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PassPorter Feedback for PassPorter's Disney Cruise Line

Real Words from Real People in Real Time

Wondering what people really think about PassPorter's Disney Cruise Line guidebook? The quotes below are directly from our Book Registration system where we ask folks for their feedback (good and bad) on our guidebooks. The quotes that appear below are only from those readers who've specifically granted us permission to include their quote and their name. This list is generated dynamically in real time (most recent feedback is first), so you're seeing the real comments without any editing. Note: If you see any inappropriate items appear in this list (i.e., spam), please contact us immediately. Thanks!

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"The up to date information on the newer cruise ships. I love my passporters!" -- Laura Richardson (2015-05-10 09:05:43)

"This is hard... I love all of the detailed and colored pictures, but just as great is all of your detailed information. " -- Mary Arnett (2015-05-01 10:05:22)

"the updated info would like to see a combo book that include both cruise and wdw together in one book for those that do both in one trip." -- Tracy Owen (2015-04-26 20:04:15)

"Helpful hints and tips. Too much about other ports of call and or cruises that do not effect me. More on board tips." -- Richard M Dumont (2015-04-24 05:04:21)

"Port information No complaints! " -- James Cain (2015-04-16 23:04:12)

"The detailed ports of call information " -- Joe Benigno (2015-04-12 10:04:47)

"I love the color pictures -- and the updates on all ports of call. This is your best book yet! :) " -- Ruth Lochary (2015-04-10 09:04:35)

"All the tips and information. Especially the information about traveling to the port using a rental car and the codes for the location of the rental agencies at Port Canaveral. N/A Keep up the great work!" -- Nancy Liggett (2015-04-09 17:04:57)

"The whole book is very informative. First time cruiser section " -- Gina Garcia (2015-04-06 23:04:29)

"All the info in a book i can take with me everywhere. " -- Kimberly Billedeaux (2015-03-30 10:03:49)

"More info on new Port Adventures " -- Jan Voller (2015-03-18 17:03:34)

"How detailed everything was. I loved the tips for a first time cruiser (like myself) I felt like the info about all of the home ports was a little redundant, but no deal breaker. You guys are awesome at what you do. Thank you!" -- Megan Crawford (2015-03-17 09:03:02)

"All of the tips! Too much info to read in one sitting! Nope. Long time reader of Passporter and love it." -- Caitlin Giles (2015-03-15 16:03:12)

"Knowing the Port Adventures and what is available for our family with a five year old ahead of time before we can see them on our reservation is very helpful. I love my cruise book!!!" -- Shannon Neiger (2015-03-12 11:03:03)

"Detailed information about the shore excursions " -- Lara Shields (2015-03-06 16:03:38)

"I love the ability to adapt it and take pages out/add pages. " -- Nancy Bryant (2015-03-05 19:03:38)

"Insider tips " -- Debbie Kolb (2015-03-05 11:03:53)

"I liked that it was very detailed. It actually helped me in making most of my decisions for my cruise. I'm so excited and can't wait. " -- Liza DaSilva (2015-02-22 14:02:40)

"Updated Alaska information, Dream deck plans " -- Keisha Hood (2015-02-18 11:02:04)

"Includes about the ship as well as ports, ports of call, good table of contents to find things, and peripheral information to the actual cruise " -- William Routon II (2015-02-17 23:02:55)

"lots of info No spiral bound with envelops like the WDW Passporter need the envelops." -- Cliff Fujii (2015-02-17 23:02:52)

"all the helpful hints and suggestions " -- shelley mcelhanon (2015-02-14 20:02:36)

"helps me plan not many changes from prior edition " -- Melissa Porter (2015-02-12 12:02:20)

"Detailed but simple to understand. Invaluable to first time cruisers but also helpful for "gold" cruisers such as myself Perhaps you could sprinkle some actual cruisers' comments on what they liked/didn't like on the various ships. " -- Mary Jo Salerno (2015-02-04 07:02:05)

"the deck plans for all ships, even thou I am not new to cruising I like reading about things I thought i knew " -- Jennifer Iorio (2015-02-02 13:02:11)

"Full of information and color pictures " -- Sandra Olmos (2015-01-31 19:01:06)

"Updated port information --updated excursion info wish you would rate more of the excursions but maybe it is just because of the time lag? I do think the character breakfast is gone and when we were on the Magic in Europe this past Summer, no tea with Wendy. Also, not sure why this is but on our European cruise, they forgot to tell us that there was a 2nd formal night -- servers never mentioned it so that was a bummer. We also thought the theatre team for that cruise was very subpar compared to all of our other cruises. Someone told my son that not a lot of the actors/dancers want to do the long European cruise. It was kind of like a bad drag show for at least two of the nights. None of the guys looked like manly men and the vocal talent was not as good as our other many Disney cruises. Hope it improves! In some ways, I think they tried less hard to entertain us on the 12 night Med cruise, thankfully the ports were all very exciting. We are Gold Castaway Club members. " -- Melanie Mancuso (2015-01-28 22:01:26)

"It is all great. I know this is a general book but it would be nice to have a book specific to each ship. So many pages were devoted to other ports that I didn't need. This is the 2nd Passporter book that I have purchased. Keep up the good work!!!" -- Kimberly Rao (2015-01-27 14:01:14)

"I love how this book breaks everything down to useable information. The most practical planning book around. planning pages/folders aren't big enough for me to write in the diagram for POR still shows double beds and the book still says trundle beds when in fact they are murphy beds" -- Dawn Stearns (2015-01-17 20:01:48)

"very detailed information Recommend when in Cozumel, shop and eat at Cinco Soles. Any purchase made at Cinco Soles gives you dining credit towards the restaurant. The food was very good and there was also great entertainment. " -- Laura Key (2015-01-05 10:01:38)

"All the hints and tips about staterooms, dining, things to do, etc. " -- Karen Guenther (2014-11-27 13:11:18)

"I like the tips about special things, which not everybody knows. The describtions of the port adventures Go on, it' great !" -- Marcus Buhl (2014-08-16 08:08:52)

"Reviews of the shore excursions were very helpful as well as the general times that they would start (that was particularly helpful). Also like all the insider tips that clearly come from having experienced various aspects of cruising the Disney ships yourself (advice on arriving at ports...when you first get on the ship, etc.) I'm a HUGE shopping fanatic. It is always hard to find info on shopping at the various ports. While some of this was included, perhaps more in depth information of this type of info would be nice. " -- Michelle LeVan-Steklenski (2014-08-08 08:08:15)

"The thorough descriptions of the ports of call and details about the ships and procedures. All the details are just great. Any quick online search will give me general info, but so many of the details in this book can only be found here. That it's black and white - but I hear that's changing with the new edition! Yay! " -- Beth Goldman (2014-07-28 10:07:12)

"Always very well organized and navigate! Descriptions of ship/staterooms/port adventures were very helpful! Wished that more of the port adventures had ratings (many were listed as "N/A") Keep up the great work :)" -- Hilda Irani (2014-07-25 07:07:26)

"Floorplans of the boats; useful info about the hotels near the ports " -- Carol Yeh (2014-06-19 21:06:38)

"Overall information combined with opinions. Also very comprehensive! " -- Anne Wight (2014-06-08 16:06:10)

"Great info and tips for first timers binding breaks after much use " -- Joe Benigno (2014-05-25 14:05:06)

"I find the excursion descriptions and room location recommendations extremely helpful. " -- Megann Eichner (2014-03-19 11:03:17)

"Very helpful to learn all of the activities on the ship and ports of call " -- Diane Macala (2014-02-10 16:02:38)

"I loved that it was easy to look up great detailed information. n/a n/a" -- Scott Smith (2014-02-03 22:02:30)

"All the information about the ships and ports of call No" -- Harry Moore (2013-11-23 15:11:43)

"All the various helpful hints such as ground transportation, etc. throughout the book. This book is full of great information, especially for the first time cruisers." -- Christine Polster (2013-11-14 09:11:10)

"The ports of call and shore excursions info I'm sailing out of Galveston and there was not enough info in that section I wish I would have bought as an e-book, so I don't have to bring along on my cruise" -- Sarah May (2013-10-17 11:10:30)

"all the info!!!! " -- christy garcia (2013-08-25 17:08:17)

"plethora of information black and white " -- carolina ramirez (2013-08-22 11:08:15)

"Easy to find info, and the port info " -- Tony Martin (2013-08-09 07:08:39)

"helpful tips I love all of your books and even buy up a few at once to give out to my clients as "booking gifts". I would love, love more $1 copies of outdated books." -- dana wolfe (2013-07-25 13:07:13)

"I liked everything. Trying to prepare for our first ever Disney exciting!! none" -- Michelle Brown (2013-07-20 08:07:27)

"All the tips about the cruise Love it!" -- Kathy Carter (2013-07-12 16:07:29)

"so much new information! great reading. ??? " -- Linda Golonka (2013-06-15 00:06:33)

"great help in planning since this will be our first cruise " -- nancy heaston (2013-06-03 22:06:55)

"It helped in planning our first cruise. " -- Lynda Burton (2013-05-18 20:05:14)

"Updated info Very little new information " -- James Perry (2013-05-09 19:05:34)

"great organizer! " -- Linda Golonka (2013-05-02 21:05:02)

"Very organized and very detailed in information " -- Suzanne Whitmarsh (2013-04-22 11:04:35)

"Was great for our first Disney Cruise. Not first Passporter. Never go to Disney without one. Not only guidebook but organizer and so all in one helpful tool. " -- Loretta Akridge (2013-04-18 09:04:28)

"I really needed all of the information in this book since this is our first ever cruise. I was clueless. " -- Michelle Blackmon (2013-04-14 16:04:41)

"activities section.. even though Ive been on the wonder and magic. the ship can be overwelhemed finding things on a bigger ship. this gives me a better idea of what the fantasy has. It not that i didnt like it but the port of calls of cruises i never will go to was easy to skip. i really like the book and surprised of the informaation I didin't know. i considered myself very knowleadgeable about DCL until I read it!!!!" -- Michael Ayars (2013-04-05 20:04:36)

"The depth of info I thought I was getting the most current edition but I now see one is coming out any minute. I hope I won't have to pay for access to the ne info. " -- Gail MacCartney (2013-04-04 11:04:47)

"Information about Planning before the cruise, Ports of Call and Dining information. Trying to keep track of what is on the Magic/Wonder and what is on the Dream/Fantasy. I know a lot of the information is similar but it does get a bit confusing some times. " -- Chris Faletra (2013-04-03 12:04:27)

"Great info " -- Sid Gray (2013-03-31 22:03:52)

"The descriptions of the state rooms, the packing list, excursion information, on board amenities information (WiFi, etc). This is my first Passporters guide and I wish that I had found them sooner! We're taking our 4th Disney Cruise this year and it is still helpful." -- Cathy Cooper (2013-03-15 21:03:43)

"everything, it is bery helpful, keep up the good work!! " -- Pam D'Alesio (2013-03-14 21:03:45)

"Secret areas on the ship. detail information on port of call detail information on the whole ship more information on teens" -- Frances L. Garza (2013-03-10 14:03:08)

"Great new info on the dream and fantasy " -- Leigh Hauer (2013-03-08 15:03:53)

"This is the most comprehensive DCL book I've found on many things! I love the info on "Typical Dining Rotations" and the info on the Ports of Call. Love it! Keep up the amazing work! While this is the first book I've registered, I've been a long time fan and "suggester" of the PassPorter brand to friends planning trips! " -- Scott Showen (2013-03-02 06:03:22)

"updated info on the Fantasy! " -- Pam Morgan (2013-02-25 19:02:13)

"Great resource but I need more information about what hotel to stay in at the port terminal. " -- Gina Fioravanti (2013-02-25 18:02:15)

"We're going on a cruise soon on the Fantasy, and this tells us all about it! I also love the information about the adults-only places. " -- Jan DeVries (2013-02-16 11:02:23)

"I really just like knowing what to expect and I so like to hsve as much "stuff" as losdible prellsnned so that I don't have to do it while on vacation. One of the things I really wanted to figure out was what night of the cruise I should try to go to palo and what to do with my children and their dinner time and I guess I came away from reading without really having a solid idea. Msybe it's just me. Also don't want to miss any of th he dining rooms or pirate night and am on a 4 night. " -- Renee Smason (2013-02-16 00:02:31)

"detailed information from actual cruisers " -- Heather Kotara (2013-01-29 01:01:01)

"All the information it has regarding ports of call. Nothing! No." -- Daniel Gonzales (2013-01-28 16:01:39)

"There is so much information. I would have liked even more detail about the different itineraries, but perhaps I just need to read it again. " -- Raquel Auriemma (2013-01-28 08:01:56)

"Pictures & tips. My 5 year old daughter loved looking through it and seeing pictures of "our stateroom". was not updated with Port of Miami info, which is where we are sailing from in March " -- Rebecca Roberts (2013-01-26 14:01:01)

"The honest and complete information you share and the way you make it all easy to read. " -- Deane Crilley (2013-01-26 00:01:13)

"All the little tips of what to expect " -- Jennifer McWilliams (2013-01-25 08:01:20)

"We are taking our first cruise in November 2013 and trust the PassPorter books for the best information! " -- Dana Gould (2013-01-20 19:01:33)

"I feel you give credible and insightful observations that help me how to best plan our vacation.Hearing your take gives me something to work off of... " -- Edward Barreto (2013-01-19 18:01:15)

"This book, along with all the PassPorter books, not only gives you information you are looking for, it gives you information you didn't even know to ask about! " -- Pamela VanAustin (2013-01-18 21:01:45)

"I especially like the information on ports of call. This is very helpful when we are trying a new Disney cruise itinerary! " -- Susan Billingham (2013-01-11 18:01:50)

"Full of useful information " -- Peter Maccoy (2013-01-02 05:01:29)

"good info, Passpockets " -- Molly Barry (2012-12-31 22:12:48)

"All the information Love my cruise passporterand love the customer service!" -- Shanna DePalmo (2012-12-31 15:12:48)

"detailed info " -- Sandy Lass (2012-12-31 11:12:22)

"Up to date information on all cruise details. We will be cruising on the Fantasy in June 2014. Will there be an 11th edition by then?" -- Mary Pamela Clark (2012-12-28 11:12:14)

"such great details... my favorite part was the first time cruising part and the first day schedule --- SO helpful! " -- Joleen Fernald (2012-12-27 16:12:02)

"The inside information about the cabins and rooms! " -- Jodi Friest (2012-12-27 11:12:27)

"I thought I would like the binder feature. I did not like that the binder hole punch did not work with my personal planner binder so that I could put both together. " -- Teri Argall (2012-12-20 12:12:11)

"The information provided. Easy to use. " -- Matt Beard (2012-12-16 15:12:53)

"I liked having all the information in one place where it is easy to find. Everything was well organized. I would suggest having some info for guests staying concierge. We will be staying concierge for our first cruise and I know some things will be different, but not how. It has been difficult for me to find a list of benefits or examples of what one may do when staying concierge." -- Danielle Woodall (2012-12-15 14:12:43)

"I like everything about my passporter, especially the extra pages to journal in. " -- Denise Elliott (2012-12-07 21:12:46)

"The Passporter is full of great information. " -- Lori Henderson (2012-12-05 19:12:59)

"everything. I have the walt disney world book and loved it too " -- Betty Carter (2012-11-26 17:11:27)

"As a first time cruiser--it has helped me feel more comfortable getting ready and making decisions. " -- Michelle Monahan (2012-11-21 21:11:40)

"It's packed with information from A to Z! It's not in color, but if that keeps the cost down, that's okay! I love it! I wish I had another Deluxe binder to put it in - I'm using the binder for an upcoming trip. I should have gotten the book edition, but the electronic version is great on my iPad." -- Angela Jenkins (2012-10-28 23:10:47)

"Tips about reserving cabins. Very helpful! " -- Karen Guenther (2012-10-28 15:10:36)

"Current info, maps and picture " -- Erin Maxymillian (2012-10-27 09:10:26)

"The ability to read it in the Adobe app on my iPad and highlight the most important info and strikeout the details that apply to ships I'm not going on. I cannot book a cruise or WDW trip without reading the Passporter books first. There's so much helpful information that makes every decision easier. =)" -- Melissa Hatcher (2012-10-24 20:10:26)

"All the insights from "every-day hard working" parents like us NOTHING! :-) " -- Katerina Douvres (2012-09-12 12:09:49)

"I like to be able to be very knowledgeable before I go on a trip, and this makes sure I can. " -- Kristi Beaton (2012-09-09 21:09:19)

"I loved that I knew all about the cruise ship, even though we had never been on it! I would have loved a spiral edition. I am kind of spoiled by the spiral WDW book! " -- Elizabeth Courtney (2012-06-11 22:06:26)

"All of the details and special tips. " -- Janelle Partridge (2012-04-24 20:04:28)

"tips on good rooms, details on the kids programs " -- sherrie borrell (2012-04-17 18:04:02)

"great resource for our first disney cruise on the Magic! 10th anniversary and loved every minute! " -- sandie deslauriers (2012-03-17 14:03:04)

"The ports of call information and excursion ratings. " -- Teresa Kmetz (2012-02-26 19:02:09)

"Abundance of information and helpful tips. " -- Elizabeth Panko (2012-02-17 10:02:26)

"everything - the info was helpful. Even though I had the 2006 DCL it was just as much fun to read the 2008 DCL. LOVE the folders - but it would helpful if you added 14 days of folders. We like to land vaca before our sea vaca. the ring binder needs to be a touch larger for the extra folders I ad to it " -- kathy sollenne (2012-02-05 10:02:29)

"great info " -- Jennifer Dowling (2012-01-31 15:01:21)

"finding detailed info about shore excursions. Disney does not offer much info. " -- suzanne OLSON (2012-01-21 20:01:24)

"The info is extremely helpful na " -- Joe Mruczek (2012-01-15 11:01:28)

"Everything! It was our first 7-day cruise and it was full of wonderful and helpful information! A must for Disney cruisers! More pictures, please!! Keep doing what you are doing! We love it!" -- Jerilyn Hadley (2011-12-27 20:12:45)

"Lots of good info " -- Michael McCutcheon (2011-12-03 11:12:28)

"Chapter 2 very helpful, destination info " -- Lynn Reich (2011-10-30 10:10:06)

"the infinite detail about everything, especially the rooms, excursions, cruise rates with high and low dates I love your books. They have more detail than any others we've looked at." -- Don O'Polka (2011-08-25 19:08:28)

"Deck and room info by room # Not the latest- doing Mexico " -- Lindsey Pierce (2011-07-29 17:07:16)

"All of the great info! Loved the book, very informative!" -- Lyn Bozeman (2011-07-25 21:07:08)

"The tips for preparing for the cruise. Suggestions where to stay before and things to do before the cruise. Information about the staterooms and ports of call. " -- Lisa Fultz (2011-07-22 15:07:17)

"helped with 2008 pamanam canal cruise port info busy " -- wendy giltner (2011-07-18 13:07:49)

"the tips! Hearing information I had already heard many times. I ADORE your guides- I will ABSOLUTELY carry one with me throughout my vacation!" -- Allison Kurthy (2011-07-10 18:07:32)

"I love knowing ahead of time the itinerary, the menus and just what to expect. I just love this book and get one every time I go on a cruise. It's great to know how to prepare." -- Laura fitzgerald (2011-07-07 14:07:44)

"The brilliant attention to detail and the amazing array of information No colour pictures I love your style of book - the font, layout, everything is just how I would do it if I were the author/publisher myself" -- cerisa sansum (2011-06-26 09:06:09)

"all the information. I like to plan everything " -- Debbie MacKay (2011-06-24 10:06:21)

"So much information that will enable me to make the most of my cruise (in January 2012) Not yet. . ." -- Debbi Dyck (2011-06-23 21:06:05)

"very informative and thorough with lots of tips you do not get from Disney cruise lines. Needs a little more directions about finding your way at the Bahamas port love it!!!" -- Barbara Laskowski (2011-06-19 11:06:41)

"Great info and reviews on cruise excursions " -- Pam OBrien (2011-06-14 21:06:35)

"Full of useful information. Everything we need to know about Disney Cruise Line. " -- Robert Berger (2011-06-06 21:06:52)

"The information on the Shore Excursions. " -- Kristen Hoetzel-Go (2011-06-05 23:06:31)

"Using the Cruise Line book, made me feel like an old salt from the first moment I stepped aboard! The electonic version also helps when searching for something you have though about. " -- Erik Johnson (2011-05-24 11:05:06)

"Everything! It helped me get the most put of my vacation! " -- Ashley Cisco (2011-05-11 22:05:28)

"It covers every area so you can plan for a great trip! " -- Margot Tobias (2011-04-14 13:04:20)

"Very informative. " -- Holly Tamaye (2011-04-01 19:04:02)

"General tips on general logistics is so valuable. It is extremely helpful that you provide information on how to get to/from airport/specific hotels/Port Canaveral as well as knowing that there is an onboard airline check-in program. So helpful to know all this beforehand! " -- Jeannie Ku (2011-03-24 23:03:56)

"Love the way the informations is layed out " -- Jill Cogburn (2011-03-12 22:03:17)

"Although we have visited WDW many times, we are currently planning our FIRST Disney cruise! The Passporter DCL book has been invaluable with thorough descriptions of ports of call and excursions, tons of information about activities onboard ship, and lots of little details that us "first time cruisers" wonder about! Our cruise is planned on the Disney Fantasy. The edition I purchased had no information specifically about the Fanstasy. The Passporter was the first WDW guide I purchased in 2005, and the only DCL guide I have read so far. Keep up the great work!" -- Jacki York (2011-03-07 14:03:11)

"As always I like how the information is to the point and organized in a logical manner. " -- Ginger Goodman (2011-02-23 06:02:08)

"Never have been on a cruise before ...give practical information in helping me plan " -- Kristi Scaglione (2011-02-21 14:02:25)

"It was my first cruise and it helped me in so many ways that I cannot even describe. From what to expect before I left, packing and the ship itself.. " -- bonnie neumann (2011-02-20 17:02:06)

"I really liked how everything was organized in the book. There was plently of detail for each section. " -- Jessica Ault (2011-02-13 14:02:22)

"Lots of great DCL information " -- Patti Kalal (2011-02-07 19:02:32)

"The handy tips about choosing your staterooms.. ie Noise factor or where they are situated. overwhelmed by the amount of I am a little confued about the dining section. I dont fully understand how the dining rotation works??" -- Vicky Nelson (2011-02-06 20:02:29)

"The way the information is organized and written. " -- Frank Kunkle (2011-01-28 07:01:33)

"I loved just about everything. This book helped me to understand exactly what a Disney cruise is all about. I liked how you have experienced everything first-hand and could provide so many examples and experiences. " -- Melissa Yost (2011-01-22 11:01:20)

"The honest truth about how to plan for a cruise. I like the first hand information from someone who has been on the cruises before. Love the details on the room numbers and how many people each room sleeps. Not enough info about the Disney Dream. Need more info as we are going to cruise in July 2011. Why can't I buy this book on Amazon like I did before? Why are you only allowing people to purchase it from your website??" -- Sherra Johnson (2011-01-21 09:01:21)

"I love how it is put together, with side bar tabs for easy thumbing. I also love the note areas for jotting down things. I think I would prefer the ring binder style as I have with the WDW version. " -- Becca Huntington (2011-01-19 17:01:50)

"great information...easy to read " -- James Perry (2011-01-19 13:01:21)

"The thouroughness of the information. You even had the names of the stores and bathrooms labeled. It was a godsend! Even Disney itself doesn't include the names of the shops on mainstreet! I would like to see the bulk reduced... but overall it was excellent. How do you fit more in less space? " -- Wayne King (2011-01-13 18:01:39)

"Everything! It was super helpful! " -- Christie Brown (2010-12-16 23:12:11)

"I bought this book before we took our first ever cruise, which was on the Disney Magic for our Honeymoon. It SAVED MY LIFE (or at least our honeymoon!) It was filled with facts and figures and all useful information. I felt like I had been on board before I even boarded the ship. " -- Michele Dakho (2010-11-29 18:11:13)

"all the explinations about the ports of call my book fell apart i don't like the paperback and won't order another one.. it fell apart!" -- Corinne VanVolkenburg (2010-11-26 12:11:01)

"meal info " -- Scott Rivette (2010-11-01 11:11:26)

"I like the checklist and the general information more update because i am going on the new ship and would like a section on that book about the material currently out there. " -- Cindy Antonio (2010-10-03 11:10:48)

"All the detailed information. " -- Cathy Walling (2010-10-02 19:10:43)

"All the Information it gives you. I live in australia and thwre isnt a lot of info on Dismey Cruise line! NOTHING!!! I love love love passporter in australia you cant get very much info from travel agents ets but with a passporter you dont need them just this one handy little book." -- Lauren Dykes (2010-09-24 20:09:55)

"I really like that I could pencil notes on the pages and not worry about it fading or rubbing off until I erased them off. It was in total black and white like a newspaper. No color except for the cover. " -- Shelley Ritchey (2010-09-24 16:09:55)

"Everything - it helped so much with the cruise. I mostly used info on cabins, then on meals. A huge help! Would prefer color photos. " -- Beth Spellman (2010-09-17 17:09:26)

"secret tips and excursion ratings " -- Kellie Willse (2010-09-14 22:09:55)

"Love the tips from other Passporters! Info about ports of call is great! No pockets! " -- Shawna Finley (2010-09-14 19:09:58)

"It is great to have so much knowledge before taking our first cruise. I would have felt totally lost without the book, but now I am more relaxed about going. Anytime I think of something I want to know, I just go straight to the book. " -- Erin Eby (2010-09-12 18:09:45)

"I liked the details about the cruise. I bought another book about the DCL. It did not have the details Passporters has. Pricing, tips, kids info (although I have more questions) EASY TO READ! Needs more info about activities for children with special needs. " -- Rose Pritt (2010-09-08 19:09:48)

" love the books!!" -- Michelle Child (2010-09-07 10:09:57)

"So much information. Easy to follow and find specific info I am looking for. I have passed our Passporter on to friends who we are taking to WDW. Unfortunately, sometimes forget who I have lent it to I also have a Deluxe Passporter which I ordered through Passporter a number of yrs ago which I lend to friends. We receive your weekly email newsletter and enjoy all the information, hints, reviews etc. We read it from top to bottom. **Thanks " -- Bobbi Lanser (2010-09-06 10:09:51)

"I like the tips from fellow travelers and the information on Ports of Call. " -- Richard Hornbeak (2010-09-03 08:09:04)

"the information about the dining options " -- Marybeth Saccone (2010-08-31 20:08:00)

"Enjoyed all the info. about Disney Cruising. This will be our families first cruise and we're looking forward to it. It can't get here soon enough. Oct. 2011. I have purchased three other PassPorters in the past and they have been for Disney Wolrd and I would be so excited about them, all the pages are in color and it just seems better than this one. This one you offer for the Cruise Line only came in Deluxe Edition? There was nothing Deluxe about this one at all; all in black and white and no color anywhere. It just kinda makes it drab. To me the Cruise is suppose to be more extravagant than the theme parks and you pay more for the book and get let down. And, This is 2010, over half way through the year and I received a 2009 edition for the Cruise that I'm not even going on until 2011. " -- Lisa Fifles (2010-08-21 22:08:48)

"All the must know info on Cruising with Disney. " -- Tonya Wade-Smith (2010-08-03 09:08:54)

"Just about everything - great source of information and tips Doesnt make reference to the 5-night Disney Bahama cruises so we had to guess about the timing of some of the special events aboard the ship I was really pleased to be able to use the downloaded version of the book until my hardcopy arrived. Great option." -- Art Whelan (2010-08-01 14:08:20)

"detailed information about ship and destinations small print " -- marie rantz (2010-07-25 11:07:52)

"Helped me learn about DCL, which will be completely new to us as first time cruisers! Invaluable resource, am ordering 2010 today! I love the Passporter books, could not plan a Disney trip without them!!" -- Despina Korovessis (2010-07-20 12:07:26)

"How complete the information is. " -- Betty Sue (2010-07-17 11:07:04)

"You give more info on the cruise than I can get from Disney. VERY good for planning. " -- Linda Farrell (2010-07-16 08:07:40)

"all of the detailed information black & white photos " -- Tammy Guerra (2010-07-12 00:07:28)

"All the great tips! " -- BRENDA MATTHEWS (2010-07-11 18:07:52)

"Ports of Call information and Excursion information and reviews. Dining room information and reviews. the print font is a little difficult to read. " -- Scott Prewitt (2010-07-10 17:07:22)

"I haven't finished it yet - am still reading, but it is very informative. I wish it had info about the Disney Dream, but I know I'm getting way ahead of things. Hard to do that when it hasn't sailed yet :) I won't know until I finish the book." -- Jodye Kasher (2010-07-08 23:07:16)

"The straight forward information We are taking our adult children on a cruise next year, so I'm ordering the $4 Cruise books for them to get an idea of what's available for them. Even though we will be sailing on the Dream, it will get them thinking about the trip." -- Kate Swanson (2010-06-27 05:06:32)

"great index, easy to find answers " -- Susan Kobylski (2010-06-14 14:06:27)

"organizing all my info heavy " -- Michelle Weatherdon (2010-06-13 21:06:49)

"The wealth of information and the layout of all the information. A kids Passporter guide book" -- Pamela Dorr (2010-06-08 00:06:32)

"Lots of good tips Old: dates to 2007 GREAT book!" -- Kirk Davis (2010-06-04 15:06:16)

"That it is PACKED with detailed information. I'm all about the details! The worksheets spread out. Love the detailed info! Life is in the details and you two definitly deliver in that area!" -- Cori Willis (2010-06-03 17:06:56)

"I like the idea that it is written from the perspective of someone who has been on the cruise before. It is almost as if you are anticipating each question. I probably should have waited for the 2010 edition to come out. we are not cruising until April 2011." -- Michael Hickey (2010-06-03 11:06:45)

"All the great tips Nothing, truthfully :) " -- Angie Lightner (2010-05-31 15:05:13)

"All the detailed information on the shore excursions available. And the tons of contact information for anything you may need to arrange for. " -- Jane Shortell (2010-05-29 09:05:40)

"love all the passporter books " -- Suzy Gulbranson (2010-05-27 15:05:31)

"All the many child friendly tips " -- Jennifer Walker (2010-05-23 15:05:28)

"I found the yellow pocket pages in the back extremely helpful in keeping things organized and safe. " -- Barbara Greene (2010-05-21 08:05:00)

"The detailed information and boat layout pages. It's not in color. But that isn't enough to keep me from recommending it. " -- Ann Shelton (2010-05-21 06:05:32)

"gave me a wonderful idea on what to expect on a Disney Cruise; having never been on any cruise before. wish it had color pics " -- chantel bitter (2010-05-21 01:05:12)

"Deck plans, port information There is nothing to dislike! " -- Cindy Seaburn (2010-05-20 22:05:17)

"Has so much great information, I was kind of worried about planning our first cruise but the book covers it all " -- Megan Caceres (2010-05-17 21:05:53)

"The explanations of all ports of call plus amenities on boards. All the information that helped a newbie to cruising know what to do. " -- Cam Matthews (2010-05-16 14:05:14)

"keeps us up-to-date on what's going on with DCL and helps keep the dream going till our next cruise " -- Barbara C. Pedley (2010-05-14 10:05:57)

"All the informatin supplied. I really like the e-books. You don't have to wait for it to arrive. If I lose something, I know where to find it again. I can print the pages I really want to take with me." -- Julia Ann Liucci (2010-05-14 05:05:39)

"Stateroom information and excursions. Love the way it is easy to find info. I also buy these for my customers. The grey-black tabs - love the new color tabs in the WDW guide. I love the loose-leaf refill (I have the binder) because if I am going away and want a few pages I just put it in a ring or clip and carry it. Also if I don't want to mess up the book, I copy a couple pages and carry them with me. I love Passporter books - they are so informative. " -- Mary Jane (2010-05-13 19:05:40)

" I'd like the 2010 version to be published VERY SOON!!!" -- Darcy Walsh (2010-05-07 14:05:33)

"the layout and the tips/reviews " -- Darcy Walsh (2010-05-07 14:05:02)

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