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The LIVE! Guide is great. I enjoy the ability of readers to add their comments to each section. I did that after my trip, and I enjoyed the comments that other readers had made.

- Becky in California

Planning a Disney Cruise Vacation is Complicated

PassPorter Makes it Easier

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Plan Ahead

The LIVE! Guide is packed with boatloads of information, charts, graphs, and photos.

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Tired of asking Google? Get your questions answered by the authors, contributors, and other Disney Cruise experts.

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Hi, I'm Jennifer

My (short) story

Jennifer Marx

Hi, I'm Jennifer. In 1998 I began PassPorter with my partner Dave to bring unique ways of planning Disney vacations to Disney fans. Our books won lots of awards and became bestsellers, spawning a huge community of Disney fans we think of as friends.

As time went on, our readers began asking for more mobile-friendly planning tools and fresh information that would always be up-to-date. I built the PassPorter LIVE! Guide system as a database for ALL our cruise information and a place to give you new tools to plan the best cruise vacation ever.


21 Key Things You'll Learn From PassPorter's Disney Cruise LIVE! Guide

  1. How to get the best deals on a Disney cruise
  2. What the Disney ships include (and don't include)
  3. How to pick the best itinerary for your budget and interests
  4. How to reserve your cruise and pay your deposits before it gets cancelled
  5. When and how to get to the ship so you don't miss your sailing
  6. Which stateroom to pick for which type of cruise
  7. What you need to pack in your suitcase and day bag
  8. How to budget and plan with our worksheets
  9. How to save with our great money-saving tips and tricks
  10. How to design a customized itinerary with our planning tools
  11. How to record your important cruise information
  12. Using our detailed maps and deck plans
  13. How to arrange all your travel
  14. How to stay busy (or fit in everything) onboard
  15. Where to go and what to do in every port of call
  16. How to get great photos of your family on the cruise
  17. Where to meet the Disney characters onboard
  18. How to find all the overlooked attractions onboard
  19. The best way to meet up with other Disney fans
  20. How to get the latest news on Disney cruising
  21. How to organize all your notes and plans for easy access

Six Common Questions

We get asked these a lot.

1. Can I cancel anytime?

Yep. We think the best contract is no contract. You can cancel your pass at anytime.

2. How often is it updated?

Every time we get new information, it's updated right away. New ports are added at LEAST seven months before the first sailing.

3. What if I don't have a cruise booked yet?

This is the perfect time to start learning how to get the best price for when you do cruise.

4. What topics do you cover?

Everything related to Disney cruising: planning, reserving, transportation to and from the port, staterooms, dining, onboard activities, ports of call, shore excursions, and more!

5. How do I ask questions about cruising?

Just type your question on any page of the book, or e-mail the authors directly!

6. How do I use this onboard?

Internet access is pricy once you're onboard, so you can download your customized PDF to put on your phone or tablet, as well as print out customized pages relevant to just your cruise!


I love the LIVE! Guide and am putting it to good use. We have been Disney fans for more than 20 years but it's always nice to get extra information when we can. Thanks so much for everything!

- Shalu in California

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