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PassPorter Feedback for PassPorter's Disneyland Resort

Real Words from Real People in Real Time

Wondering what people really think about PassPorter's Disneyland Resort guidebook? The quotes below are directly from our Book Registration system where we ask folks for their feedback (good and bad) on our guidebooks. The quotes that appear below are only from those readers who've specifically granted us permission to include their quote and their name. This list is generated dynamically in real time (most recent feedback is first), so you're seeing the real comments without any editing. Note: If you see any inappropriate items appear in this list (i.e., spam), please contact us immediately. Thanks!

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"The organization pockets , tips , and maps Nothing What is the easiest way to obtain updates for my guide " -- Jeffrey Peterson (2017-05-21 20:05:58)

"I liked that it included details about Legoland. We didn't end up getting to Disneyland, but did go to Legoland. " -- Cheryl Keopanya (2016-06-05 17:06:26)

"All the good tips and advice - make trip planning a breeze " -- Jennie Brown (2016-05-17 12:05:41)

"insider info loved it all Love all your books!!" -- angela nemjo (2016-04-13 10:04:34)

"All of the valuable information No" -- Christine Yezbak (2016-03-06 10:03:46)

"I liked the "what makes it special" under shopping, info on the hotel features, the maps of the parks, and the folders I was disappointed how far out of date the passporter was. I love using your passporter! I fell in love as I planned my first trip to wdw. I now live in CA and enjoy going to Disneyland, but it seems that no one invests any time in putting out information to make planning you Disneyland trip as fun as it is to plan for wdw. When I am looking for my Disneyland fix, I enjoy reading blogs and information about other trips to Disneyland. I go once or twice a year, and am familiar with the military discounts. I truly enjoy the planning stages, and I wish there was more on your site to cater to those who go to DL. The excitement you helped build for wdw was amazing. We took a trip with my parents, and planning together over time and with your book made it very exciting while building our anticipation to arrival. I suppose I am just looking for some more magic for Disneyland as well. Thank you!!" -- Camille Kollar (2015-08-13 16:08:49)

"Great tips on doing D'land. That there hasn't been a new, totally updated book in a while Not right now, thanks." -- Judith Hoyle (2015-06-05 16:06:35)

"helpful tips and important information " -- Rebecca Bishop (2015-04-10 21:04:14)

"planning ideas and tips for any budget nothing no your book is great! this year i will be buying my 3rd copy!!" -- mary Salazar (2015-01-19 20:01:13)

"Great to help plan our Disneyland trip! " -- Pam Robins (2015-01-18 19:01:15)

"all the information about the rides, dining and the pockets to keep information " -- Rebecca Roberts (2014-03-30 12:03:18)

"I love all the tips, it was our first trip Some of the information is out of date Would be willing to go to Disneyland to do research for you!" -- Diane Macala (2014-02-10 15:02:21)

"I especially found the information on the Disneyland "Good Neighbor" hotels to be very informative. But then again, I like everything about the passporter guides! :^) Keep up the great work!" -- Michael Drozdowski (2014-01-18 20:01:40)

"Everything..especially OUR JOURNEY travel info in the back! " -- Lynnette Scanga (2014-01-17 18:01:04)

"The detailed info about where to eat and what is a must see " -- Tina Wood (2013-09-07 18:09:43)

"It is very informative. I can't wait for the new edition to come out Disneyland edition is old. But a lot info can be found on the website. " -- Trisha O'Connor (2013-09-06 00:09:11)

"AWESOME information!! The best info source!! " -- April Oldham (2013-08-27 21:08:07)

"It is a wealth of information It's too big to take along. " -- Sharon Stellwagen (2013-06-22 17:06:05)

"Pictures and info Nothing " -- Mary Posey (2013-04-12 18:04:32)

"still reading it but very helpfull " -- Jill Connolly (2013-02-13 12:02:49)

"I love that it will job my memory years down the road on a wonderful trip. " -- Pamela McCall (2013-01-05 15:01:16)

"This will be our first trip to Disneyland after multiple trips to WDW. I especially like the inside information on airports. Would love to see a more current edition for Disneyland. I don't know if much has changed since this guide was published because I have never been. " -- Bernadette White (2012-10-22 16:10:52)

"I liked having the informaion about the good neighbor hotels, and the in depth information about the other parks around DL. It was great to read more than a blip about each one. Made me want to visit other places while we were there. I wished it was more updated as I think a lot has been added in the parks. " -- Pamela Copeland (2012-09-29 18:09:24)

"I love all the passporters " -- MaryLou Skelly (2012-09-07 13:09:17)

"The information it contained is so thorough. I just have two copies of the 2006-07 edition, so it's understandably out of date. I'll have to buy a new edition. I absolutely love your book! It's a brilliant idea, and the research everyone's contributed is so in-depth. Keep it up! :-D" -- Brynn Kennedy (2012-08-22 16:08:11)

"It has a lot of imformation about Disneyland. It was very helpful. The pages aren't glossy like the newer books. " -- Mayra Lopez (2012-08-21 11:08:58)

"The information and layout. " -- Shawn Smith (2012-08-15 12:08:52)

"The addition of the info on Southern CA is awesome! " -- Shirley Morris (2012-08-11 17:08:23)

"Everything, so much information! " -- anne brightman (2012-08-09 15:08:34)

"Generally I like your maps the best however this edition is over 6 years old and I just bought it. This edition is over 6 years old. This is the first book I have purchased for Disneyland but I buy your WDW books every year. I am very disappointed that it is not more current. See above comments." -- William Butler (2012-06-19 20:06:25)

"I the simple way its laid out and the way I can easily find the information I need. Its very dated at this point. I really would like more planning worksheets." -- Mindy Walbesser (2012-06-06 13:06:20)

"I love the yellow pocket planners at the back. I also love the detailed ride information. " -- Cheryl Jacobs (2012-05-16 12:05:32)

"It absolutely has to be the allows me to organize everything so nicely! That it is still the old edition from 2006! I had used the 2006 edition for my first trip to Disneyland in 2006 and loved it. For my second trip in 2009, I again needed to purchase the 2006 first edition even though I believe I read that the new edition was coming soon. Now that I am planning my third trip in June of this year, I expected to definitely see that the new edition would be released by now. I was greatly disappointed to see that it was not and I yet again needed to purchase the 2006 for a trip in 2012! Granted, I only paid $4.00 but still...I really wanted to read all about the new and changed Disneyland resort! My only other disappointment was that I had emailed you folks a couple of months ago regarding the Disneyland PassPorter and received no response...I needed to call to find out that a new edition would not be arriving before my trip in June." -- Teresa Harvey (2012-04-08 04:04:21)

"I loved everything about it and with how you put together your books, the level of information and it's features. We still recommend your books to those we know that could use them for their trips." -- Dennis Ward (2012-04-06 11:04:15)

"maps and info on attractions didn't really need info on surrounding area " -- Kathy Arnold (2012-02-27 12:02:04)

"I love every part of it. " -- sam ceasario (2012-02-23 17:02:58)

"This was a great source for everything at Disneyland and other So. Cal locations. " -- Barry Ristow (2012-02-19 19:02:11)

"I like that it's a comprehensive guide. So far, nothing specific has stuck out, but I'm sure as I plan further, it will. " -- MShel Bowen (2012-01-30 09:01:44)

"I haven't read it yet, but based on previous experience, I love the passpockets, how easy it is to read and the great tips, ideas, suggestions and the maps the best. That the latest version is from 2006. Looking forward to the updated version. =) Just that I absolutely love Passporter, the guidebooks, the site, the podcasts and the message boards. All very helpful and friendly." -- Diana Williams (2011-12-09 16:12:38)

"The info on all the rides and restaurants, and the planning pages. I'm not really using the section on where to stay (since we'd already decided)... but I'm sure it's useful for others! " -- Amy Vargas (2011-09-29 18:09:11)

"The passpockets for filling in my information & keeping track of things A little outdated " -- Melissa Mathies (2011-09-23 18:09:30)

"Oranizers and kids info " -- Shane Breaux (2011-08-21 22:08:37)

"I haven't had a chance to look at it yet, but I'm sure that I will love it I wish they were a little less bulky " -- Chris Seybert (2011-08-18 22:08:20)

"All of the same great features that I've always enjoyed with my WDW Passporter books. The maps and info about all of the neighboring hotels was very helpful. " -- Valerie Tennant (2011-07-02 12:07:40)

"It gives me some information before my trip to Disneyland in August It was the only one available for purchase before my trip to Disneyland in August...not up to date or current with the rides or attractions " -- Pat Feagles (2011-06-21 21:06:04)

"Dining information and the info on the Good Neighbor Hotels " -- Kristen Hoetzel-Go (2011-06-05 23:06:07)

"What isn't there to love? The maps are great, the pockets are handy, the charts with ratings and descriptions are really helpful as well! Thank you so much for all that you do! I love this site and it makes it so easy to plan my vacations! I love sharing my experiences with others so that they can have a great trip too!" -- Lindsey Mahon (2011-06-02 13:06:03)

"Mine is a first edition and has some items that no longer exist since its print in 2006 which I love because we can reminisce. Nothing, it was all great Not at this time." -- CJ Decker (2011-04-15 10:04:50)

"I love the level of detail, particularly about the non-Disney hotels. " -- Mark Jackson (2011-04-07 18:04:50)

"lots of information not found elsewhere " -- Amy Perry (2011-04-04 12:04:57)

"complete information wish it was more up-to-date " -- Maey Akers (2011-03-14 22:03:12)

"Organization and tips.... " -- Kristen Phillips (2011-03-10 12:03:19)

"Was the most up-to-date info I could get at the time. It was releaqsed much later than forecast! " -- DONNA CANTRELL (2011-03-07 17:03:10)

"Great tips " -- Jennifer Ajsenberg (2011-02-19 15:02:04)

"love all the info in one place " -- Juli Dennis (2011-02-18 12:02:28)

"Sections on other sites around Disneyland - recognizes that you will likely go to other things too when in the area. " -- Brienna Greenaway (2010-11-14 00:11:03)

"That it told about not just disney but surrounding attractions too like knotts and Universal. the pen " -- Denise Loerzel (2010-11-12 11:11:06)

"1) great organizer before,during & after trips 2) information/phone numbers/ maps needs more self ID tabs for marked pages would help I use the Deluxe to go to DISNEYLAND, WDW OR ON DISNEY CRUISES. Then date the outside. " -- kathleen yamashita (2010-10-13 13:10:31)

"So much detail, just well done overall. Will be a big help when I finally go to DL. Even though this is your 1st edition of this. " -- Dave Walsh (2010-10-11 20:10:12)

"Colorful maps & pictures, in-depth info about each ride. I love, love, love the PassPorters! Thanks for distilling all the important info into a portable, easy-to-use format. " -- Ginger Jabour (2010-09-06 12:09:19)

"I love that I've been able to use this Passporter for 3 trips now. Though I can't wait for a new addition with all the exciting improvements, my 1st addition has served me well on multiple trips in multiple years " -- Nicole Sorrentino-Rockwell (2010-09-01 23:09:07)

"Its about Disneyland, already have the DisneyWorld 2010. Would love to see an updated version of Disneyland once all the new additions are done. Since its from 2006, some of the info is out of date More photos would be great" -- Kara Harris (2010-08-20 23:08:57)

"The PassPockets, detailed descriptions of rides, parks, hotels and dining, lots of useful links. Also loved the full color maps. " -- Teresa Rowland (2010-08-15 17:08:36)

"The information about not just DisneyLand but surrounding parks also. " -- Betty Sue (2010-07-17 11:07:04)

"I have never been to Disneyland and want to go in the future and this is great to learn by. " -- Kelly Rogers (2010-07-14 23:07:59)

"I liked the maps, pockets to store notes and confirmation numbers. I liked the layout of the pages and chapters. (color coding) " -- Anie Auner (2010-06-11 10:06:00)

"Pass pockets, ability to customize I ordered it in 2010, but the version that came was printed in 2006, so it did not have the most current information. I am constantly writing things down during our trip and really need some lined paper in my passported (I usually just take paper and put it in one of the pockets). While waiting in line, we write magical moments we've seen, new details we've seen in the park...we keep several top 10 lists: 10 best bites, 10 magic moments. Our family has a tradition to make challenges for each other. Last trip, one of my adult sons put post-it notes on a deck of Disney cards. Each card had something specific we had to do while at DLR, such as taking a picture from atop Splash Mountain, or taking a picture of 6 suns in Small World, or dancing a jig at the Bengal Barbeque. Bottom line: Throw in some blank pages for our personal use. It would be fun to be able to record these things in the passporter." -- Cyndie Manning (2010-06-09 09:06:56)

"the wealth of information and the layout of all the information. A kids version of Passporter Guide Books." -- Pamela Dorr (2010-06-08 00:06:38)

"Tons of information and great tips. I love knowing I have a go to place for my DLR questions A bit out of date We go to DLR a few times a year and I still use my passporter every time. I love it." -- Jennifer Walker (2010-05-23 16:05:49)

"I loved the information it gave me about Disneyland, and it made me want to plan a trip. " -- Melissa Potter (2010-05-19 11:05:39)

"informative informative " -- Rosaura M (2010-05-13 17:05:03)

"Great information " -- Marnie Urmaza (2010-05-07 19:05:08)

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