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'On our last trip I brought with us a flag that can be placed in the door/window of the car. The kind that has your favorite sports teams on them. Mine happen to be an American flag. It was one of the best things because you could easily spot your car from a distance. We had a rental van and it was silver - just like 500 others in our row. It really made locating the car a snap. I did the same thing with our stroller. I had bought three small plastic pin wheels at the dollar store and zip tied them to the stroller handle so it stood straigt up. Plastic made it great so if it got wet, it didn't gt ruined. I had a Citi mini stroller the same kind a local rental place uses so there were a ton of strollers that looked just like mine. It was so easy to look across the rows of strollers to find ours. It worked best when the Cast Member moved the stroller around. I could still easliy find it in the "sea of strollers". My son used it and was always so proud to find "his" stroller. I'll never travel without them.'
-- contributed by Holly
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'When we travel to Walt Disney World, our family comes from different parts of the USA. So, to get everyone on the same page, I collect all the travel info from everyone (flight numebrs, hotel reservations, contact info, etc) then add in all the Advanced Dining Reservations I make for the group and put them into our itinerary. I then upload the itinerary to my Apple Cloud public folder. That way everyone in the group has access to our plans both before the trip (home computer) and during the trip (via smartphone). Now everyone knows where we'll be and when we'll be there. And if you forget, just go back to the cloud.'
-- contributed by Kevin
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'I purchase most of our "Disney" outfits before our trips. Either at the Disney store (brick and mortar or online) or some place like Walmart for the kids clothes. This way we get a better deal and more of a personal touch. I usually create special shirts online for all of us with either our names or the year. We always get wonderful comments and questions about were we got our things. Purchasing these items in advance of a trip takes away that added cost during the trip.'
-- contributed by Shara
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