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Disney Dreaming: Book Excerpt from PassPorter's Walt Disney World

by Jennifer and Dave Marx, PassPorter Guidebooks Author
Last modified 1/16/2009

A good part of the fun of going to the Walt Disney World Resort is the anticipation before the trip! To really get you into "Disney Dreaming," we present some of our favorite tips to feed your excitement and prepare you for the adventure that lies ahead. This is magical stuff -- don't blame us if you get the urge to hop on the next plane to Orlando.

Watch a Movie
Disney movies -- animations and live action alike -- capture the Disney spirit wonderfully. Rent your favorite from the local video store and settle in for a cozy evening. There are also videos of the Walt Disney World complex; if you can't find them at your local video store, be on the lookout for free offers (hint: watch newspaper and TV ads). At the time of writing, you can also request a free Disney vacation planning video of the Walt Disney World Resort--call Disney at 407-934-7639 to order your free video. (To get a free Disney Cruise Line video, call 888-325-2500.)

Go Shopping
Pay a visit to The Disney Store-- while many of these closed over the last few years and the chain was sold, plent are still found in major shopping malls. The stores continue to offer delightful theming and foot-tapping music. You can buy park admission at a discount, and special offers may be hand with the Disney Visa (see page 10 of PassPorter's Walt Disney World for details). No Disney Store around? Try just listening to Disney music to get you in the mood!

If you've visited Walt Disney World before, think back to your vacation and the things you enjoyed most about it. Dig out your souvenirs, photos, and home movies and view them with fresh eyes. If you used a PassPorter last time, go through your PassPockets carefully to refresh your memory and find the notes you made "for next time." If you haven't got to Walt Disney World before, talk to all the friends and family members who have gone and get their impressions, tips, and stories. If you've never been to Walt Disney World before, we invite you to explore our huge Photo Archive filled with our photos and our readers photos!

Network With Others! 
Disney fans tend to gravitate towards online services and the Internet. If you've got an Internet connection (which you must if you're reading this!), you'll find many Disney sites--even a very active one forPassPorter planners!. (Readers, see page 7 ofPassPorter's Walt Disney World for details.)
You're invited to the Sharing the Fun section to meet fellow vacationers and talk about Disney!

Create a Photo Album or Scrap Book 
If you've been to Walt Disney World before, you probably have a box of photos and memories. Why not get them out of wherever they are hiding and create a photo album or scrap book? If that sounds like too much work, look for an older edition of PassPorter (we offer them each August at great deals), then fill it with your photos, maps, receipts, memories, and experiences. You'd be surprised at how well it can help you prepare for your next trip. (Photo album/scrap book idea submitted by reader Jean Fuentes.)

Plan, Plan, Plan!
There's nothing more fun than planning your very own trip. Use the PassPorter and get ready to experience the ultimate in Disney Dreaming.

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About the Author: Jennifer and Dave Marx are the founders of PassPorter Travel Press/MediaMarx, Inc. and the authors of dozens of bestselling books. They live in Ann Arbor, Michigan and frequently travel within the U.S. and abroad.

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Updated 1/16/2009

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