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Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Party: A Walt Disney World Dining Review

by Marla Duffy, PassPorter Guest Contributor
Last modified 08-02-2013

Every year my family heads down to Walt Disney World for our spring break, and everyone always asks us, "Again? Isn't it always the same thing?"

It never is the "same thing," but each year I try to add something to our itinerary that's different and new.

This year it was the Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Party at Magic Kingdom. I had read about it online and added it to my list of to-do's. What better way to see the Wishes fireworks at the end of the day! So I tried to make reservations, and they weren't being accepted yet. Seems there is no set timeframe that tickets go on sale for this, it's just a matter of checking daily about 30-45 days prior to the day you want. And checking multiple times a day, since in the morning they might not be accepting reservations and in the afternoon they are. So I managed to make reservations for the four of us; me, my husband, and our two kids, ages 14 and 10. I picked one of the days we were planning to be in the Magic Kingdom for the day, but sadly had already made a reservation for Be Our Guest, so we had to go from dinner to dessert. Next time I'll skip the dinner because of the desserts!

We arrived at Tomorrowland Terrace after racing from New Fantasyland hoping to get a front row table. Little did we know that tables are assigned, so regardless of when you arrive, your table has a nice personalized card with your name on it. We were right up front! I had read that if you sit further back, the roof overhead could block your view of the fireworks so I was thrilled we were just near the railing. Great view!

Sadly, I was stuffed from dinner. Next time I vow to not eat dinner that day so I can stuff myself with desserts. All desserts are mini-sized so you could easily sample everything. Even though I was stuffed when I arrived, I sampled a lot! My favorite was the creme brulee in a little coffee cup, and the chocolate mousse was also excellent! My kids loved the make-your-own sundaes and there was plenty of coffee, tea, and soft drinks for thirst quenching. There were cookies, pastries, tarts, fresh fruit, cannolis, tiramisu, cheesecakes, chocolate-covered strawberries ... you imagine it, it was there on the buffet. Yes, the buffet -- meaning you can go back over and over again until you have to be rolled out of there.

We had a wonderful view of the castle from where we were, and as an added bonus, got to see the "Magic, Memories and You" show before the fireworks. Although the pictures projected on the castle were hard to make out, other guests were very vocal, so everyone shared what they saw! We also got to enjoy the Main Street Electrical Parade. The last time I saw that parade, I was on my tippy-toes straining to look around those who crowded in front of me, and my kids had to look through the throngs of people, so it was quite nice to get a clear view of the floats.

Another plus was the weather. It was one of those Florida days with brief downpours that soak you, and then the sun comes out. But instead of being down on the ground battling the crowds and the umbrellas, we were under a roof and got to enjoy the fireworks in all our dryness! Also, Disney PhotoPass thought to have a photographer stationed right where we checked in at the podium, and we got some great family shots and some good romantic shots with me and hubby, in the dark, with the castle lit up behind us.

So now that we'd eaten our fill of desserts, and then some, it was time for the fireworks to begin! Combined with the yummy food, and now the unencumbered, dry view of the fireworks, the cost per person, $22-$26 for adults, and $13.99 for kids depending on season, was worth it. The music and audio is piped into the terrace area and if you're lucky you'll get to see Tinker Bell fly right over you. The castle fireworks are wonderful to see from any location, but being in a less crowded area and under cover in case of rain, really added to the experience.

My kids loved it! My 10-year-old can't wait to do it again, andI promised her that next time we'll eat a midday lunch and save our appetites so we can have dessert for dinner that night! My 14-year-old loved the view we had, and that no-one crowded us. I do wonder if when you manage to book your reservation determines your table location - I believe I booked the first day reservations opened up and we had a prime location table. Other guests will mosey up to the railing and station themselves there, which they're not supposed to do, but I can imagine a table all the way in the back doesn't give you a great view.

This event is now added to our yearly planning, at least to do it next year when we head back to Walt Disney World.  And next time we'll arrive with more room in our stomachs to enjoy the sugary sweets!

About the Author: Marla Duffy is a mother of two kids, lives in Connecticut and works part-time in a school cafeteria. She is a huge Disney fan and loves planning her yearly vacation almost as much as being in Walt Disney World.

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