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PassPorter Photo Archive: Contributor Upload Guidelines

The PassPorter Photo Archive is a special collection of quality photographs that places the focus on information. We firmly believe that GOOD pictures are worth a thousand words and are very useful in planning purposes. We invite our fellow travelers to submit photos to the PassPorter Photo Archive for review and approval. Before you submit photos, please read the guidelines below for advice on what we feel constitutes a valuable photo in our collection. If your photo(s) do not meet these guidelines, we will be unable to accept them. If your photos are accepted, you can earn points good towards PassPorter gift certificates ... and your photos are automatically considered for future publication by PassPorter.

Photo Usage:

Before you consider contributing photos to the PassPorter Photo Archive, please understand the following:

  • Everyone can freely view the photos you upload in a thumbnail size (up to 100 pixels).
  • Registered PassPorter community members can view the photos you upload in a standard web size (up to 400 pixels).
  • PassPorter's Club passholders can view the photos you upload in a "super-size" (up to the full 2000 pixels).
  • The above individuals are allowed to use your uploaded images according to our Photo Usage Guidelines detailed at Photo Usage Guidelines
  • You will maintain your copyright.
  • When you add your photo to our archive, you must provide an informative description, keywords, and date of photo taken.
Acceptable Photos:

Photo Content

We currently accept photos taken at all Disney destinations, which includes Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland, Vero Beach, Hilton Head, and Adventures by Disney destinations. We also accept images of popular tourist attractions in Central Florida and Southern California. Non-Disney destinations may be accepted in the future.

Photos can include members of your family, but your family members should only be the focus of the photo if it is appropriate and the individuals do not block a significant portion of the setting. Other people (strangers) may appear in the photos if they are not prominent. In other words, consider the informational value of the photo. If the photo is of a resort hotel room, but the people in the room comprise 30% of the image, then the informational value is low because we cannot see much of the room itself. When in doubt, go ahead and upload and we will make a judgment.

Photos can include Disney characters when submitted by our members. Please include the word "disneycharacter" (no spaces) as a keyword if your submitted photo includes a character.

We do not accept photos of non-guest areas, such as Disney cast areas or other off-limits areas.

You may crop your photos to remove unclear or unwanted images, so long as the final uploaded image meets our minimum photo resolution of 2000 pixels on the image's longest side.

You may alter your images by resizing, cropping, adjusting contrast and color levels, sharpening, and reducing red eye. You may not alter your images in any other way, such as (but not limited to), intentionally blurring people or text, adding or removing images, changing the color of elements in a significant way, etc.

Photos should be reasonably current (within the last few years), unless your intent is to depict historical information. You must know the month and year that the photo was taken and include this information when you upload it.

Photos should not duplicate those already in the archive. If you have photos of the same location but with substantially different information depicted, that is acceptable. For example, two photos of Main Street Exposition Hall -- one in June and one in December with holiday decorations up -- are valuable additions to the archive. If in doubt, just ask or upload anyway.

Original Work Only: We will only accept photos that you've taken and for which you hold the copyright (i.e., you haven't transferred ownership of the image to another party). You may not upload another photographer's work. Please understand that you retain the ownership of your photos and you may request that your photos be removed at any time.

Photo Clarity
Only clear, sharp images with good contrast and color levels will be accepted into the PassPorter Photo Archive. The only exception to this rule is an image of an unusual condition or a photo with a very high informational value.

Photo Resolution and Formats

Minimum: Your image must be at least 2000 pixels on the photo's longest size. For example, your photo can be 2000 high x 1500 wide or 1300 high x 2000 wide. This is approximately 4 mega pixels. This is very important, because one of the features of the PassPorter Photo Archive is the ability to see the photos at a large size.

Note: If your images are much smaller than 2000 pixels, DON"T SCALE THEM UP! They won't look good. These images are not good candidates for our Photo Archive.

Maximum: Our system will automatically resize your uploaded photo down to 2000 pixels, but you may have difficulties uploading a file that is much larger than this. You're welcome to try to upload larger photos, but if the upload stalls consider reducing the size of your photo first - ideally, your uploaded photo should be under 2 MB. Smaller is better and will allow for faster uploading.

File Formats: We accept only JPG (JPEG) photos. This is the native format of most digital cameras. You may compress your JPG photos, but we do not recommend going below a quality level of 30 or "medium " compression. If we feel a JPG photo is too heavily compressed and the quality suffers, we will not be able to accept the photo.

Our system will automatically place a "From the PassPorter Photo Archive" watermark in the lower left corner of your uploaded image. You may include your own watermark in the lower right corner of your uploaded image, but you must place the watermark on the image yourself - we are unable to do this for you. If you place a watermark on your image, it can only appear in the lower right corner, cannot exceed more than 700 pixels wide x 70 pixels high. If you chose to watermark your images before uploading, we suggest you use the copyright symbol followed by your name and/or web site. We also recommend transparent watermarks so the image can be seen under it, but it is not mandatory. If you'd like to watermark your images, we recommend the iWatermark software (available for Mac and Windows).

Photo File Names
Please choose unique names for your photo files. Names like IMG1832.jpg or PICT2892.jpg are not unique, as these are standard naming conventions for digital files. Consider using your member name and/or the subject matter of the photo.

Photo Uploads:

If your photos meet the above guidelines and you wish to upload your images to our Photo Archive for approval, follow these steps:

Step One: Open your digital image in a photo editor (such as Photoshop) and make acceptable alterations, such as balancing colors, sharpening, adjusting contrast, cropping, etc. If the photo was perfect out of the camera, that's fine too. This is also the time to resize it down to 2000 pixels max. and add a watermark, if you want. Save this altered file with an appropriate filename in a separate location from your original image file.

Step Two: Go to the PassPorter Photo Archive at , log in, and click the Upload Photos link at PassPorter Photos - Login

In the resulting page, you'll be able to choose the photos for uploading (up to five at a time), set options, and type the title, description, and keywords. Here's a look at each option on this page:

Choose a Category: Select the best category for your photo. If the best category hasn't been created yet, or you can't find it, upload it to Member Galleries (the default).

Select the photos: Click the Browse button on the right side to locate and choose up to five images to upload. (Note: We suggest you upload just one first as a test, then upload more later after your first photo has been approved.)

Tip: If you have many files to upload, you can upload the photos to a URL on your own web site and type that URL into the Extra Options box near the bottom of this screen. We don't recommend processing more than 10 photos at a time, however.

Enter a default title: Titles are very important - put the place name first (i.e., Port Orleans Riverside or Fantasyland) followed by a dash and then the subject matter (i.e., Standard Guest Room or Mad Tea Party).

Enter a description. Again, very important - describe your picture to the best of your ability, indicating where the photo was taken, important elements, and anything else you wish to call attention to.

Tip: For both the title and description, please pay careful attention to spelling, punctuation, and proper capitalization. Photos with poorly typed titles and descriptions may not be approved.

Keywords: Type the location and subject matter of the photo, with spaces between each word. You may use all lowercase letters here.

Extra Options: If you want to receive e-mails when someone posts a comment with one of your photos, choose yes beside the appropriate option here. Otherwise, leave all other options as they are.

Click the Upload/Submit button to move to the next step. If your photo files are over 1 MB and/or you are uploading several photos, this process make take some time. You will see a "Preparing to process image list!" message while it is working.

Step Three: In the next window, you are given the option to fine-tune your images' titles, descriptions, and keywords. This is also where you type the following essential information:

  • date your photo was taken (either mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Your copyright information (i.e., "Copyright 2007 Jane Doe").

    When you are ready, click the Process button.

    If your upload was successful, you will see your Member Gallery appear on the screen with the new images. (If you click the thumbnails, you will be told that the image is pending approval). Please allow us time to review your photos. If your photo is accepted, you will receive an e-mail notification, it will appear in the Photo Archive in the appropriate category, and you will be eligible for the Photo Contributors Benefits listed below. If your photo is not accepted, you will receive an e-mail notification and the photo will be deleted. If we have questions about your photo, we will contact you via the PassPorter Message Board Community private message system.

    Tip: We suggest you upload one test photo to make sure it meets our technical standards and gets approved, so you don't spend a lot of time uploading images only to find there are some issues.

    Photo Contrbutor Benefits:

    Once your uploaded photo is approved and added to the Photo Archive, you earn the following:

  • The appreciation and recognition of your peers. PassPorter members may rate your photo and leave comments for you!
  • The ability to see all of your uploaded photos in a member gallery. You can link to them from wherever you wish.
  • Recognition on our web site and in our newsletter. We regularly mention new photo contributors and put links to their photos for tens of thousands of people to see!
  • The opportunity for your photo(s) to appear in a PassPorter publication. If selected, you will be contacted for permission and to discuss options first.

    Advance Contributor Benefits (for members with at least 20 approved photos):
  • The ability to accrue points (one per approved photo), which can be redeemed for PassPorter gift certificates. One photo earns 10 cents in PassPorter gift certificate value. Maximum of $100 in gift certificates earned per year (that would be 1000 photos!).
  • The ability to see all images in the PassPorter Photo Archive as super-sized, which is normally a PassPorter's Club passholder perk. Note: It is the responsibility of the contributor to track their approved photos and request gift certificates and super-size image status by sending e-mail to photos (at)

    Updated 10/26/07 

    Please feel free to link to this page so that other vacationers can find it.

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