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Walt Disney World Traveling at
Disney From the Driver's Seat
Driving to Disney With Your Dog
Flying to Walt Disney World from the West Coast
Four Lessons, One World
On the Road to Walt Disney World
Photo ID, Passports, REAL ID
Surviving 'The Drive' to Walt Disney World
The Amtrak Auto Train
The Auto Train
The Walt Disney World Grand Slam
To Rent or Not To Rent
Traveling Carry-On to Walt Disney World
Traveling to Walt Disney World with a Friend
Using Disney Gift Cards on your Walt Disney World Vacation
Visiting Walt Disney World During The Busy Season
Viva Italia!
Walt Disney World
Walt Disney World Transportation
When Does Your Walt Disney Vacation Really Begin?
When to Visit Walt Disney World

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Walt Disney World Traveling

Driving to Disney With Your Dog: Tail-Waggin Travel Tips That Give Your Dog a Vacation, Too!

Photo Op at Best Friends Pet Care Kennel
Last August we welcomed a Golden Retriever/Lab mix rescue puppy to our home. He's a Pluto -- a mixed-breed, cheerful, adventurous, and loyal dog. We call him Hunter, as he's always on the hunt for treats, toys, and his people.

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Surviving 'The Drive' to Walt Disney World: A Walt Disney World Planning Article

999 miles, 18 hours, each direction.

Such was the challenge set before my wife and I ahead of our most recent family trip to Walt Disney World. The decision to drive did not come easily, but the experience taught us much about ourselves, ...

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Using Disney Gift Cards on your Walt Disney World Vacation: A Walt Disney World Planning Article

Disney Gift Cards
I think if there's one common thing we all attempt to do for our Walt Disney World trips, it's to save money wherever we can.

For our past vacation, we did something we hadn't done before. Prior to our trip, we purchased a large ...

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Flying to Walt Disney World from the West Coast: Getting There and Back

Hollywood Studios Backlot Tour - Walt Disney
I have always envied East Coasters who can drive to Walt Disney World in a day.

While we in Oregon can drive to Anaheim for a Disneyland trip (about a long16 hour or two easy 8 hour drives), when we plan a trip to the World, we must fly. ...

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When Does Your Walt Disney Vacation Really Begin?: Making the Most of Every Moment

Walt Disney World - signs
When does your Walt Disney World vacation REALLY begin?

Now surely, if ever there was one, that's got to be a simple question… doesn't? Well, yes, and no.

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Traveling to Walt Disney World with a Friend: Talk First, Book Second

Early morning at the Castle 4
I'm a married woman with two teenage sons. My whole family enjoys trips to Walt Disney World, but I seem to be more of a "Disney nut" than the rest of the family.

So, to get my Disney fix, I've traveled solo once and with friends on two ...

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The Auto Train: Getting There - Walt Disney Style

First Trip on Auto Train #1
Walt Disney loved trains.

From the scale model railroad he built at his house, to the trains that are integral to the Disney parks, trains were central to Walt's philosophy of fun for the whole family. For those traveling between Walt ...

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Four Lessons, One World: Disney with A New Friend

Four Lessons, One World Photo 2
PassPorter is an amazing community.

It’s a great way to chat with fellow Disney fans, keep up on the latest Disney news and even make close friends. Many of us have even taken the big ...

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Visiting Walt Disney World During The Busy Season: Tips and Tricks for Survival

When you plan a vacation, one of the first things to consider is the time of year you're going to visit.

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The Amtrak Auto Train: How Walt Would Travel

Amtrak Auto Train
We all know how much Walter Elias Disney loved trains. How about you? Would you love to have your car with you at Walt Disney World but dread driving I-95? Then perhaps the Amtrak Auto Train is for you. You travel from Lorton, Virginia to Sanford, ...

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Viva Italia!: Adventures by Disney

Amtrak Auto Train
[Note: Adventures by Disney is Disney's new guided vacation travel organization, currently offering a dozen different tours in North and Central America, and Europe. To learn more, visit

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Walt Disney World Transportation: The Monorail

Epcot - Spaceship Earth and monorail
How many times have we heard or said this to ourselves: "Por favor manténganse alejado de las puertas?" I even have it on my iPod! It was the first thing my son's first-year Spanish teacher said to him when we told her we had been ...

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When to Visit Walt Disney World: A Planning Guide

Magic Kingdom - Cinderella Castle
If you're anything like me, as soon as you're done with one Disney trip, you're probably already starting to plan the next trip in your head. In fact, if I'm honest, I'm already planning out the next trip before our current one and I'm sure I'm not ...

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The Walt Disney World Grand Slam: Four Theme Parks, One Day

Magic Kingdom - Walt Disney World Railroad
A question often asked on the PassPorter message boards is "Is it possible do all four parks in one day?" On our trip to Walt Disney World over Labor Day weekend, this feat became a necessary ...

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Photo ID, Passports, REAL ID: What You Need To Know

Magic Kingdom - Walt Disney World Railroad
"Will we need passports to fly to Walt Disney World?" Recent news stories, blogs, and message board postings have raised this surprising possibility. We've sifted through mounds of information so we can clarify the current state of travel ...

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Disney From the Driver's Seat: Behind The Scenes with Quicksilver Tours & Transportation

My flight arrived 20 minutes early. I planned to wander around Orlando International, but there was my driver, Douglas, holding the sign with my name. He explained that he tracks flights on his cell and the home office expedites drivers so no one ...

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To Rent or Not To Rent: Do You Need A Car At Walt Disney World?

If you are staying offsite at a non-Disney World hotel, the answer to this question is a bit easier. Renting a car makes sense, especially if the shuttles from your hotel are not at convenient times, you're at a condo and want to head to the grocery ...

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On the Road to Walt Disney World: Doing "The Drive"

Downtown Disney - Taking a Break!

Your family's summer road trip to Walt Disney World is just around the bend, and maybe you're beginning to identify with the Clark W. Griswold family, from "National Lampoon's Summer Vacation." Then again, with a little planning, ...

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Traveling Carry-On to Walt Disney World: Avoid Those Baggage Fees

Desserts Trio
It seems that almost every airline is charging you something just to check a bag when you travel. And if you have two suitcases or an overweight item?

Forget about it! For me, having to pay to check a bag is a little like running my ...

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Walt Disney World: Not Just For Kids

Grand Floridian Tea
You have to have children to enjoy Walt Disney World, right?

Horsefeathers! I am here to dispel that myth. There are some of us who either have no children or whose children are grown up, and we still love Disney as much as those ...

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