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Are you having problems logging into our message board? If so, please try each of the possible solutions listed below, and if these don't help, fill out the problem report form on your right.

Possible Solutions:
1. The first step is to ensure you're using the correct login name and password. You can check them at this address:

Note: Once you type in either your Login name or e-mail address and click the "I forgot my password" button, the system will send an e-mail with your current login name and password to your e-mail address. Just retrieve your e-mail and check your name/password.

2. If you still have problems logging in, try opening the message boards with the address below and login again:

Important: Your login name and password are case-sensitive; type them in exactly as they appear in your e-mail.

3. If the above doesn't help, the problem may be due to your browser "cookies" -- either the security settings for your browser don't allow cookies at all, or the cookie file stored on your hard drive is damaged. To clear-out a back cookie file, use this link: http://www.passporterboards.com/ubb/mycookies.php

Also check the "Help! I'm having trouble logging in" section of the FAQ for more tips.

To check your browser cookies settings (cookies should be enabled/unblocked), do the following:

On Microsoft Internet Explorer 5: Select Internet Options from the Tools menu. Click the Security tab, select Internet Zone, and scroll down to find the cookie settings.

On AOL: Select Preferences from the Settings menu. Select Internet Properties (WWW). Click the Security tab, select Internet Zone, and scroll down to the find the cookie settings.

On Netscape 6: Open the PassPorter boards in from the Tasks menu, select Privacy & Security > Cookie Manager > Unblock Cookies from this Site.

We're sorry for your difficulties, and we're working hard to eliminate these problems and refine our Help resources.

Thanks for being a part of the PassPorter community!

Jennifer and Dave

* Sometimes a response takes longer than 24 hours, like when we're away from the office on a research trip. To find out how long the expected response time is right now, visit our Status page.

Updated 01/31/06

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