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The Health Nut's Guide to Quick Service Dining at Disneyland

A Disneyland Dining Review

by Amy Wear, PassPorter Guest Contributor
Last modified 06-09-2016

Finding healthy food at every Disney destination is a top priority for this health-nut.

With no option to purchase a dining plan for our first trip to Disneyland, I went in search of the healthiest counter service options available at the Disneyland Resort. Look no further than the restaurant menus at www.allears.net.

Learn about making healthy choices at Disneyland's quick service locations | PassPorter.com
DL healthy food

Flo\'s V8 Cafe 

The team at AllEars.Net does an incredible job of maintaining a database of every dining establishment on Disneyland and Walt Disney World property. Updates are made on a regular basis, including price increases. Since prices are always rising, it’s best to view the prices as ballpark figures that will undoubtedly get higher.

The following is a handy reference of healthier counter service options (and a few treats) at Disneyland for fellow health-nuts. We got the chance to try several of these selections and wished we’d had more time to try them all. Topping my list was the citrus turkey salad from Flo’s V8 Café, our favorite counter service spot at the Disneyland Resort. Tangaroa Terrace at the Disneyland Hotel was a close second.

Disneyland park:
1. Bengal BBBQ
a. veggie, chicken skewers $3.99
b. fruit cup $3.99
2. Tiki Juice bar a. pineapple spear $2.99 b. dole whip $4.19 (non-dairy and only 80 calories)

Critter Country

1. Harbour Gallery

a. soup in sourdough bowl $10.49

b. tuna sandwich $9.59

c. kids power pack $5.99

2. Hungry Bear

Learn about making healthy choices at Disneyland's quick service locations |PassPorter.com
DL healthy food

Delicious salad from Tangaroa Terrace

a. picnic salad with turkey, strawberries, and veggies $9.99

1. Village Haus
a. apple cheddar salad with honey-yogurt dressing $8.49
b. BLT flatbread pizza $8.79
c. veggie burger $9.99
d. grilled chicken sandwich $9.29

1. Rancho del Zocalo
a. Mickey pancake $8.99
b. Kids’ fruit platter with yogurt, oat muffin, and drink $5.49
c. tostada salad in tortilla shell with sautéed veggies $11.99
d. citrus fire-grilled 1/2 chicken with rice & beans or veggies $13.99

Main Street U.S.A.
1. Jolly Holiday bakery Café
a. Jolly holiday salad with mixed greens, pecans, cranberries $8.49
b. grilled veggie & whole grain salad $8.99
c. oven-roasted turkey sandwich $9.79

2. Main St. Fruit Cart
a. fresh fruit
b. hummus and other healthy snacks

New Orleans Square
1. French Market
a. 1/2 chicken with mashed potatoes & veggies $13.99
b. kids’ chicken with rice, veggies, fruit, drink $6.99

1. Galactic Grill
a. kids’ Baby Bantha bread (French toast) with fruit $6.49
b. Bantha Blue Milk bread (French toast ) with fruit $8.99
c. regular fruit platter with muffin & yogurt $6.49
d. Wicket's veggie sandwich with portobello & fresh fruit $9.99
e. Darth by Chocolate $5.99
f. BB-8 crisped treat $4.99

2. Red Rockett’s Pizza Port
a. Fields of Naboo exotic fruit salad $10.99
b. Asian chicken salad $9.99
c. vegetarian pizza $7.49
d. kid-size pizza $6.49

3. Tomorrowland Terrace
a. French toast with fruit and bacon $7.99
b. fresh fruit platter with muffin and honey yogurt $6.49
c. kids French toast $6.49
d. grilled chicken chopped salad $9.99
e. chicken sandwich with avocado salsa with fresh fruit $9.29
f. portobello & veggie sandwich with fresh fruit $8.79

1. Toon Up Treats
a. fresh fruit
b. hummus and other healthy snacks

Disney’s California Adventure:
Cars Land
1. Flo's V-8 Cafe
a. brioche French toast $7.99
b. seasonal fruit plate with yogurt and oat muffin $5.79
c. kids fruit plate with turkey bacon and drink $5.49
d. kids’ waffles with turkey bacon, drink, & fruit $6.49
e. citrus turkey salad $11.99
f. 1/4 chicken with potatoes & veggies $11.99
g. kids’ roast beef sandwich $6.99 (meal)
h. kids’ turkey sandwich $6.99 (meal)

Grizzly Peak
1. Smoke jumpers Grill
a. veggie burger $10.49
b. grilled chicken & feta salad $9.99

Pacific Wharf
1. Lucky Fortune Cookery
a. Asian rice bowl with veggies and beef, chicken, or tofu $10.99
b. kids’ chicken & brown rice meal $6.99

2. Pacific Wharf Cafe
a. soup / salads served in sourdough bread bowl ( *** supposed to be able to order bread on side; large portion to share with kids)
b. clam chowder $10.49
c. Chinese chicken salad $10.99 - chicken, Apple, and walnut salad $10.99
d. Mickey-shaped bread $6.99

Paradise Pier
1. Cocina Cucamonga a. fajitas salad $11.99 (beef, chicken, or veggies on top of lettuce, retried beans, peppers and onions)
b. all entrees served with Mexican rice & refried beans and sauces or can substitue sautéed veggies
i. fire grilled citrus 1/2 chicken with warm tortilla $13.99
ii. beef, chicken, or veggie soft tacos $11.49
iii. kids’ chicken quesadilla meal $6.99

2. Paradise Garden Grill
a. mediterranean skewers with rice pilaf, cucumber salad, and pita bread $11.99 (steak, lemon-oregano chicken, meatball, or grilled tofu and veggies)

Disneyland Hotel:
1. Tangaroa Terrace and Trader Sam's
a. French toast with banana-caramel sauce $7.99
b. apple-cinnamon steel cut oatmeal with coconut whipped cream & island fruit $6.49
c. Mickey waffles with island fruit $7.99
d. kids’ French toast with turkey bacon & island fruit plus drink $6.49
e. Kids’ Mickey waffle $6.49
f. Tangaroa Terrace salad with loads of veggies, marinated tofu, & tropical vinaigrette $10.49
g. Asian chicken salad $9.99
h. Big Island flatbread $9.29
i. teriyaki chicken breast sandwich $10.99
j. kids’ salmon meal with rice and island fruit $6.99

The Grand Californian
1. Whitewater Snacks
a. Mickey waffle $6.49
b. veggie burger with fruit $8.99
c. char- broiled chicken sandwich with fruit $10.49
d. roast turkey sandwich $8.49
e. fruit plate $7.99

Paradise Pier:
1. Surfside Lounge
a. Mickey waffles $7.49
b. oatmeal with berries and brown sugar $5.49
c. kids’ chicken breast, fruit, & veggies $8.99
d. Sunset beach burger (beef or veggie) $10.99
e. grilled chicken sandwich $13.99

Downtown Disney:
1. Earl of Sandwich ***best sandwiches ever!***
a. oatmeal with topping $1.99
b. yogurt and berry parfait $4.49
c. fruit cup $3.99
d. BBQ chicken flatbread $6.99
e. quinoa chicken salad $6.99
f. turkey wrap $6.99
g. berry chicken almond salad $6.99
h. soup cup $2.99, bowl $3.99
i. tuna melt $6.99
j. Hawaiian BBQ sandwich $6.99
k. veggie sandwich $6.99
l. kids’ pizza sandwich $3.99
m. kids’ grilled cheese $3.99

2. Jazz Kitchen Express
a. Beignets, family size $6.49 (because you must)

3. La Brea Bakery Express
a. steel cut Irish oatmeal $8.50
b. brioche French toast with fresh berries $9.75
c. roasted veggie calzone $10.00
d. Asian chicken salad $10.25
e. grilled chicken sandwich $9.75
f. turkey avocado $9.75

4. Tortilla Jo's Taqueria
a. veggie burrito $7.49
b. kids meal $7.95 (mini burrito, taco, or quesadilla with side of rice, beans, veggies, fruit or small salad and cookie or brownie)

“Healthy” is, of course, a subjective term. We make exceptions to the stricter diet we follow at home because, after all, treats are a necessary part of any Disney vacation. In between hunting for salads and veggie burgers at Disneyland, we went on a mission to find the famous “off-menu” ice cream nachos. We finally found them on our last day at Diamond Horseshoe in Frontierland. They were so good that our family shared an order twice in the same day!

About the Author: Amy Wear is a work at home Mom, travel agent. writer, and former occupational therapist. She lives in New Brunswick, Canada, and specializes in planning magical vacations for people of all abilities at Click the Mouse


  • KimmyAnn1147

    KimmyAnn1147 17on 07/02/2016 at 12:12:19 pm EDT says:

    Nice little summary of your quest, Amy. Well done!

  • Jennifer Marx

    Jennifer Marx founder on 07/06/2016 at 9:09:22 am EDT says:

    Great list! Thanks for taking the time to make this.

  • GingerJ

    GingerJ forum guide 7,29on 07/06/2016 at 2:42:29 pm EDT says:

    Great list!

    Love me some Earl of Sandwich!

    And Flo's hand-carved turkey and roast beef sandwiches are delicious! I usually order the kids' meal there.

  • Canada Amy

    Canada Amy author 16,29on 07/06/2016 at 6:02:57 pm EDT says:

    Thanks, gang : )

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