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Disney World 101 Quiz - Part 2: What to Know Before You Go

by Justine Fellows, PassPorter Guest Contributor
Last modified 08-30-2012

Last week, we embarked on a series of quizzes designed to challenge and delight experienced and unexperienced Disney vacation planners alike. We wish you the best of luck with this week's quiz!

1. Which of the following is not true about FASTPASS (check all that apply):

 We can have only one FASTPASS per person at a time
 They will take a FASTPASS on the same day even after I missed the Return Time
 I can walk to the front of the line past the commoners with a FASTPASS
 I can send someone ahead with all of the park tickets to get our FASTPASS
 I should get a FASTPASS as soon as I enter the park, even if there are no lines
 I should pay attention to the return time because they won't take my FASTPASS until that time

2. Describe what Rider Switch means:

3. What transportation will I use to get:
a) From Wilderness Lodge to Magic Kingdom:
b) From All Star Sports to Epcot:
c) From Animal Kingdom Lodge to Beach Club:

4. Fill in the top five attractions you will visit at each park:
Magic Kingdom: ______________, _________________, __________________, __________________, _________________
Epcot: ______________, _________________, __________________, __________________, _________________
Disney's Hollywood Studios: ______________, _________________, __________________, __________________, _________________
Disney's Animal Kingdom: ______________, _________________, __________________, __________________, _________________

5. Check three items below that will assist you in enjoying your trip:
 Seeing everything no matter how late
 Alcohol
 Baby Care Centers
 Refusing to ask for help
 KidCot Fun Stops
 Not taking naps

6. While in a park, if a Disney employee asks me to partake in an opening, special event, or surprise, I should:
a) Yell stranger danger!
b) Say yes, even if I'm tired.
c) Run like hell, it's a scam.

7. Draw a line to match each of the following terms to its definition or synonym:
Mousekeeping                     The cool train that goes to three resorts, Epcot, and Magic Kingdom
Monorail                               The fireworks at Disney's Hollywood Studios
ADR                                     Extra Magic Hours only for Disney's resort guests
Cast Member                       Housekeeping at the hotel
Wishes                                Advanced Dining Reservations
IllumiNations                        Someone who works at Walt Disney World
Fantasmic!                          The fireworks at Magic Kingdom
EMH                                     The fireworks at Epcot

8. With a free basic dining package, how many of each of the items below do I receive for each night of my stay?
Counter Service Meals:
Table Service Meals:

9. Do I have to use one of each of the above dining items per day?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Who cares

10. What should I do if I have extra dining plan credits at the end of the trip?
a) Buy lunch for an unsuspecting family
b) Use snack credits to get cool candy bars in the gift shop
c) Use a counter service credit to grab a meal for the plane
d) Use a counter service credit for breakfast
e) All or some of the above

11. Before I head home, I should:
a) Rejoice
b) Spend time the night before to organize and pack
c) Get my luggage to the airline check-in at the hotel
d) Make sure that I received Disney's Magical Express information the night before we leave
e) All of the above

12. Who should I contact for help:
a) Disney - 407-WDISNEY
b) Disney Dining - 407-WDW-DINE
c) A Cast Member
d) All of the above

Ready to see how you did? Go to to view the Answer Key, then post on our message boards to share how you did!

About the Author:

Justine is the Author of PassPorter's Disney Speed Planner e-book. Rumor has it, Justine's love of Disney World stems from being deprived by her non-Disney parents. Much to their dismay, she has more than made up for it with more than 15 trips under her belt!

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