing down itinerary and reservation info best guide we have found for trip planning. We have used 3 passporters to plan 3 trips so far and are waiting for the 2011 edition to plan our trip this year." -- Robert Henriksen (2011-02-02 21:02:08)

"I have had numerous passporters for WDW and love them. I knew when we were planning our 1st cruise that your cruise edition would also hit the mark. Sailing on Disney Dream and very little info in the edition I got. Also needed more handicap info on shore excursions. " -- Sammie Rutledge (2011-02-02 13:02:16)

"Organization of the book greatly helps in my planning. " -- David Hart (2011-02-02 12:02:30)

"tons of info about cruises " -- Jill Kitzke (2011-01-31 11:01:33)

"I loved how thorough it was with information on the resorts and each ride. This is great! I'm so glad I discovered this! I used it to plan my Honeymoon in 2007 and will be buying a new one to plan our first family trip with our daughter in 2012. Can't wait!" -- Sarah King (2011-01-30 17:01:08)

"The factual information on the Disney Cruis Line Can't wait for the edition which includes the new Dream Ship" -- Linda Martin (2011-01-29 00:01:09)

"Honesty and getting the most up to date information on our cruise. " -- Bonnie Kronz (2011-01-24 11:01:32)

"My friend recommended getting one and I was very glad I kept everything organized and I was able to write in the book-very helpful w/planning & advice. " -- Gina Kwortnik (2011-01-21 14:01:54)

"I love everything about your books! They are so helpful and FUN to read! They really make the planning exciting! " -- Amy Degnan (2011-01-20 17:01:21)

"I love all the information and hard work that was put into the Passporter. " -- Melissa Kyler (2011-01-19 19:01:15)

"great book with information...easy to read " -- James Perry (2011-01-19 13:01:02)

"planning pages and tips. Passenger ratings of different cruise excursions and iteneraries and menu items Not enough tips How can I find out about the new cruise excursions and ports? We are booked on an April Mexican Riviera cruise and my passporter doesn't have any information" -- Gailyn Popovich (2011-01-17 11:01:26)

"very informative nothing This book was amazing!! I loved it!" -- Monica Armstrong (2011-01-17 11:01:17)

"Loved all the fill in the blank sheets and maps. Felt like I had the "World" in my hands. " -- Rhonda Edwards (2011-01-10 23:01:21)

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"I loved all the wonderful hints to make the trip more enjoyable and organized. All the detailed information enabled us to get the most out of our Disney trip. I would not own any other Disney book. I have NO complaints.:-)) This is the best Disney book on the market!! We used the PassPorter book for our last vacation and the trip went off without a hitch. It is an EXCELLENT resource. I wouldn't travel to Disney World without it...EVER.:-))" -- Lisa Gonzales (2011-01-08 11:01:56)

"everything! It has really helped prepare us for our upcoming cruise. It didn't include the Mexican Riviera ports " -- Sheree K (2011-01-05 20:01:50)

"This is my second passporter and I've borrowed friends' before - the whole thing is great! I love the cruiser tips and the what to expect/how to plan info the best! " -- Kristin Foco (2011-01-05 20:01:45)

"great information about what to expect and what to pack wish it had color pictures but I understand that black/white print helps keep the cost down so it is ok with me keep the great info coming" -- Amanda Nash (2011-01-04 21:01:37)

"Practical advice and opinions. Book read like insider information. No information about Mexican Riviera excursions. " -- Nicole Aitken (2011-01-04 02:01:14)

"Loved all the organizational hints and tips. Makes planning so much easier Would like pictures in color, but do understand that may increase cost of publishing the book " -- Caroline Hendy (2010-12-29 11:12:55)

"It is an entire book dedicated to my cruise line which is filled with so much helpful information. Also, it is written by people who have cruised with the cruise line and share their info with others! I wish the pics were in color. Thanks for such an informative book which is so beneficial to dedicated Disney cruisers like my family!" -- Bette Steele (2010-12-25 19:12:07)

"excursion information not enough detail/information about the meditteranean cruise " -- Ingrid Amidon (2010-12-15 11:12:47)

"Nice quality binder, loaded with information. Still hoping to see specifics about the Disney dream. " -- Kathleen David-Bajar (2010-12-12 19:12:12)

"It has the most information all in one place! It's categorized very nicely. " -- Mary Spina (2010-12-09 15:12:51)

"All the wonderful new information. No color pictures. " -- Betty Sue Sanders (2010-12-06 23:12:14)

"I needed info on the Med cruises and ports. It doesn't have the Alaska cruises and ports info yet. " -- Shelly Craigmiles (2010-12-06 17:12:47)

"- hints of what our dining schedule might be - details on how dinner will work (menus, special events) - tips for crusing with young children " -- Noel Kivimaki (2010-11-27 21:11:15)

"I love how easy it is to find the answers I'm looking for, as each section is easily defined. " -- Michelle Galbert (2010-11-26 19:11:21)

"tons of helpful info the pages keep getting stuck I love the books and the website. Thank you so much!" -- Amberlee Futa (2010-11-23 21:11:09)

"Very easy to read, I couldn't put it down! I love Passporters. I think it's the best guide book series for all the different Disney destinations! Keep up the good work! I will definitely continue to purchase Passporter products. " -- Heather Kaminski (2010-11-21 23:11:51)

"I recieved this before my first WDW visit in 2008 and I could not have asked for a better book to prepare me. It was very thorough and helpful Great job. Love the books! " -- Heather Kaminski (2010-11-21 23:11:37)

"I really like the descriptions and the ratings for the various port adventures. I also find the book very informative on various aspects of the cruise planning and the different things that you can do and see while on the cruise. " -- Lisa Hall (2010-11-18 23:11:04)

"Keeping everything about our trip on one, neat place, and having so much info at my fingertips! " -- Melissa Butler (2010-11-14 16:11:59)

"I love each chapter and the details provided. But I especially love the Staying in Style in a Stateroom chapter. I adore all of the PassPorter books and each edition is improved when you can't imagine it getting any better! " -- Wendy Braddick (2010-11-10 11:11:07)

"Everything! This will be my first cruise. I especially loved all the little "tips" " -- Kristy Kelly (2010-11-08 10:11:45)

"Port of call information Keep up the good work !!!!" -- Jeanne Farrance (2010-11-06 11:11:36)

"The great amount of detail included. So far it has answered every question I have had. " -- Loretta Hutchinson (2010-11-05 19:11:54)

"Ease of reading, shore excusion info, detailed cabin info which includes square footage. Too small! Love the passporters and e-books and website. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!" -- Jamie Mims (2010-11-05 10:11:41)

"All the great planning information and the pictures. " -- Leah Lockett (2010-11-01 15:11:09)

"all the inside info pictures not in color " -- Richard Marshall (2010-11-01 11:11:37)

"It had a lot of valuable information. I could not stop reading it because I just kept getting more excited about our future cruise in 2011 The cruise Passporter did not have color like the Disney land passporter " -- Tammy Daunhauer (2010-10-31 19:10:45)

"The detailed information on the cabins. Nothing. " -- Deborah Streule (2010-10-31 08:10:56)

"Easy to use-lots of helpful information " -- dee martin-hughes (2010-10-27 13:10:51)

"All the great tips. the grey writing on the white background " -- Helen Thiem (2010-10-25 22:10:19)

"Organiation Thank you, I love my passporter!" -- Susan Louque (2010-10-18 11:10:58)

"Everything. You can tell you have been on many cruises and the depth of knowledge is great. I also like that I received the online book too - it helps when I am on the computer and don't have my book next to me - I can just look it up online! It takes a while to get used to the highlighting for the 'added' information. I know for the next couple DCL editions it will be changing quite a bit due to the new ships and itineraries coming out. Can I become a contributing writer too? =)" -- Stephanie Newton (2010-10-18 10:10:27)

"tips spiral " -- Nina Pasternack (2010-10-16 12:10:26)

"The up to date information and tips and suggestions Keep up the good work!" -- Farah Chohan (2010-10-14 21:10:28)

"Details about the Disney Cruise Line The price...$21 w/tax I love this book" -- Jimmy Hire (2010-10-14 01:10:06)

"All the new information on the Dream. We have contacted Stuart's Cove in Nassau, and they will not book with you directly per their contract with Disney, which is also on their website. Also the pick up times are negotiated with DCL and is not available for those that book directly. Just thought you would like to know this. " -- Sonya Enfinger (2010-10-13 00:10:43)

"I like so much about the Passporter's book(s)! The information is thorough and up to date. I like the writing style-I love the way the authors' love of disney is portrayed! " -- Susan Billingham (2010-10-12 10:10:21)

"All the little details. We like to know what to expect, and advance knowledge gives opportunity for more informed decisions. " -- Debra Montemayor (2010-10-10 02:10:53)

"Packing list was very useful. Pockets help me plan and keep organized. " -- Barbara Kennedy (2010-10-09 16:10:06)

"recording what we did helps us remember and reflect later " -- Tammy Bertsch (2010-09-26 19:09:27)

"Detailed information about cabins, types, really everything. It was hard this year with the new Dream launch. I think you did the best you could with all the changes but the book was late in getting out there. We love your attention to details and giving us reviews from different perspectives. " -- Rosemary Boyle Lasher (2010-09-25 14:09:28)

"Tons of usable information to help plan our cruise Nothing " -- Michael Hale (2010-09-25 10:09:07)

"So many helpful tips!! " -- Susan McAdam (2010-09-22 11:09:55)

"So far, lots of things! However, we've only just begun! My wife likes it because she like tangible books...I read the PDF version on my Android Phone. " -- Thomas Paquette (2010-09-20 22:09:37)

"Lots of great tips! A little confusing - jumping between the ships. Definitely helped fuel my anticipation for our first Disney cruise (or any cruise)!!" -- Tammy Nelson (2010-09-20 16:09:23)

"everything love that the new ones have colour photos" -- Stephanie Stevens (2010-09-17 14:09:32)

"Colors and pockets I love it" -- Pam Sandretto (2010-09-09 17:09:47)

"time saving tips never mentioned "singles" on a Disney Cruise, or what some Port Adventures or travel to them would cost if arranged yourself. First day "touring plan" is valuable. Even more detail or suggestions would probably help even more people." -- BRAD SCHAFER (2010-09-08 17:09:45)

"Everything. I felt it was very informative with tips on how to save money, indepth info on additional charges to things and great worksheets! Just love it! " -- Jessica Revard (2010-09-06 20:09:40)

"I like that the changes are hi-lited for easy references. Like info on ports of call. " -- Jacqueline Urban (2010-09-05 10:09:42)

"keeps me organized and I love the park and hotel description. I also love the pocket pages in the back " -- Cynthia Sullivan (2010-09-01 22:09:31)

"Very thorough. Well organized! Good tips. Wish there were more coverage for the ports of call for the 2011 Panama cruise. " -- Kirk Davis (2010-09-01 14:09:22)

"I love the information, and the fact that I can write my notes in the book itself.. and keep things in the pockets... and excellent resource!! nothing " -- Cathleen Woodward (2010-08-29 09:08:32)

"Another great Passporter. I don't go to Disney without it. " -- Linda Kuzian (2010-08-27 23:08:00)

"The tips--enter Topsiders on the right, deck parties less noisy on deck 10, etc. " -- Robin Stanley (2010-08-27 14:08:18)

"The wide variety of information provided and the thoroughness of it. (For us old folks with bifocals) The charts and deck plans print font is too small. " -- David Brassfield (2010-08-24 21:08:22)

"Organization, tips Love the book! Thanks for doing the research and compiling the information to help me have a better vacation. :)" -- Lisa Thompson (2010-08-24 19:08:45)

"Such great reviews of the ports and onboard activites. The detail is incredible. " -- Dana Giuliano (2010-08-24 09:08:29)

"Was a valuable planning tool and I loved being able to store receipts by day. " -- Traci DeLore (2010-08-23 21:08:39)

"This was my first Passporter. I loved that it was more than just pictures (like Birnbaums). Just tons of information! absolutely nothing! Thanks for all you do to make my trip to WDW the best one ever, every time!" -- Toni Towers (2010-08-23 20:08:37)

"I loved all the details since this is our first cruise coming up. " -- Laura Richardson (2010-08-22 23:08:05)

"The ship layouts are wonderful, as well as the descriptions of the staterooms, ports, and dining options. This is a dream book. It lets you know what to expect from before checking in to the time you disembark. I would never go on another Disney Cruise without it. It is also great to have for other cruises, because it will tell you about different port options. The book is a must for anyone considering a cruise. Great job, Jennifer and Dave!" -- Melissa Potter (2010-08-20 08:08:04)

"This book is so informative. It gave me the whole break down of the cruise, ships and all. I honestly didn't find anything that I didn't like. It is a great book! " -- Jonna Coffin (2010-08-18 11:08:45)

"Everything is great so far The part about the trips I can't afford to take " -- Tom Fisher (2010-08-18 08:08:20)

"All of the information gives a complete picture of the parks and resorts. The insider info helps to create a plan for vacation. I would have like more pictures of the resort rooms to make a better decision as to which room to stay in. " -- Mitchell Poska (2010-08-17 14:08:35)

"like the loose leaf format so can sort out stuff I don't need on our trip almost too thick for the deluxe binder (good news/bad news kind of thing) " -- Kim Havick (2010-08-17 09:08:34)

"Everything! The pockets kept everything together. The PassPorter had all information about the parks handy and in one place. " -- Karen Smith (2010-08-14 15:08:59)

"Since I have never been on a cruise before, I like all of the practical information and tips " -- Karen Smith (2010-08-14 15:08:29)

"all the info for our 1st cruise. n/a " -- George Todorovich (2010-08-14 07:08:07)

"Guide is very informative. " -- Brenda Goodpaster (2010-08-12 17:08:00)

"I like the attention to detail. no" -- Tim Bollinger (2010-08-12 15:08:25)

"so much info on everything need more info on the dream " -- Lisa Santos (2010-08-10 08:08:59)

"wealth of information, deck plans " -- Marnie Urmaza (2010-08-09 14:08:45)

"Figuring out the restaurants. It was our first time using the dining plan and the passporter was great when we all sat down to decide where we wanted to eat. It was great having all this info at your fingertips. We chose the right building at the Polynesian because of the PassPorter! :)" -- Evonne Williams (2010-08-09 12:08:11)

"The updates! Taking a 7 night cruise in February...just had to have the lastest info. to plan, plan, plan! " -- Chris Bonilla (2010-08-08 12:08:56)

"This was my first PPer book. I loved the pockets, and the restaurant listings with ratings, and DDP designation. Love the park maps. Also the resort descriptions. " -- Sue Meredith (2010-08-08 00:08:23)

"the amazing amout of useful information in an easy to digest format the print is small and with gray highlights hard to read As first time cruisers we have confidence in enjoying out trip because of the incredible information our passporter has provided. This is a must for any first time cruisers! How about a new passporter on Making your second cruise the best it can be." -- Mike Kay (2010-08-06 21:08:13)

"I love the tips and memories form past cruisers and the organized way I can find out everything from where to stay before the cruise, the ports of call, the hows and whys, all about the ships, even the fact that I couldn't have afforded the excursion to see the Dream being built :-( Yikes that cost more than I could afford to spend on a cruise!) The fact that I can't go on every cruise itinerary and visit everywhere described in the book. " -- Nancy L (2010-08-06 18:08:40)

"All the information packed into the Passporter is wonderful!! I feel like I have watched your son, Alexander, grow up! I have bought passporters for the past couple of years and love the pictures of him...seeing him at different stages. I wouldn't take a Disney vacation with a Passporter book!" -- Shantel Chesteen (2010-08-06 08:08:18)

"Very up to date information All new ports of call black and white print Keep on going! The books are great" -- Sally Pauwels (2010-08-04 16:08:07)

"All the new information on the dream Almost too big for the binder not that isn't already said." -- William Clements (2010-08-03 22:08:33)

"It's loaded with information I was so happy when it arrived today. There's so much to read. I'm so excited about my Dec cruise. Thank You" -- Dianne Krest (2010-08-02 19:08:40)

"very informative, laid out well, lots of times and money saving tips none at this time " -- Bill Hutchinson (2010-07-26 13:07:00)

"it was great to help plan and organize our trip to disney. nothing i loved it just the way it was. " -- Heather Meszar (2010-07-24 11:07:52)

"I like the details and personal experiences and the pockets I bought it from amazon because I thought your shipping costs were way too high Your book is one of the first things I get as soon as a Disney trip is talked about" -- Kim Havick (2010-07-16 21:07:02)

"Easy to find information I need " -- Missy Smith (2010-07-05 16:07:51)

"I loved the fold out maps, ride descriptions and restaurant descriptions. " -- Stefanee Currier (2010-06-10 12:06:20)

"The wealth of information and the way it is all organized A kids Passporter guide book" -- Pamela Dorr (2010-06-08 01:06:13)

"I loved the pictures and the detailed information on thge resorts and the restaurants. " -- Jennifer Schultz (2010-05-31 16:05:31)

"very helpful and informative..easy to use " -- angela overdier (2010-05-31 13:05:00)

"It was full of helpful information for a first trip to Disney World. " -- Lynnette Scott (2010-05-30 01:05:27)

"We like to go to WDW during our anniversary time so I am always looking for romantic things to do while we're there. " -- Kristen Kulkarni (2010-05-24 12:05:18)

"maps, resort info my little elastic band that holds it closed broke quickly " -- Jennifer Wilder (2010-05-23 22:05:26)

"I love the Information that no one else would tell me. About the prices, and all the different places i can get married at.. I love it. Book marking the pages, and everytime I go back into it I have to scrole down and figure out where I left off. I want to thank you for making these books. They are alot of help. Better then any other wedding planner I looked at. " -- Jessica Riley (2010-05-19 09:05:00)

"Loved the honeymoon information. I never would have known to use the honeymoon registry if it wasn't for this book. " -- Marianne Goode (2010-05-19 00:05:42)

"I love the pockets in the back and also the pages for me to record the daily events, weather, plans etc... " -- Wendy Suchomel (2010-05-18 08:05:55)

"This was my first book and I loved all the tools for planning and that I was able to keep everything in one place. " -- Alethea Pergament (2010-05-17 12:05:15)

"It was my very first one and I loved everything about it! " -- Cathy Brockway (2010-05-14 20:05:14)

"info, lay out " -- Debra Hahn (2010-05-09 21:05:57)

"The information it gives me to prepare for my vacation " -- Jennifer Clark (2010-05-07 22:05:21)

"The maps of resorts and parks. Invaluable in planning. Have trouble figuring out the tabs. I basically love your books." -- Lisa Lewis (2010-05-07 12:05:30)

"The maps of resorts and parks. Invaluable in planning. Have trouble figuring out the tabs. I basically love your books." -- Lisa Lewis (2010-05-07 12:05:05)

"All the information " -- Lynn Holstein (2010-05-06 09:52:09)

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