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In the 'Pink': A Disney Cruise Line Review

by Mary Augustine, PassPorter Guest Contributor
Last modified 07-04-2013

Nestled behind a large pink bubble near the District Lounge bar on the Disney Dream, is a unique champagne bar called Pink.

When you enter, you will notice a playful pink elephant leaning in to the letter “K” of P-I-N-K. Could that be Dumbo?!

Pink is an excellent stop for pre- or post- dinner or show drinks, afternoon breaks (usually opens at 5 pm), or an evening nightcap, but a full champagne tasting is a wonderful way to experience Pink. We have seen the champagne tasting in Pink offered on 3-, 4-, and 5-night Disney Dream cruises. Champagne tastings are listed in the daily Navigator, and require a ticket. Tickets can be obtained at Guest Services any time after boarding, and one can even reserve the tickets by phone, and they will be delivered to your stateroom. The cost in November 2012 was $30.00/person. Seating is limited, thus signing up on boarding day is suggested to ensure you will be able to attend. If you are unable to secure a ticket, it is worth asking at the time of the tasting. Two ‘walk-ins’ were happily accommodated at our tasting.

On entering Pink, you will find yourself transported to a fanciful place. Have you just entered a champagne bottle? The décor is elegant yet comfortable, sparkling, and ethereal. With soft pinks and greys, along with mirrors and sparkling gold accents, Pink is welcoming and fun. Walls are curved and softly lit with bubble lights. Unique lighting continues with champagne flute-like ceiling lights, and effervescent pink and gold bubble lights streaming from behind the bar. Seating includes soft velvet upholstered chairs and rounded corner benches, all in shades of subdued pink. The pink carpet has sparkle designs. The ceiling is mirrored, adding sparkle to the room. The bar is striking, and is topped with gleaming marble with a wire caging-like design on the front of the bar, calling to mind the muselet on a champagne bottle, or even a corset. Barstools have crystal-clear backs, adding more sparkle to the room.

The champagne tasting begins with an introduction by one of the sommeliers, who outlines the history of champagne and its production process. The classic champagne bubbles (carbon dioxide) are the result of a secondary fermentation, and the smaller the bubbles, the finer and more expensive the champagne. Next, classification of champagnes is reviewed, with examples of each level of sweetness, from ultra brut (no sugar) to doux (sweet, up to 10% sugar) described. Finally, the best part – tasting! Four champagnes are presented, each with a full flute, rather than just a small tasting pour. Chocolate chips were provided and the sommelier suggested we taste the chocolate prior to and just after each champagne tasting. He was right – the chocolate flavor was enhanced! Our four champagnes were Taittinger Prestige Rose, Taittinger Brut La Francaise , Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial (the only champagne created to be served on ice), and Louis Roederer Cristal. The two Taittinger champagnes are exclusive to the Disney Dream.

Also on the menu at Pink are wines, champagne cocktails, scotch, single malt whiskeys, and cognac. The champagne cocktails include interesting choices such as the Tropicale (champagne with mango puree and maraschino liqueur), and the Blue Angel (champagne with Grey Goose vodka, Cointreau, Blue Curacao liqueur, and freshly squeezed lime juice). In addition, Champagne Escapes are offered, which include a flute of champagne served with your choice of mango, peach, or raspberry verrine.

We also visited Pink briefly during an Art of the Theme ship tour, and the Cast Member mentioned two points of interest in Pink. One is that viewing the floor in front of the bar through a camera, gives the illusion that bubbles are rising from the floor (as bubbles in a glass of champagne). Not all cameras show this, and unfortunately neither of our digital cameras gave us this special view. We did find the second point of interest – a moving light in the shape of a pink elephant, which appears randomly in the back lit bubbles on the wall opposite the bar. The elephant appears for a few seconds within a bubble, and then vanishes, only to appear in another bubble. A single pink elephant on parade? I must admit that scene from Dumbo is one that frightened me as a child. But this pink elephant is cute and it was fun to watch for him. Hmm – relaxing with a glass of champagne and enjoying the pink elephant here may be just the perfect therapy for those of us who don’t have fond memories of that particular scene from Dumbo. Cheers!

About the Author: Mary is a Disney Cruise Line fan preparing for her 9th cruise with Disney.

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