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Disney Savings Plan eWorksheet

Want to save money for your Disney vacation? This is a customizable chart that helps you plan a weekly deposit that gradually increases by the end of the year! It auto-calculates a monthly deposit based on a small initial deposit multiplied by the number of people you wish to save for, incrementing each week. This is an easy-start savings plan!

eWorksheet Preview:

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Cool Tip: Print out this eWorksheet and place it in your PassPorter binder to create a customized vacation plan perfect for your family!
Comments On This eWorksheet:

"This is a great worksheet. I love playing with the numbers and it's going to make saving so much easier."

cherylf. 10 weeks ago

good idea for any trip

Deborah H. 10 weeks ago

Great idea!!! We're so trying this!

Mireya 9 weeks ago

I think it's a great idea. However, Imo start with the highest amount firat. Typically people get tax returns, and they an save more at the beginning of the year. It's harder to save wound the holidays. So just swap the money around.

Amber 8 weeks ago

Awesome idea!!

Lucy 7 weeks ago

My Hubby and I started doing this for our joint emergency account and our joint savings account. We just set up the amounts to come directly out of our personal accounts every two weeks. So far it is working very well and we don't even miss the money because we don't ever "see" it. We also started with the higher amounts first so that when holiday season rolls around we can spend more on gifts instead of worrying about our savings accounts.

Joyce 6 weeks ago


Swell 6 weeks ago

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