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Breakfast at Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom: A Walt Disney World Dining Review

by Erin Martin, PassPorter Guest Contributor
Last modified 06-16-2017

Taking a girls’ only trip with two little princesses in tow requires at least one meal at a castle.

What better way to take advantage of that then by having breakfast at Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom? While there are no characters at this meal, the magical castle itself provides enough atmosphere to make this a popular choice for any meal.

Be Our Guest is a little different from other restaurants in Disney. It is a table service meal at dinner, while breakfast and lunch are quick service meals. You are, however, able to make Advanced Dining Reservations for all three meals and I definitely recommend making those reservations as this restaurant is very popular. This restaurant also does accept the Disney Dining Plan. It requires quick service credits for breakfast and lunch and then table service credits for dinner. As you will see in a minute the price of breakfast makes this meal a good use of quick service credits if you are on the Dining Plan.

Breakfast runs a bit differently from lunch and dinner here, as breakfast is a set price. It is $24 per adult and $14 per child. Included in this price is a plate of pastries for the table to share, drinks, and your choice of a meal. Children can chose from five different plated items including scrambled eggs, cereal and French toast. Adults have seven different plated items that include standard breakfast fare as well as a healthy option of scrambled egg whites or, for those with a sweet tooth, a croissant doughnut topped with banana-caramel sauce, pastry cream, and chocolate ganache.

We were able to get an 8:30am reservation before the Magic Kingdom opened for the day at 9:00am. I was excited to get an early reservation in order to be able to gain access to the park before it opened, but shortly after making this reservation the park opening changed slightly. In the past you were able to scan your ticket but had to wait right in the front area for the park to officially open with the opening show. Now, however, everyone is admitted into the Magic Kingdom and onto Main Street before park opening.

As we headed into the Magic Kingdom there was still very little crowd that early in the morning, so it was still a pleasant experience. There was a cast member with a tablet standing by the bridge that leads into Liberty Square. Since guests are not allowed past Main Street until the official park opening the cast member scanned my magic band to verify we had a reservation before we were allowed to head back to Fantasy Land.

When we arrived at the castle, we checked into the podium outside and were then directed down the long path into the castle. This is where Disney truly shines with its attention to detail. As we headed into the castle to wait in line to order, we were greeted by so many beautiful details. Knights lined the walls along with tapestries and stained glass windows. All of these items worked to make you feel that you are truly in Beast’s castle in Beauty and the Beast.

The line leads you to multiple kiosks where cast members take your order. We told the Cast Member that we were on the Dining plan and she kindly informed us that we could order adult meals for the children with our Quick Service credits. She explained that the Quick Service credits are all lumped as one and there is no differentiation in the system from the adults and children. This is different with Table Service credits which do differentiate. As a result of this information, we ended up ordering adult meals for the children. Our party ordered three Feasts a la Gaston (or as the Cast Member corrected me they are called Feasts of he who should not be named—it is Beast’s castle after all!) and one Vegetable Quiche for my friend who felt someone needed to order something French to stick with the story line. We scanned our bands and were handed cups for our drinks. Drinks here are self-serve, except for milk which is brought out with the food.

There is no need to carry a buzzer or number, just head into the castle and pick a seat and they will magically find you. The castle itself consists of three rooms. The main room has large magical windows where you can watch the snow falling outside. The room to the left appears to be the smallest room, but also extremely popular as this room contains the magical rose that we all know and love from the story. While it is neat seeing the rose, this room is very dark as Beast likes to keep people away from his rose. We could not find a seat there, and ended up in the room to the right of the main room. This was a large room filled with various tapestries that had different scenes that were not found in the movie with Beauty, Beast, and the enchanted objects including Chip, Mrs. Potts, and Lumiere. The centerpiece of this room is a large carving of Belle and the Beast dancing. The room itself is well lit and had so much to look at that it was by far my favorite. The nice thing about this restaurant is the amount of seating available, but on the flip side due to the large size of the rooms it is very loud, at least for breakfast.

After getting our drinks and settling in a cast member rolled a cart up to our table with the meal. There was a pastry plate for the table that included two small muffins, two Danish, and two cinnamon rolls. The three Feast a la Gaston’s consisted of scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, bacon, chicken sausage, and a small bowl of fruit. The Vegetable Quiche also included a small bowl of fresh fruit. While not everyone may agree, I found the Feast a la Gaston ok. It is definitely still a quick service meal despite the fact that it is served in a fancy setting. The eggs and meat were standard breakfast fare, while the potatoes were quite dry. My favorite part was really the apple Danish, which was sweet and delicious, although I have to say the cantaloupe, honeydew and grapes included in the fruit bowl were also fresh and tasty.

Finally, after we had our fill, it was time to head back out but not without one last look at the rooms and a final picture. Before you head out the doors back into Fantasy Land is a beautiful stained glass window with Beauty and the Beast. This spot makes a great photo opportunity.

Overall I have to say that Be Our Guest Restaurant for breakfast is a nice way to start the day in Magic Kingdom. It allowed us to get into “character” without having to do a character meal. For me, while character meals are nice, it’s also nice sometimes to be able to relax and take in the atmosphere without anxiously anticipating when the next character will come by. If you’re looking for an alternative castle to dine in while at the Magic Kingdom, Be Our Guest is a great choice.

About the Author: Erin Martin enjoys all things Disney especially traveling to the World with her family.

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