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Remy Champagne Brunch: Dining Review: Disney Fantasy

by Michele Dakho, PassPorter Guest Contributor
Last modified 09-20-2012

One of the most exquisite French dining experiences anywhere can be found at Remy aboard the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy cruise ships.

Dinner at this exclusive adults only restaurant offers the finest in French cuisine complete with service by French-trained staff and an astounding panoramic view. Anyone who has eaten dinner at Remy will tell you it's not just a meal, it’s an experience.

The Remy experience is now offered for brunch on sea days for sailings of four days or longer. This is still an exclusive, adults-only experience, so only guests 18 and older can participate. The fee for brunch is $50, and the champagne pairing is an additional $25.

When you hear the word "brunch" associated with Disney Cruise Line you automatically think of the buffet-style spread that Palo puts out on sea days. The Remy brunch is very different from the brunch at Palo, but not dissimilar to the dinner served at Remy.

I was able to participate in brunch at Remy aboard the Disney Fantasy in August, and once again the Remy experience swept me off my feet.

The brunch starts with a gathering in the Wine Room, which is a semi-private, glass-enclosed area near the entrance to the restaurant. The chef and sommelier await your arrival and will explain the brunch offerings to you while you enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne and a plate of pata negra (a special Spanish ham). There is of course a fancy machine to slice this fancy meat, because it has to be sliced perfectly paper-thin. The antiquated-looking machine ensures the perfect slice every time, and is easily operated by turning a handle. Guests were offered the chance to take the machine for a spin (literally) and after encouragement from the chef, a few brave people gave it a whirl.

The offerings for the champagne pairing were on display in the wine room and described by the Sommelier. The champagnes are each chosen to compliment a brunch course. There are four in all (one is complimentary and three come with the champagne upgrade).

The first official course to be served was Gnocchi Chili. I’d like to note that I don’t like either of the things in the title but the dish was very good. The gnocchi (dumplings) were unlike anything I’ve ever tasted in texture and flavor. Paired with the semi-spicy chili sauce (aka foam), it was an exquisite combination. (Champagne pairing-Taittinger Prestige Cuvee Rose NV)

Next up was the Lobster Cannelloni and Caviar. Pieces of lobster meat were chopped and wrapped in a cannelloni-style pasta, and garnished with radicchio and caviar. A separate piece of lobster was garnished with caviar and plated next to a baby turnip. In terms of “baby” sized vegetables this one was more like a fetus, but it packed more punch than anything I’ve ever tasted. That tiny turnip nearly did me in, as I don’t like turnips but didn’t expect such a small vegetable to make such a big impact! (Champagne pairing -Pommery Gold '04)

Sea bass over eggs, with leeks and a Thai sauce was the next course and while I thought serving fish with eggs was extremely unusual, everyone enjoyed the dish. I’ll admit I prefer the way Palo prepares the sea bass at dinner, but then again they aren’t serving it over eggs so the flavors are much more prominent. I was reminded of scrambled eggs with chorizo sausage, with fish instead of the sausage and the Thai sauce as opposed to a salsa. The eggs were very light in texture and flavor and the sauce added an unusual twist.

Gascogne Pork Loin with Turnips followed the sea bass. This pork is an elegant meat (much like the pata negra served at the beginning of the meal) and was accompanied by a dark sauce with a hint of sweetness. The turnips (tiny of course) were flavorful and adorable, sharing the plate with the pork. While I really enjoyed the flavor of the sauce, the pork wasn’t my favorite dish. It was a texture issue for me, but everyone else gobbled theirs up. (Champagne pairing Disney Fantasy-exclusive Taittinger La Francaise NV )

Just as a Disney movie ends in "Happily ever after," so does brunch at Remy. The dessert course, Duo Chocolate, finishes off the brunch experience with an unexpected twist, a spicy chili sauce. The Duo Chocolate is hard to describe, in it’s most basic description it is chocolate mousse that is rolled over chocolate shavings and served with a chocolate chili sauce on the side. While I had my doubts about the chili sauce and the chocolate mousse, it was very mild and unique. (Champagne pairing: Moet and Chandon Ice NV)

I had to taste this wine if for no other reason than it had ice cubes in it and was being served that way at a fancy restaurant. I found great delight in watching my husband sip this white wine with ice in it, as he's always made fun of me when I've done the same. Apparently, if your wine is served with ice at Remy it’s expected and acceptable, but if you add your own at home you’re the center of scorn. On a side note; a previous Remy sommelier suggested chilling wine in the fridge or freezer as opposed to adding ice in your glass, so it won’t get watered down (that is if you prefer your wine cold).

Overall the brunch was very elegant and the view during the day is really beautiful. The food wasn’t my ideal cuisine but the experience was beautiful and I’d recommend it to any foodie or someone interested in expanding their palate. To me, I would have preferred putting the money toward another dinner, particularly considering my husband did the wine pairing, which made his brunch the same as the price of dinner without a wine pairing. There are more options for dinner, whether you prefer to choose one of several tasting menus or a variety of dishes a la carte.

Note: Currently the brunch at Remy is only available for booking once onboard the ship. There is no option for online reservations at this time.

About the Author: Michele is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner with Pixie Vacations. When she’s not planning Disney vacations, she’s taking them and sharing her tips and tricks on her blog You can also find Michele on the Passporter Forums as PixieMichele.

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