Q and A: With Jennifer and Dave

Aspen asks: "Hi!

My husband is 6'3" with a long torso and he is wondering if he will fit in the seats on this ride and other rides with shoulder bars. He is smooshed while riding most roller coasters at amusement parks. smiley for :eek: His knees and shoulders are always sore afterwards.


Dave Marx answers: "I doubt it's a problem. I'm six-one, and I've never sensed I was close to being too large. I manage to stow my pack at my feet, too. The restraint system is properly snug, but it probably feels snug to folks substantially shorter.

Disney's design philosophy is to embrace people of a wider range of sizes and shapes than is typical in the amusement industry. They're thinking, "Everyone in the family," rather than "Teens and young adults.""

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