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' If possible, bring two sets of sneakers to wear in the parks (or another set of comfortable shoes). After a LOOONG day in the parks feet hurt, but I find that if I put on a different set of footwear my feet feel better!! Different pressure points from a different set of shoes! '
-- contributed by Jennifer
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'If you take lots of photos using your cell phone at Disney or elsewhere, make sure you're not automatically backing up your pictures in the cloud or other service. The 1500+ photos I took at Disneyland used up about 10 gigabytes of my data plan! I didn't figure out how I had used so much data until I got home. This cost us $20 to add more data to our account, but also meant we were no longer eligible for the special deal we had with our cell provider. Don't let this happen to you! '
-- contributed by Ginger
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' Using socks over water bottles help keep the liquid cooler and prevents condensation outside the bottle. Also, having everyone in your group use a different colored sock makes for less confusion as to whose bottle belongs to whom. '
-- contributed by Cindy
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