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Disney Cruise Line Pulls the Plug on Power Strips: A Disney Cruise Line Article

by Michele Dakho, PassPorter Message Board Guide (Moderator)
Last modified 08-21-2014

Disney Cruise Line has always had a list of prohibited items, which is standard practice for every cruise line, to ensure the safety of the vessel as well as the passengers.

One of the items on that list is one of my staple travel items, a power strip. I even have one that is specifically for travel that remains in my suitcase all year round. My power strip has been with me on countless trips and has served me well, so the thought of it being removed from my luggage at security before boarding my cruise is as disturbing as it is inconvenient.

I learned early on, during one of my first trips to Walt Disney World, that there weren’t enough conveniently-located electrical outlets in the rooms to accommodate my many electronic devices. The various resort refurbishments have resolved that problem and the implementation of the My Disney Experience initiative has added additional charging stations throughout the parks.

When my Disney Cruise Line obsession took over, I was happy to have already been in the habit of traveling with a power strip, because the stateroom electrical outlets left much to be desired. But unfortunately…Disney Cruise Line doesn’t have charging stations and is outlawing my best friend, the power strip.

Modern travelers have many electronic devices and even on a cruise ship, where you’re more likely to disable your data-draining devices, there is still plenty that needs charging. So with power strips, extension cords, etc. solidifying their way on to the “prohibited items” list... How do you keep Disney Cruise Line from pulling your plug?

All of the Disney Cruise Line ships now have an electrical outlet on each side of the bed (except for the Disney Wonder), in addition to two smaller outlets on the desk (for charging the wave phones), and the blow dryer outlet. Think outside of the box when it comes to electrical usage in your stateroom, for example, the desk area doubles as a vanity because it’s the only place you can use the blow dryer.

The official Disney Cruise Line website declares specifically that, “extension cords and surge protectors” are not permitted onboard. In accordance with security procedures, power strips and surge protectors may be confiscated at the cruise terminal security check-point. I never like to feed the rumor mill, so I went straight to the source for answers to our most burning questions. Here are my questions, with responses directly from a Disney Destinations Sales Manager.

Are power strips being confiscated at the Port Terminal? If so, where are they being taken and how can they be retrieved? Yes, any prohibited items may be confiscated from luggage and left with security in the baggage area of the cruise terminal.

What about International visitors with special adapters, etc.? The ships can accommodate a 120v or 240v powered devices so there’s no need to bring a special adapter or power charger.

What if you’re doing a land and sea vacation and are planning on traveling with a power strip for the land portion of your vacation? Ask the front desk of your Disney resort to hold the power strip but be prepared to secure it in a box or bag with your name and contact information.

My two cents: *The bottom line is, if you have a power strip in a suitcase that’s going to be onboard with you, it will go through the security checkpoint and may be removed, whether you are intending to use it onboard or not. Personally, I’d consider bringing a priority flat rate shipping envelope or pre-printing a shipping label and dropping your charger in the mailbox on the way out of your resort.

While it’s inconvenient, especially for device-driven junkies like us, the truth of the matter that it’s for the safety of the passengers, as well as the vessel. Fires onboard are far more dangerous than on land, so Disney Cruise Line takes every precaution to ensure the safety of its guests and crew.

Other prohibited items include a variety of small electrical appliances such as rice cookers, hot plates, coffee makers, bottle warmers, and electric blankets. Irons are also not allowed in guest staterooms, but can be found in each of the laundry rooms onboard, for complimentary use.

A few tips to keep yourself powered-up for your cruise:

Borrow a Power Strip from Guest services - Guest Services onboard your Disney Cruise Line ship does have a limited number of power strips available for guests to borrow. A $50 deposit is placed on your onboard account and will be removed when the strip is returned. 

Power-up your devices before boarding-Everyone wants to use their phones right up to the last second, so charge up before you board, you won’t have access to your stateroom until after 1:00 pm at the earliest, anyway.

Rotate devices - Charge the devices you’re going to need throughout the day overnight, such as your Wave Phones. If you’re an e-book/iPad user, charge it when you’re in the room. 

“Let it go” - Dear Elsa...thanks for the important lesson. Let it go, you’re on vacation. The Cellular at Sea and data are so slow anyway, it’s old news by the time anything boots up. Put your cell phone in the safe and be happy to be unplugged. If you do need to access Cellular at Sea, read the package terms and conditions very carefully and be advised that data at sea is much slower than on land. No, really, imagine the slowest connection ever, then multiply it by 10 and charge by the minute (ok, they don’t charge by the minute anymore but you get the drift).

Cozy up in the Cove Cafe - If you have an e-reader, considering cozying up in the Cove Cafe and borrowing an outlet. It’s a nice break from the sun, plus, you can recharge your internal batteries with a fabulous coffee drink!

Carrying it into Port - If you need to charge up or access a data network, bring your devices into port with you and plug in at a local coffee shop, just use care, caution and common sense with any valuables you take into port.

Perhaps an unplugged vacation is just what the doctor ordered, who knows…you might even talk to your table mates and family at dinner instead of staring at your smart phone!

About the Author: Michele is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner with Pixie Vacations, you can find her on the boards as PixieMichele or read her other tips and tricks on her blog She is also a PassPorter Message Board Guide in the Disney Cruise Line forums.

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