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10 Reasons Why We Keep Coming Back to Walt Disney World: A Walt Disney World Planning Article

by Sarah Plant, PassPorter Guest Contributor
Last modified 08-25-2016

Disney — my greatest memories….

From a young age I have had the privilege of seeing what this amazing world as to offer! Over the course of our eight family overseas vacations, Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland and Disneyland California has been the must do’s! I am so greatly excited and deeply humbled to share with you the top 10 reasons why my family and I journey thousands of miles from Australia to experience the Disney magic; and how travelling has most definitely made me see: “It’s a Small World after all.”

No. 1: DISNEY WORLD-WIDE The expansion of Disney never ceases to amaze: Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris and America + Disney’s amazing cruises! The vastness of Disney has allowed the Disney magic to travel far and wide. My family and I have journeyed to every Disney theme park around the world, except Tokyo! If your reading this and wondering what to do on your next vacation — plan your getaway around Disney! Imagine this…. your wanting to experience the historic richness of Paris, but need a little Mickey in your life: check out the magnificent Eiffel Tower, head on over to the Louvre…and of course tick off your bucket list items with a trip to Paris Disney — it’s the cherry on top to an already sweet vacation!

No. 2: THE DISNEY ‘MAGIC’ From friendly smiles to warm welcomes, the service of Disney trumps all; it’s my home away from home. From all that I have experienced from Disney — the fireworks, the rides, the characters, the fun…a fundamental attribute to the heart of Disney is the Cast Members. They work behind the scenes to make your vacation truly special. Both my brother and I have had birthdays at Disney; the most recent being my Sweet Sixteen! I was dining at Tusker House, Animal Kingdom, and to my surprise nearing the end of my glorious jungle brunch I was gifted a character card, a Mickey sprinkle cup-cake and a happy birthday song from the whole dining room, lead by the Disney Cast Members — I felt like royalty.

No. 3: THE RESORTS A Disney vacation isn't just all about the kids…immerse yourself in a world were cleaning is irrelevant, where cooking is no more, and where relaxing is essential, and experience is everything. Disney resorts are all themed — from classic Disney animation (Art of Animation) to old-style elegance (The Grand Floridan) — every vacation is a unique experience. When people ask me: “Why are you going back to Disney? Isn’t this your 8th time?” I just say: “Why wouldn't I be going to Disney?” Walt Disney World is host to over 25 resorts, or as I like to think: 25 + distinctly unique Walt Disney World Vacations; picking a resort for our family is like picking a favourite child — it is ultimately impossible.

No. 4: DISNEY VACATION CLUB Ever wonder what it feels like to add a bit of pixie dust to all your vacations? Well now you can! My parents have been Disney Vacation Club members for several years and the benefits have been awesome. The Grand Floridian is our home resort, but that certainly doesn't limit us to it being our only resort! We like to stay and experience as many resorts as we can — it’s like trying ice-cream flavours, and finding one that our signature flavour — remember there are 25+ flavours…. I mean Walt Disney World resorts! Additionally, the 10% Vacation Club discount is a bonus when going on souvenir halls — it is the additional sprinkle to our ice cream. But that is just the tip of the ice-burg — check out the Vacation Club website for more info, let Disney travel with you around the world!

No. 5: THE THEME PARKS Fun. Fun. Fun. In my opinion nothing in the WORLD compares to Disney theme parks. Walt Disney World is literally just that — a world. It is broken up into 6 totally different, but uniquely Disney parts: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot; Hollywood Studios, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. Having a park hooper is a great way to go! Experience is everything: MAXIMISE THE EXPERIENCE! You can start off at Magic Kingdom, catch the monorail to Epcot and hop on a curtesy bus to Animal Kingdom — mix and match, create the holiday of your dreams. Just like the resorts, the theme parks are diverse and, I believe, they offer something for everyone.

No. 6: THE RIDES Nothing compares to Disney’s unique innovations. Just like the theme parks, Walt Disney World rides are tailored to each park; from thrill rides, to water rides, and ultimately the Disney classic rides. Magic Kingdom is one of my favourite parks, and for me it encapsulates Walt Disney’s dream — a world full of family fun where dreams come true. From Adventure Land to Fantasy Land, Frontier Land, and not to forget Liberty Square and Main Street USA; the rides integrate the adventure and theme of each land. Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Rail-Road, The Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain are just a few favourites of mine, what are yours? These rides compare to no other, and this is why Disney rides are a BIG fundamental reason that just keeps us coming back.

No. 7: MAGIC MEMORIES Vacation lasts for the summer. Photos last for a life time. Magic Memories are the chance to capture your vacation memories with your family or friends with the tap of a magic band. No need lug your bag around, just slap on your magic band and hit the parks. Once your home customise your images with awesome frames and text captions; personalise your pic.

No. 8: PIN TRADING Pin trading is a serious sport (….well for my family!) I don't know about your family, but in mine obtaining a rare pin is like winning gold. I put this question you: Have you ever heard of pin trading? Sadly, I wouldn't be surprised if you haven’t, but if you have, thank you for keeping the trading fever alive. Pin trading is where you trade with Cast members and an occasional park guest for a pin: meaning you give a pin — they give a pin in return. It is great fun, and in our family a very serious (well not too serious…) competition! So please if you have read this and are intrigue or you are a pin veteran — keep the trading alive and ask some Cast members with lanyards to trade with them.

No. 9: THE CELEBRATION OF THE SEASONS Christmas. Easter. Halloween! Possibly the most magical time of the Disney year is the seasons. My family and I plan our vacations around the seasonal celebrations. Disney spends no expense decking the parks with bounds of lights and fireworks, making the holidays come alive! Characters are dressed in festive costumes and special parades are choreographed to get the park guests in the spirit. One of my favourite times to visit Disney is at Halloween time, with Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, is in session! I have fond memories of all my family members dressing up to get in the spirit of things — Halloween in American is amazing, and is something in Australia that is not typically celebrated. Magic Kingdom is the venue to this spook-tacular event — Trick or treat give me something good to eat!

No. 10 : AGE IS LIMITLESS Age is really just a number when it comes to Disney —- everyone is a kid at heart! I have been visiting Disney since I was seven, and now I’m currently sixteen and still Disney is the centre of my vacation universe — I dream of having my high-school graduation getaway there. Disney is my childhood and some of my greatest memories, and dreams have come true there. I don't know about you, but for me family is everything and I can’t thank my parents, my aunts, my brother and my grandmother (Nanny) for allowing my dreams to come true, and being by my side when they happen. You can see why eight times just really isn't enough — Disney is a lifetime full of fun times, family moments and unforgettable experiences! Disney has brought magic to my life and I truly hope Disney has brought magic to yours! Thank you Walt Disney for making this world a better place.

About the Author: Hello, devoted PassPorter readers! My name is Sarah Plant; I am 16 years old and I live in Australia. Disney is a big part of my life and having a chance to share with you my families magical adventures is something I truly cherish!

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