Q and A: With Jennifer and Dave

susanktz asks: "In your opinion, is the Memory Maker option worth $150?

When you get home, can you print your pictures anywhere you like? ie: Walgreens, Shutterfly, etc? Or do you have to order them from Disney?"

WillCAD answers: "Memory Maker is a yes for me, with some caveats.

For a long trip, yes. For a whole family, even on a short trip, yes.

If you decide to buy Memory Maker, it's still up to you to make sure you take full advantage of it by hitting up lots and lots of PhotoPass photographers. MM includes attraction and dining photos, but those alone are not generally enough to justify $150, at least not for me, so I try to hit the PhotoPass photogs at the major park icons and plenty of other spots throughout my trip.

It also adds to the value if you familiarize yourself with the various Magic Shots and get ask for them. Heck, at some locations I just asked the photographer if they did any Magic Shots and got them all, which is how I wound up with wings.


You can also pose yourself for the photogs. I don't have the pic online, but I did a shot at the Food and Wine fest last year holding up a knife and fork. And there's this shot I did at Star Wars Weekends in 2005:

http://willcad.org/photos/2005/2005-05-22/thumbs/th2005-05-22_034.jpg "

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