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Family Fashion - Matching Outfits at Disney: A Walt Disney World Planning Article

by Jocelyn Martins, PassPorter Guest Contributor
Last modified 03-12-2015

I love to dress my three girls in matching clothes. I know -- half of you are probably rolling your eyes and half of you are nodding your heads.

I don't like clothes myself -- I don't enjoy shopping for them, picking them out in the morning, nothing. I'd be extremely happy if I was forced to wear running/yoga pants and a tank every day. So it still surprised me how much pleasure I get out of dressing my daughters and dressing them alike to boot! Luckily, at their ages (6, 5, and 2), they're still enjoying it themselves -- they think it';s cute. Besides being adorable, it's also helpful when in a place where there are a lot of people -- like Walt Disney World. It makes keeping track of them a lot easier. If you have a certain color or print, you can visually scan for them much easier than when they're all dressed differently.

I like to dress the girls in very simple, more classic styles. I don’t sew, I’m not very creative, and I don't get to stores all that much. Online shopping though -- I've got that down. That's the easiest way for me to dress my girls in matching outfits -- especially outfits for Disney. With the age gap between my two oldest and youngest daughter, most styles of clothing now is completely different between the two age groups. What you can find in a 2T is definitely not sold in a size 6 (with very few exceptions). For this, I take to the gem of a website called Etsy. If you're not familiar with it, it's somewhat like eBay, but most items are handmade or homemade.

Because my two oldest girls wear a uniform to school, summer is usually when they need the most clothes. Since Florida is warm or hot whenever we visit, this works well for our trips. We’ve had several style dresses made for them over the years to wear – incorporating classic Minnie Mouse or their favorite characters. Luckily, we’ve also picked up more than one style of dress at Walt Disney World itself. Some of their sundresses are sold from a 2T (XXS I think it’s marked as) up to a size 14.

Then there are the family outfits. We actually haven’t taken to this, well not really. Since we had 16 people together on this trip, I got a bit into it. I have the three girls, our friends have two little boys (22 months & 3 months at the time), my nephew (6 months at the time), and our other friends had teenage boys (15 and 14). I had found these adorable madras dresses with ruffle collars with a Minnie mouse near the bottom for the girls. Then… when I found out all the boys were going, I found navy t-shirts and navy rompers with a Mickey "head" in the madras print to match! Come on, how cute is that? All of them wouldn't actually be together on a single day so we planned two madras days. The hardest part was making sure they all remembered what day to wear what outfits.

Then I went a step further and picked us all up gray t-shirts or tank tops and scrolled through hundreds of iron-on vinyl decals – all shaped like Mickey’s head again – but representative of different characters. I ordered one for everyone that I thought was fitting. A little silly? Sure, but if we can’t pull it off in Disney World, where could we? A day in Hollywood Studios was where all sixteen of us would be together, so that’s where we wore our Mickey shirts proudly!

I had also ordered some A-line polka-pot dresses for the girls to wear for their birthday parties (they are May, June, & July). Their party themes were Oreo, Jasmine, and Elsa – so we substituted Dumbo for Oreos for my youngest and ordered cutie-style Jasmine & Elsa appliqués on the older girls’ dresses. The dresses were a hit both at home and in the parks. There are so many ways you can incorporate Disney into your wardrobe, especially for the parks.

You can be subtle, outrageous, classic, trendy, anything goes when showing your Disney side! I promise you the matching makes for good photo moments in addition to helping you keep track of young ones when they’re not in a stroller.

About the Author: Jocelyn is a working mom who tells her girls when they complain about her having to go to work, that it’s to save money for Disney!  Having visited throughout her lifetime, her most special trips have been getting engaged to her husband in front of the Castle, and visiting each year with her daughters and experiencing it with them.

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