Disneyland Resort and Southern California LIVE! Guidebook

PassPorter's Disneyland LIVE! Guidebook
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Planning With Your PassPorter

Planning With Your PassPorter

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Your PassPorter is most useful when you keep it handy before and during your vacation. This PassPorter LIVE! guide loves to travel with you and it's mobile friendly! Read it anywhere—on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The LIVE! guide is responsive and resizes itself automatically to the size of your screen in a way that allows you to read and use the book comfortably. If you're on a desktop or laptop right now, try making your browser window smaller and you'll see what we mean! Nifty, eh?

We keep this LIVE! guide up-to-date all the time. To help you find what's new, additions and significant changes are highlighted in green, just like this sentence. This is not to be confused with general changes to PassPorter—every page has changed in some way!

Additional features of our innovative LIVE! guide include the ability interact and save changes to your book. Here are descriptions of the LIVE! edition's features:

Search—We have a built-in search function that checks every page for a word or phrase, and then shows you a list of where you can find it!

Comments—You can ask questions and leave feedback on every topic in the LIVE! edition. To do this, move down to the bottom of the appropriate page of the edition and look for the "Leave a Comment" section. There you can type a message and even indicate which topic on the page it refers to (helpful on pages with a lot of attractions or eateries listed). Then click Send to post it! Anyone can reply, but your authors and contributors will also do their best to leave a reply as well.

Checkmarks—Our readers find it helpful to checkmark things, either as a way of indicating preferences or simply to say, "I've done this!" To use this system, look for the white checkbox in our attraction and eatery boxes in chapters 4 and 5 respectively. Just click the box in the upper lefthand corner of an attraction or eatery to "check it off!" You can keep separate checkmarks for different members of your party, and each is color coded.

Bookmarks—Every page can be bookmarked so you can locate it easier later on—you can even indicate what type of bookmark to help you better hone in on what you need. To bookmark a page, click the gray bookmark symbol in the upper right-hand corner of each page, above the page title/graphic.

Personal Content—Did you find an interesting tidbit about an attraction? Have some notes about an eatery? You can save any of your own personal content alongside our text, and have it appear in your book as you're reading it! To add your own content, click the gray pencil symbol below a topic on a page!

Access Expanded Information—To keep the book readable and manageable, we keep our prose brief and tight. But if you're looking for deeper information, more photos, and extensive reviews of attractions and eateries, we have them! Whenever you see the "More Details..." link, click it to access a bunch more information!

Print Page—You can print any (and all) pages in this LIVE! guide. To print a page, click the Print Friendly Page link in the Book Tools menu on the right of every page.

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Top Photo Slice: (℗ 52852) Photo contributed by © Jennifer Marx


  • spalding on 08/20/2016 at 8:30:38 am EDT says:

    RE: Planning With Your PassPorter

    Just purchased Live! Trying to get acclimated, where is the 'green plus symbol' so I can add my own content on a page?
    So far, this is pretty awesome!

    • Jennifer Marx author on 08/22/2016 at 7:24:30 am EDT says :

      To add your own content on a page, click the gray pencil icon under the topic you want to add it to. For example, on this page there are two pencil icons -- one under the photo at the top of the page and under the main text at the bottom of the page. You can comment on either item!

  • spalding on 08/20/2016 at 10:36:15 am EDT says:

    RE: Planning With Your PassPorter

    How can I go back to exactly where I left off?

    • Jennifer Marx author on 08/22/2016 at 7:27:41 am EDT says :

      Do you mean how do you go back to the page you stopped reading at, or something else?

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