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Welcome to Dizzy-Land

A Disneyland Park Review

by Dee Leone, PassPorter Guest Contributor
Last modified 09-03-2015

All the dreamers in all the world are dizzy in the noodle. ― Edie Adams

Walt Disney was the ultimate dreamer. He once said, "If you can dream it, you can do it." His head was full of a dizzying array of interesting thoughts, vivid images, and innovative ideas. One of the results of his wonderful imagination is a place where you can experience a whirlwind adventure if you dare. So get ready to take a spin around Walt's theme park and discover laughter at every turn. Welcome to Dizzy-land.

Explore the rides that make your head spin at Disneyland | PassPorter.com
Astro Orbitor

Astro Orbitor in Tomorrowland with Floral/Pond Foreground

King Arthur Carrousel
Begin your quest for excitement by entering Fantasyland and traveling back in time to another era. Mount one of the hand-carved trusty steeds that adorn the King Arthur Carrousel and become a princess or knight galloping off on a fanciful adventure during the legendary hero's reign.

While watching his daughters ride a merry-go-round, Disney was inspired to create "a family park where parents and children could have fun together." The King Arthur Carrousel became a central part of that concept. The original attraction had seventy-two horses, but four were replaced with a bench to allow accessibility for those wishing to simply circle round and round.

(Tip) A Bit of Horse Sense: A list of all the horses' names can be seen at City Hall. Walt Disney's favorite was Jingles. If it's not one of the antique chargers being rotated for maintenance, you might want to take a ride on the historic icon. It's the one decorated with gold bells. After being repainted, it was dedicated to Julie Andrews during a ceremony in 2008 in commemoration of the one she rode during the Mary Poppins movie.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

As far as the dizzy factor goes, the carrousel horses are pretty tame. For an equally gentle experience, head to Dumbo the Flying Elephant and board one of the sixteen painted pachyderms. The ride is based on the movie in which a young elephant with big ears discovers his unique ability to fly. Raise the lever in front of you, and with a little Disney magic, you too can soar to new heights. As Walt said, "It's kind of fun to do the impossible."

In the animated film, Timothy Mouse has these words of advice for Dumbo: "You're standing on the threshold of success. Don't look down. It'll make you dizzy." If you find that the landscape below is spinning by too quickly for comfort, concentrate on the fine details of the ride's central hub. Storks carrying bundles of joy and a mouse with a feather are some of the items that might tickle your fancy.

(Tip) For Your Ears Only: An elephant never forgets, and you won't forget either if you capture your experience on camera. While the ride is in motion, it may be difficult to snap a clear photo, so visit the extra Dumbo located under a circus canopy nearby for a picture-perfect memory.

Explore the rides that make your head spin at Disneyland |PassPorter.com
King Arthur Carrousel

King Arthur Carrousel and the Sword in the Stone.

Mad Tea Party
If you can handle it, it's high tea time you amped up the dizzy quotient, so steep ... uh, step ... into a twirling teacup for a sip of silliness. The Mad Tea Party ride, reminiscent of a scene from Alice in Wonderland, has a dozen pastel-colored cups from which to choose.

The ride glides and slides along a spinning platform, twirling you in different directions, but you're in charge of an even greater moving experience. Simply rotate the wheel in front of you and whirl around faster and faster.

(Tip) Advice for Teetotalers: If your head is reeling from the sensation that comes from partaking in too much fun, pause the wheel and turn it in the opposite direction. It just might help you unwind.

Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin
If the last ride wasn't your cup of tea, a different kind of excursion might suit you better. Taxi! Taxi! Wait in a queue at Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin and when you get the green light, hop into one of the yellow vehicles for a wild and wacky hare-raising adventure.

Wind past a bull in a China Shop, speed down Spin Street, and zip through a Gag Warehouse. Be on the lookout for cream pies and other moving objects, but especially steer clear of the wily weasels who are out to get you with icky goo. Can you avoid the gunk and keep from going into a tailspin?

(Tip) Stay Tooned: Be alert. Grab the wheel and follow on the tail of Roger Rabbit. You're partially in control of your ride, so make your trip as "wreckless" or "reckless" as you'd like. Either way, you're in for a "wheel" adventure.

Astro Orbitor
Don't put off until tomorrow what can make you dizzy today. The Astro Orbitor is Tomorrowland's faster and sleeker version of the Dumbo ride. Climb aboard a rocketship and wait for the countdown. Then make several revolutions around old-fashioned astronomical versions of the planets. Pull back on the lever to ascend into space and push on it to descend to earth.

(Tip) Space Dizzy-covery: Try to spot the moon rock (a.k.a. the Matterhorn) in the distance as you whiz through space, but if you feel queasy, just close your eyes and enjoy the breeze.

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
Ready to have a blast? Head over to the park's interactive attraction and help Buzz Lightyear battle evil Emperor Zurg and his army of robots. Your space cruiser journeys through a giant video arcade game in which you use a laser to fire at enemy objects labeled with a "Z." Each hit earns you battle points. The more targets you wipe out, the higher your Star Command ranking will be at the end of your mission.

(Tip) Take a Turn for the Better: As an interplanetary battle rages all around, remember you have the ability to turn your space cruiser 360º to zone in on targets worth the most points. Many space rangers are so focused on pulling the trigger that they forget this important feature.

Star Tours - The Adventure Continues
At some point, your spin around the park could land you "in a galaxy far, far away." If you're immune to lightheadedness, vertigo, stomach upsets, nausea, or any other type of motion sickness, then the Star Tours attraction is the ultimate Dizzy-land experience for you! So make your way to the spaceport and board a Starspeeder 1000.

The 3D flight simulator propels you through the cosmos on a spaceship piloted by C-3PO. The little robot is in control (or rather, out of control) during your unpredictable journey. There are more than 50 ways your adventure can unfold, so you're almost guaranteed to meet a different combination of intergalactic challenges, characters, and settings each time you embark on a new voyage.

(Tip) Prepare for Take-off: Whether you visit icy Hoth, a desert planet, or the Death Star, be prepared to hang onto your seat and secure loose articles. May the Force be with you ... and may your last meal stay with you, too.

Your spin around Dizzy-land must eventually come to an end, but above all else, take one of Walt's lessons with you when you leave the park ... dare to follow your dreams. You won't be dizzy-pointed.

First, think. Second, believe. Third, dream. And finally, dare. – Walt Disney

About the Author:

Dee Leone is married and has two daughters. She is a fan of all things Disney and collects their snow globes, lithographs, and even their bags. She has written twenty reproducible books for the educational market and is the author of Bizz & Buzz Make Honey Buns (Grosset & Dunlap/Penguin, 2014).

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