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PassPorter Feedback for PassPorter's Open Mouse

Real Words from Real People in Real Time

Wondering what people really think about PassPorter's Open Mouse guidebook? The quotes below are directly from our Book Registration system where we ask folks for their feedback (likes and dislikes) on our guidebooks. The quotes that appear below are only from those readers who've specifically granted us permission to include their quote and their name. This list is generated dynamically in real time (most recent feedback is first), so you're seeing the real comments without any editing. Note: If you see any inappropriate items appear in this list (i.e., spam), please contact us immediately. Thanks!

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"All the helpful information and tips for those who are challenged or have special needs. " -- Beverly Goff (2016-06-23 20:06:26)

"Wealth of detailed info on specific conditions. That there isn't a more up to date version, especially given the big changes in the DAS that the parks have undergone in the last year or two. Not yet, wait til we get back 😉" -- Dena Jansen (2015-07-12 15:07:27)

"Very helpful in realistically discussing a WDW trip with my elderly inlaws. " -- Lori Ketcherside (2015-04-27 20:04:03)

"I love the information it gives on helping someone with disabilities to get around the parks. As a Travel Agent, it is my go-to source when I have clients who have disabilities traveling to Disney. " -- Brenda Lyday (2015-01-03 15:01:12)

"I haven't read it yet but I am anxious to! I really appreciate that you have a whole book devoted to special needs at WDW & DCL. That helps me a lot since I have a son with autism and a mom who uses a wheelchair. " -- Carol Yeh (2014-06-19 21:06:55)

"So many things to help us during our trip with our son. I would have never known some of these things even with the research I've done. " -- Jen Wiechman (2014-06-15 19:06:37)

"It helped me decide what I wanted to do in WDW. nothing " -- Jackie Blersch (2014-06-03 14:06:32)

"I desperately needed good information for my upcoming trip my mom and aunt, both of which have mobility and other special needs. This book is fantastic for me trying to create touring plans that will work for us. " -- Cynthia Jendrejcak (2013-10-26 01:10:38)

"very informative. lots of tips for families. loved all of it " -- Cyndi Arndt (2013-02-16 19:02:15)

"Updated information on the Disney Dream and Fantasy as well as AOA and Fantasyland Lots! " -- Gordon LaGrow (2012-11-28 19:11:21)

"Great information on the best way to handle my special needs children (Autistic) on our vacations. Also useful when we traveled with a cancer patient. I wish it was more updated as the copy we purchased was from 2007. Alot has changed at WDW in the last 5 years! " -- Jeannette Zuccarello (2012-06-01 10:06:43)

"Very informative with good recommendations for special needs. " -- Rachel Munn (2012-05-02 22:05:52)

"Resort and cruiseline tips " -- Lori Thomas (2012-03-18 14:03:23)

"I thought it is always helpful in planning a successfull trip I think everything is great about it " -- David Engler (2012-03-15 02:03:52)

"great resource for any travel agent. Passporter has been one of my "go to" resources for any Disney trip, either my own or my clients. " -- Thomas deHaan (2012-02-03 07:02:50)

"I liked that it was about how to visit Walt Disney World when you have a disability. I would have liked more pages where you could write your own coments (like the pages in the Passporter for Walt Disney World 2012 " -- Lillian Mack (2012-01-03 16:01:12)

"I liked that it covered every special need in our family. Mobility issues, fears, and food allergies. I liked being prepared. It took away a lot of anxiety knowing that our needs would be met. " -- Sandra Loya (2011-11-15 10:11:28)

"the volume of information " -- Nancy Ahlsen (2011-10-08 23:10:32)

"Lots of helpful tips " -- Ida Schoenborn (2011-09-19 21:09:01)

"It was great having more info about special needs in one place. I think it is time for a new edition. " -- Michele Quinn (2011-08-26 14:08:14)

"It is so comprehensive. I have been a special education preschool teacher for the city of Newton in Massachusetts for almost 20 years, and your descriptions of the various disabilities and areas of challenge were absolutely amazing! I bought it because I was going to Disney a few weeks ago with a broken foot. Unfortunatley we ended up cancelling, because my husband thought it would be too much with our 4 young daughters (all aged between 5 and 10 years old). But I felt completely prepared after reading open mouse! I am also because now I know where to send the families in my class to buy a book that will greatly support them in answering any questions that may have when planning or even considering a trip to Disney with their child with special needs. " -- Jennifer McGarvey (2011-08-02 15:08:16)

"Information on planning a vacation for my MIL. It is heavy and will not be easy to take-along. I would like to see more recent updates." -- V Scott (2011-06-08 12:06:00)

"It is an excellent informational tool. I have one with aspergers, and one asthmatic, so I need the reinforcement that this book provides. I think you should add a list of some of the quick comebacks that I've read on the forum to this book. For example... "I'd be happy to trade you places in line, in fact I'd wait in all the lines if you could make my child neuro-normal!" Or a quick response when people stare when your child has a melt down for no obvious reason." -- Kriston Haag (2011-05-18 22:05:05)

"info on asthma/allergies It has great info on how to not just survive but enjoy Disney with health issues. Thanks! :) " -- Lenore Gooden (2011-05-14 20:05:42)

"I loved everything! Especially the page that told me about the guest assistance card. We had taken our special needs son to DL a few times and never knew about it. It made a world of difference. Also, all the info about food issues and what to do and who to contact. Yes, maybe a title change so the book is more visible to people online, in a bookstore, etc.. As a parent of a special needs child, I wouldn't have given a second glance at a book called Open Mouse. Luckily, someone gave it to me as a gift." -- Christine Mair (2011-05-01 00:05:43)

"information about obtaining a Guest Assistance Card and a tag to use our stroller as a wheelchair more info towards physical disabilities and not as much for how to help families of children with special needs (not necessarily a physical disability) " -- Lane McElree (2011-04-27 12:04:50)

"info about special needs nothing no" -- Melissa Ciener (2011-04-25 23:04:05)

"So many details that are important to people with various challenges--you just don't find in any other guidebooks! Nothing. I'm donating my copy to the small library at my employer (The Arc of Prince George's County, in MD). I'll still be able to consult it when needed (the library is just outside of my office) while also making it available to staff and families of people with special needs." -- Willie Walter (2011-04-06 08:04:09)

"It is the "Special Needs" version that I was a contributor to. The First Edition--great info. " -- Mikki Steiner (2011-03-08 21:03:34)

"I really liked the whole thing - the format, the ratings, the info pertaining to each disability for each attraction and hotel, etc Passporter is a really great book and I'm glad I found it and bought it over that other guidebook I used to buy all the time. I really appreciate the tips for each special need in the attraction descriptions as some of the tips are things I would never have thought about until it was too late." -- Darlene Heidke (2011-03-04 16:03:12)

"I found very informative. We have been to Disney World twice with our daughter who is developmentally delayed and this book has info that will help on our coming visit, not only with her but myself and my husband. " -- Connie Deckard (2011-02-23 23:02:02)

"Very informative for a variety of specail concerns " -- Linda Martin (2011-01-29 00:01:37)

"Very useful information for planning this trip with special circumstances. " -- Trish Tygett (2010-11-08 13:11:19)

"Lots of helpful information " -- Nicola Stewart (2010-08-30 15:08:28)

"This is our first visit (after about 25) that we will be addressing mobility and hearing issues. Very helpful. " -- Jean VonNieda (2010-07-26 21:07:51)

"The information inside binding " -- Kenny Jenkins (2010-07-20 09:07:38)

"The comprehensive list of special needs.There were things I never would have thought about from traveling to being there. Some things are already outdated. This is a great book for those of us that have special needs children or have special needs ourselves. There is nothing out there like your Open Mouse. Thank you for taking the time for us." -- Sarah Rhue (2010-06-29 12:06:37)

"Very detailed. I imagine it will be really helpful. " -- Kimberley Shaw (2010-06-29 03:06:08)

"I like the way The Open Mouse edition follows the format of the regular Passporter " -- Lisa Simons (2010-06-20 18:06:32)

"There is more helpful info than I imagined. I have only just begun reading it. I will be going with my sister in 2011. She is hearing impaired and has motion sickness. I am particulary interested in reading those sections. " -- Judy Johnson (2010-06-20 12:06:46)

"The wealth of information and how wonderfully organized it all is. A kids Passporter guide book" -- Pamela Dorr (2010-06-08 15:06:13)

"helps me to plan my trip if by chance my physical condition is in a flare-up love the fact that there are so many books geared for such a variety of topics" -- Dolores Downs (2010-05-20 23:05:52)

"all the information on special needs nothing no" -- Kimberly Griffith (2010-05-17 19:05:37)

"The special needs tips tips Has a lot a answers for all most any special need. " -- Marcie LaCava (2010-05-17 16:05:42)

"Loved the medical information and how everything from hotels to sites was borken down by disability. It really put my mind at ease before our trip and hekped me to maximize my limited energy so we could enjoy our trip as I family. " -- Alethea Pergament (2010-05-17 12:05:34)

"Lots of info on traveling with infants and people with limited mobility " -- Eileen Barton (2010-05-14 17:05:42)

"It covers all types of guest problems and offers a great range of solutions and reassurance. " -- Lucinda Dunne (2010-05-14 08:05:03)

"very informative; valuable information. Keep up the good work!" -- Melissa Lune (2007-06-21 12:23:40)

"I like the detail and the way its laid out. it's a great book! I tell all my friends to buy it. It's a great reference book!" -- Becky Dekalb (2007-05-05 23:44:26)

"It covers so many types of difficulties that people live with everyday." -- Darnell Anthony (2007-04-10 11:43:06)

"wealth of info about all disabilities" -- Lucie Sample (2007-03-31 02:07:44)

"easy to read" -- Karen Dallago (2007-03-28 19:10:24)

"The wealth of information given!" -- Kimberly Vu (2007-03-14 10:26:18)

"I ordered the Special Needs book because my son has autism. I liked how it had a section just on autism. Thanks for a great book." -- Dawn Spinella (2007-02-07 09:07:48)

"All the tips and tricks for negotiating WDW with 2 special needs kids. Loved your book and recommended it to all my boys classmates, two of whom bought their own copy before their trip." -- Teresa Smolinger (2007-01-28 15:11:10)

"We've recently developed a need to know more about traveling with a recovering stroke patient & there's a lot of information that's useful for us. I haven't finished it yet! but so far, so good." -- Susan Capps (2007-01-27 12:26:30)

"I think the whole book was great. Answered a lot of my questions and some I didn't even know I had." -- Kiara Brown (2007-01-20 23:57:26)

"I love the entire book about special needs! Stuff that I've done and one thing I didn't know was that I can ask about always getting foods blended for my daughter that is G-Tube, Thanks!!! Thanks for this very speical, special needs edition" -- Connie Martin

"I love all the detailed information about the different special needs families have. My family has an ADHD child, a toddler, an infant, and a diabetic. Knowing tips on how to handle our vacation is like a dream!" -- Kristen Nicholson (2006-11-30 15:50:21)

"Just reading it makes me catch the fevered pitch of all the fun!" -- Anna Rast (2006-10-06 12:36:20)

"I loved you made a whole book just for special needs. you covered just about every possibility and that is very comforting for families w/special needs kids. As a family w/more than 1 type of special needs this was an excellent investment and a great help to us." -- Kelli Wolfe (2006-09-23 05:32:04)

"I love the awesome amount of information in a very nonoverwhelming format" -- Ken Stern (2006-08-11 15:01:36)

"I like the needs broken down by category. I bought this book where my wife will be six months pregant for our upcoming trip. I had bought Passporters in the past and she just left all the planning up to me. This book - she read cover-to-cover!" -- Steve Thibodeau (2006-08-02 07:22:31)

"I love the very detailed descriptions of rides...necessary with my autistic son" -- Leslie Leedy (2006-07-23 16:19:18)

"Very informative, even for those of us that are planning our 10th trip to WDW!" -- Jack Awald (2006-07-23 09:46:13)

"The Special Needs book is well-organized. It's easy to mark applicable sections to share with other members of the traveling party." -- Amy Cox (2006-07-12 21:35:37)

"It shows you what to do when you or a member of your family has special needs. It teaches you that anybody with any special need can go and have fun in WDW. I like how the authors explain a solution for practicaly any special need one may have. The reviews help in my desitions on where to go and what to do with our special needs. I love your web page. Your newsletter is very interesting and as equally useful as the book. I just love it!" -- Diana Ortiz (2006-06-22 12:02:11)

"Good info on food allergy accomodation & resort choices for disabled." -- Courtney Mayers (2006-03-12 12:38:40)

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