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A Kids Top 10 Reasons to Go On a Disney Cruise: A Disney Cruise Line Review

by Abby Wear, PassPorter Guest Contributor
Last modified 01-28-2016

This week, 9-year old Abby Wear (daughter of PassPorter News contributor Amy Wear) has contributed her top 10 reasons she thinks kids would love a Disney Cruise!

1. Food! Ever think, “I really want to eat that, but it cost too much!” When you go on Disney cruise line, no need to worry about that! They have no cost for food all around the ship. You get it all when you pay for the cruise! That means no whiny kids begging for food, no wishing that you could eat that, and no reason why you can’t eat it! Because you’ll be on vacation!

2. Characters! I bet that you have seen characters always at one of the kid’s fun dinners. That’s almost the only place you get to see them! All around these vessels are characters everywhere! Be sure to bring your camera! Lots of fun things to do! Join in on special parties, and let your kids do what they want. There is the whole middle, reserved just for kids to dance in. You might even want to join in too!

3. Kids club! Have you ever in your life wanted to just go relax, with your kids being watched over having the time of their life? Well there’s just that! Drop your kids off there, where it is germ free, fun things to do, interactive games, even experiments! Characters even go there! My experience was amazing! I got to make a lot of friends, and play games. It was the best thing in my life! You can just enjoy adult time, while the kids have fun. Another reason why you should choose a Disney cruise!

4. Dining! At supper as moms, have you wanted to just sit down, be served, and chat with new friends? Disney dining is amazing! Share a table with new people, and watch your servers perform magic tricks for you while you wait. There is a wide selection of choices for food! Kids have a fun booklet to do, which tells what their choices of food are. Eat different things every night! Choose two desserts! Don’t worry about how much it is going to cost you! (HA! HA!) Most dinners are included with your price. Fancy ones are amazing! Each place you have dinner, there will be different things all around you. You even get all the same servers coming to every dinner! You get to know them better, and they may even have your drink or favorite food ready! Get as much of food as you want! Disney cruise dinners are the best!

5. Shows! Go to the Walt Disney theatre, and watch a magician, a musical, or a nightly show! Musicals are absolutely amazing! My favorite was DREAMS! It was beautiful! Sorry I can’t tell more about It, it’s a surprise! I think you will love it! A Canadian, two time winning magician, came and put on mind blowing tricks. These tricks seemed impossible, but he can do it! There was also a night show every night. It was fun to enjoy each show! That’s why I love this!

6. Free ice cream! One of my favorite things, was the free ICE CREAM! It came in different flavors, including; peach, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, blueberry, and many more flavors! You could get as much as you want, in a cup or cone! You could also order ice cream mickey bars to your room! Chocolate covered! You could even fill a cup of ice cream, take two cookies from the buffet, and add a cone to make a mickey with a hat! This was so much fun!

7. Germ free! A very good thing that was everyplace I went to was germ free! EVERYTHING! That means no getting sick, and a guaranteed fun time on the Disney cruise! Every time you went to a buffet, they kindly ask you to wash your hands with a wipe. That way nobody gets sick! I really appreciated it. One time on vacation, we had a campfire planned and I got sick. It was terrible! Well on a Disney cruise there is none of that! This makes it an awesome vacation! (Editor's Note - Of course, no cruise is germ-free but Disney Cruise does their best. Please use proper hand washing techniques to help prevent the spread of germs!)

8. Special Events! Onboard Disney cruise line when you arrive at your room, there will be a guide. On this will be all the SPECIAL EVENTS happening and it will tell you all where it is! Next to your guide, there may be a challenge! I went on a challenge called “Anna’s Chocolate Chase!” It was super fun! It even told when movies happened! I love Disney Cruise Line!

9. Adventure! Going on a Disney cruise was an adventure. Meeting new people was an adventure. But going on the islands was the best adventure of all! Alaska, Jamaica, Mexico, Cayman Islands, Africa, those are some of the places you can go to on a Disney cruise! Amazing adventures and a quick set up! Meet with your adventurous tour guide, go to the beach, explore ruins, and swim with stingrays. There’s a lot more adventures to go on! That’s my ninth reason why you should pick this cruise!

10. Everything! There are so much more things to tell you! Whichever Disney cruise you choose, I bet you’ll love it! Because Disney cruises are the best! Thank you for reading!

About the Author: My name is Abby Wear. I'm in grade four, I love art, writing, and swimming. My dream is to someday publish a real life book. This is amazing to me, to get an article published and move one step closer.

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Updated 01-28-2016

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