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Room Service on the Disney Cruise Line: Disney Magic Dining Review

by Mary Augustine, PassPorter Featured Columnist
Last modified 11-08-2012 > Articles > Disney Cruise Line > Dining  

While sailing on the Disney Cruise Line, you have several options for dining.

Your options include the three main dining rooms, fast food counter service, snacks displayed in glass cases or at evening buffets, adult-only dining venues, and room service. Have you ever wanted a snack, meal, or beverage without leaving your stateroom? Room service is only a phone call away.

Room service is available from the time you are able to enter your Disney cruise stateroom, usually around 1:30 pm on boarding day, until the final morning of your cruise, with room service ending at 1:30 am for all but the concierge guests. We have found several situations where room service dining adds to our cruise experience. When a nap or early bedtime is needed, when an early-morning breakfast is desired, if someone is not feeling well, if a meal time is missed due to another activity, if you have teenagers in your party, or any time hunger strikes, room service is an option to consider.

The cost of room service is included in your cruise fare (with the exception of items specifically noted on the menu, such as bottled water, canned soda, beer, wine, and candy), with only the tip to be paid at the time you receive service. The menu can be found in the stateroom book usually located on the desk. In addition, a breakfast menu card can be found on or in your stateroom desk. For breakfast, you can simply check off your selections and desired delivery time on that card, then hang it on the door handle outside your stateroom before 3:00 am. In our experience, a smiling crew member will arrive promptly at the time selected, with your breakfast tray. If you phone for room service, we have typically been given a delivery time of around 30-35 minutes from the time of placing the order, however, most often, the food has arrived somewhat faster, usually within about 20 minutes.

What is available? Salads, soups, appetizers, fresh fruit, hot and cold sandwiches, hamburgers, fries, wings, pizzas, macaroni and cheese, and an entree item like salmon steak with asparagus and orzo. Let’s not forget desserts, including the cruise line's homemade cookies, and two items not listed on the menu: cake and Mickey Mouse ice cream bars! Beverages include milk, juice, tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. Other beverages may be ordered as well, but will incur an additional charge. Breakfast items include cold cereals and granola, toast, donuts, bagels, muffins, pastries, croissants, and English muffins. For a preview of all items, the Disney Cruise Line website lists the room service menu, under dining options. We have been able to order some items not listed on the menu, including gluten-free bread or buns, soy milk, veggie burgers, and the desserts mentioned above. If you are wondering about something that is not on the menu, simply inquire when you place your order.

Room Service photo
Room Service

Room Service - Macaroni and Cheese - photo by j316

Tipping is the one cost of room service on Disney Cruise Line. I’ve read that $1-$2 per visit is an acceptable tip. You may tip in cash or add the tip to a charge slip, which we have received when ordering items such as sodas or bottled water that incur an additional charge. We tip in cash and have always found the crew member delivering the food to be happy to receive cash.

What to do when you’re done with the meal? You may call room service for tray pick-up, or simply place the tray outside your stateroom door. Your stateroom host will also clear away any trays during the morning or evening housekeeping service.

We have used room service on each of our five Disney cruises, and offer the following tips:
- Bring some $1 and $5 bills to use for room service tips.
- Consider ordering snacks on boarding day, to be enjoyed while unpacking, sailing away, or waiting for dinner. We like the All Hands on Deck cheese and cracker tray, the fruit bowl, and cookies!
- If you have teens or other frequent snackers, order extra items that can be stored in the stateroom cooler/refrigerator.
- Room service breakfasts can be quite helpful on port day mornings. If some members of your party are slow in getting ready while others are hungry, breakfast can begin in your stateroom. This promotes harmony and reduces nagging. Can you guess that we’ve cruised with teens?
- If you have a veranda, consider dining there at least once. We find that a meal, snack, or beverage on the veranda is delightful.

In short, room service is a wonderful option to consider while cruising with Mickey. The variety, minimal cost (tip), and convenience of room service is just one more part of the magic when sailing with Disney Cruise Line.

Room Service All Hands on Deck photo
Room Service All Hands on Deck

Room Service All Hands on Deck - photo by j316

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About the Author:
Mary Augustine is retired. She has been a Disney fan since the original Micky Mouse Club was on television!

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